Top 11 Best Gaming Desk Reviews 2018

Your computer’s home is as important as your computer itself. If you’re a serious gamer looking to upgrade your rig’s station, or you a worker that uses computer a lot, or you just moved into a new place or home, or you’re just looking for a computer desk with a beautiful style that doesn’t look like something that Ikea rejected, then you should check out this list of super awesome computer desks that will help you decide which one you should buy.

The followings are the list of best gaming desk reviews you are looking for.

The Most Popular Gaming Desk in 2018: Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The Most Popular Gaming Desk in 2018: Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

When it comes to what is the real best gaming desk in these days, Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is the first one. It has the completely new design, height adjustment feature and the unique cable management mechanism. Hence it provides gamers the maximum comfort for long play.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk can have three monitors on it because of its 5′ 3 inches width. The depth of 2′ 7 ½ provides more space for your mouse and keyboard.

It comes with five best attractive colors – red, blue, green, white and black – and exclusive mousepad that you will love.

10: Modern Design Computer Desk

Modern Design Computer Desk

Supported by black metal arranged in a beautiful architectural form, it is very lightweight, durable and perfect for small spaces. A very simple yet elegant design that has enough room for your speakers, monitors and gaming PC, even though it is relatively small and doesn’t take much space itself. Very easy to clean and maintain, and very easy to assemble.

9: BHG L-Shape Computer Desk

BHG L-Shape Computer Desk

This desk can be bent into an L shape because its middle is curved, which allows it to fit almost anywhere and provide more space when needed. It includes a slide-out keyboard shelf that can take your mouse and your standard size keyboard together, and it’s provided with a safety stop. Looks very stylish if put in a corner. It is very easy to install and comes with all the tools required to assemble it. Its metal design and the materials used to manufacture it make it very sturdy and durable.

8: Need Computer Desk 47″

Need Computer Desk 47

This is an extremely durable and heavy-duty desk, it weighs only 44 lbs. But it has a load capacity of nearly 800 pounds. The panel is environmental E1 standard particle wood, waterproof, anti-scratch and has a high gloss finish. The legs are adjustable, which can help make it very stable even on uneven floors. Its simplicity makes it especially easier to assemble and makes it go with any type of home themes.

7: The Glass Computer Desk

The Glass Computer Desk

The glass top panel and cherry laminate finish make this desk look gorgeous and perfect for a modern wooden theme home. Don’t let the glass panel fool you, this desk is very sturdy, and it can support whatever you put on top of it. The only bad side of this desk is that it can be a little tricky to assemble.

6: Need Computer Desk Office Desk 55″

Need Computer Desk Office Desk 55

This desk will make you avoid the burden of constructing it. You just open the box, you unfold it, and voila! In just a few seconds, it is ready to be used. As with most desks from the manufacturer “Need,” the panel is environmental E1 standard particle wood, Anti-scratch, waterproof and has a high gloss finish. Legs can also be adjusted to stabilize it on uneven floors. Incredibly durable, with a load capacity of about 800 lbs. It is very portable because it can be folded, you can easily move it from one room into another, or even fold it for storage when you need the space it takes.

5: Need Computer Desk Office Desk 47″

Need Computer Desk Office Desk 47

This desk is the smaller version of the previous desk, it weighs less, but it can do everything the other one can. Perfect if you’re looking for the features of the 55″ desk, but you do not have enough space.

4: Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desk

Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desk

This desk’s minimalist design makes it look perfect for an Apple Mac or an Apple TV. It has adjustable leg pads for stabilization, sturdy metal legs, and one of the most useful features is that it has a very wide space underneath the panel. This can save a lot of space because you can place many objects there, and that makes it perfect for small homes and dorm rooms. It is relatively easy to install, you only need less than 15 minutes to assemble it with nothing but a hex key. So far, it is the most durable desk on our list with an incredible load capacity of about 900 lbs.

3: Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

The foot pedestals on this desk make it uniquely comfortable. It is also foldable, so you don’t need to worry about assembling it, and you can easily fold it to save space or for storage. The detachable surface board makes it even more portable. It is not as sturdy as other desks on our list, but who puts more than 250 lbs. on a computer desk anyway? That’s its load capacity by the way. When it is folded, it is so small that you can fit it in the trunk of your car, but when unfolded it provides you with enough space to put your monitors and computer on.

2: Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk

Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Desk

If you’re looking for style, then this is your best choice. A very stylish desk that can be used as a computer desk or as an all-purpose table. It looks very modern, sleek, and professional. The limbs are small and thin, but it is very durable and sturdy. The top panels are beveled, polished and tempered safety glass. Comes with a CPU stand and a sliding keyboard tray. The space under it is pretty wide, you can fit most household objects there or just use it to stretch your legs.

1: The Best Gaming Desk: Atlantic Gaming Desk

The Best Gaming Desk: Atlantic Gaming Desk

Definitely the perfect choice for gamers and people who use their computers for extended amounts of time. It has a cable management system, speaker trays, charging station, storage drawer, monitor stand, tabletop reinforcement bar, 2 hooks for game controllers, the wire-management are trim plates, CD storage racks, rear power-strip holder, cup holder, and a headphone hook. What else would you possibly need from a computer desk? The design itself is only excellent, and it is sturdy enough to endure 40 lbs. of monitors.

Here, there is another edition of this table “Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro.” You should look at it as it more functionalities and features.

So, if you’re a real geek or a hard worker, you should by now have decided which desk you are going to buy. You should look for the one that suits your needs and doesn’t take up much of your space. These were 2017’s top 10 most popular and most loved computer desks.

Top 10 Best Table Lamps Reviews in 2018

Today, we’re browsing through the top 10 best table lamps in 2018. Whether you’re looking for lamps of dramatic styles or lamps of simple subtle styles, we have included them all here in this very best selection.

10. Light Accents Touch Table Lamps, Set of 2

Light Accents Touch Table Lamps, Set of 2

Firstly, this is a set of 2 high-performing brushed nickel touch table lamps with fabric shades. They look undeniably gorgeous and sophisticated, complementing your room environment when placed on the end of tables. Made of polished aluminum base, these 2 lamps are delicately buffed with a brushed nickel finish, so there will be no trace of any fingerprint. They both use a 1×40-Watt incandescent candelabra base bulbs. The lamps measure 6″ in diameter and 10″ in height.

9. 360 Lighting Flesner Brushed Steel Table Lamp with USB Port

360 Lighting Flesner Brushed Steel Table Lamp with USB Port

Comes in 2 colors, brushed steel, and bronze, this table lamp is simple yet elegant. It is a table/desk lamp that measures 20″ in height, and it uses a 60-Watt light bulb. Interestingly, this table lamp has a built-in outlet utility plug and a USB 1.0-A port that you can use to charge your smart phone or tablet. This feature comes in very handy when you use your phone for your alarm and needs to keep it charged next to your bed.

8. Globe Electric Table Lamps, Set of 2

Globe Electric Table Lamps, Set of 2

This classic set will surely illuminate your desk or nightstand beautifully. The extended cord of 6 foot allows you to place these lamps anywhere you’d like. They are turned off and on using the lamps’ rotary switch that is very easy to use. These bulb table lamps are pretty and sturdy, yet they take only a little assembly. This is indeed an awesome value for the price.

7. Light Accents Traditional Iron Table Lamp

Light Accents Traditional Iron Table Lamp

Another recommendation from us is this table lamp made of metal scroll and bronze painted finish. Looking sleek and antique-ish, this desk lamp stands 18.5″ high. Apparently, it has a lovely hand stitched fabric bell shaped shade, great for decorating and lighting your living room or bedroom. This accent light desk lamp uses a 1×60-Watt medium base bulb. Plus, the lamp is reasonably-priced, too.

6. Simple Designs Chrome Mini Table Lamp

Simple Designs Chrome Mini Table Lamp

If you’re for a simple table lamp that is mini but vibrant in color, you should definitely consider this one. This is an adorable, inexpensive table lamp that meets your basic lighting needs. Featuring a chrome base and a fabric shade, this mini desk lamp is ideal for the living room, bedroom, office, kids room, college dorm, etc.

In case you’re wondering about its size, this table lamp measures 11.8″ in height and 5.5″ in diameter. And, it uses the 1×40 Watt type B E12 Candelabra base bulb. We believe that this price is just unbeatable.

5. Finether Minimalist Romantic Wood Table Lamp

Finether Minimalist Romantic Wood Table Lamp

If wooden sophisticated items are your go-to, you should check this one out. When illuminated with the 40-Watt light bulb, this table lamp lights very warm and gentle, suitable for any room’s decoration. It is also known to be energy saving and consumes low power. And, inspired by minimalist Japanese-style tatami desk lamps, such a simple, yet elegant style always suits with any room’s decoration.

4. Simple Designs Home Mini Basic Table Lamp

Simple Designs Home Mini Basic Table Lamp

This gorgeous color choice of this desk lamp really impresses us. Available in 9 different vibrant colors, this simple table lamp is a mini practical accent light desk lamp that can meet your basic lighting needs. This version of Simple Designs lamp is very similar to the previous one. The only difference is in the style of the lampshade.

Featuring a sand nickel metal base and fabric shade, this one is perfect for any room in your house. It uses a 40-Watt type B (E12) Candelabra base bulb. Plus, the location of the switch (on the power cord) is very handy.

3. Simple Designs Valencia Mini Touch Table Lamps, Set of 2

Simple Designs Valencia Mini Touch Table Lamps, Set of 2

Once again, this is another great lamp from our favorite band, Simple Designs. This is a set of 2 lamps in 5 beautiful colors. These table lamps are mini yet they are innovative for the touch controls with 4 settings (low, medium, high, and off). For size, they measure 11.5″ in height and 4.88″ in diameter. And, they use a 60-Watt type A15 medium base bulb. If you need a perfect little light in your room, feast your eyes on this one.

2. Elegant Designs Modern Genuine Leather Table Lamp

Elegant Designs Modern Genuine Leather Table Lamp

This table lamp is a great option for you if you’re hunting for a lamp of a higher quality material. Made of genuine leather, this desk lamp will not fail to add elegance and glamor to your room. It has a height of 21″ and a diameter of 6″. And, it uses a 60-Watt type A medium base bulb. This is definitely one of the best inexpensive table lamps that can illuminate your space beautifully.

1. Surpars House Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp

Surpars House Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp

Lastly, we would like to introduce to you this handsome minimalist table lamp of wood stand and linen shade. It uses an E16 bulb base and has an on/off switch on the cord (UL plug). Whether it’s for work, study, or decoration, this desk lamp will provide the right amount of light for your eyes while giving an ombre feel. This surely is a modern and classy piece you should invest in.


Provided above is the ultimate list of the top 10 best table lamps available on the market today. On a side note, these bulb table lamps do not come with the light bulbs that they use. Which one of these table lamps do you prefer most?

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Top 10 Best File Cabinets Reviews in 2018

Furniture, especially ones used in office or workspace, does always have to be useful and efficient. But, today, there is another thing that they should do – beautifying your work area. If you are looking for a file cabinet that is useful as well beautiful at the same time, this ultimate list of the top 10 best file cabinets is all you need to digest.

10. Hirsh Industries 18″ Deep 3 Drawer File Cabinet

Hirsh Industries 18

Firstly, the file cabinet we would like to introduce to you is the basic 18” deep 3 drawer steel file cabinet. With the 3 drawers, the bottom 2 drawers are letter size cabinets while the top one is for storing small supplies. For other essentials, we can also store them in the full high-side drawers as well.

It operates using the smooth glide suspension and locks to secure the top 2 drawers. And, the fact that it is sturdy enough and easy to assemble is a bonus.

9. Hirsh Industries LLC 22″ Deep 2 Drawer Cabinet

Hirsh Industries LLC 22

Office furniture can never go wrong in black. Looking so elegant, this is a commercial letter size cabinet of 2 drawers. Its steel ball-bearing slides provide a smooth and quiet drawer performance. And, its high-side drawers can store some file folders as well.

On a plus side, this good quality file cabinet is constructed with heavy gauge steel, nice roller gliders, and lock mechanism. And, the price is just stellar!

8. Office Dimensions Commercial 4 Drawer Cabinet

Office Dimensions Commercial 4 Drawer Cabinet

Once again, this is another vertical file cabinet of top quality. Some standard features of it are the ball bearing slides for smooth drawer action, aluminum handles, and label holder, a core-removable lock, etc. Interestingly, it is a green guard certified file cabinet, too.

And, indeed, beige color can blend seamlessly into any office background. Happy filing with this guy!

7. CommClad 4 Drawer Letter Size Commercial File Cabinet

CommClad 4 Drawer Letter Size Commercial File Cabinet

This one is a commercial vertical 4 drawer letter filing cabinet in Black from CommClad. Of course, it has all the necessary features as the previous ones – precision steel ball bearings for a smooth and quiet drawer action, high-side drawers accept hanging file folders, locks installed for 2 keys and plenty of room for storage.

It takes a small space yet can store so much. If you are big on organization and in need of a sleek drawer that does the job perfectly, this should be it.

6. Lorell 17427 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

Lorell 17427 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

We would be surprised if the Lorell 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet does not appear attractive to you. For features, it has 2 file drawers that accompany letter-size hanging files and a top drawer that accompany smaller office supplies. This one is very portable for the easy roll casters that it comes it. The top 2 drawers can be locked, too.

On a side note, this mobile file cabinet from Lorell is a best-seller. This should tell what a good cabinet it really is.

5. Space Solutions 3-Drawer File Cabinet

Space Solutions 3-Drawer File Cabinet

Here is another great bang for your buck. This letter size cabinet is definitely sturdy and has lots of room. They seem to slide open and closed smoothly as well. And, on top, there is a pencil drawer where you can put scissors, stamps, printer ink, etc.

It is lightweight, and the only assembly you need to do is putting on the handle. Plus, you can keep the top 2 drawers safe by locking them up.

4. Calico Designs File Cabinet

Calico Designs File Cabinet

This one is not any less efficient. The Calico Designs File Cabinet accommodates letter or legal size files. You can always lock them for privacy. What’s more, different from other portable file cabinets, this one has 5 casters (1 on the file drawer) for added stability. And, comes in small size, this one can fit under your home computer desk perfectly yet large enough to store files at ease.

3. Space Solutions 2 Drawer File Cabinet

Space Solutions 2 Drawer File Cabinet

Our first impression on this 2-drawer file cabinet is that it looks sophisticated. The 2 colors available – pearl white and platinum gray – can beautify any office space. The cabinet is great for personal use or any occasional file retrieval. For functionality, this vertical file cabinet has high side drawers for accommodating letter-size hanging files and, of course, 2 18-inch deep drawers.

Both drawers can be locked to secure. Plus, this Space Solutions 2-Drawer File Cabinet is greenguard certified. You can always have your printer sit on top of it for more space saving. This is certainly a great product at a great price.

2. Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2 Drawer File Cabinet

Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2 Drawer File Cabinet

If the previous Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2-Drawer File Cabinet is too big for you, this one is probably just right. Comes in 2 gorgeous colors, black, and putty, this vertical file cabinet of high side drawers have solid steel construction and glide suspension. They can accompany letter size documents comfortably.

Being lightweight and sturdy, it is a compact, easy-to-move piece of office furniture, too. This is the best, economical file cabinet you can ever find.

1. Lorell SOHO 18 3-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet

Lorell SOHO 18 3-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet

The last recommendation from us is still another top-notch file cabinet from Lorell because we believe Lorell deserves so much respect for these great products. The handles of this one add a different feel to the cabinet, differentiating itself from other Lorell’s vertical file cabinets. All the drawers accommodate letter-size files, and the top 2 drawers can be locked to secure.

Besides, the drawers are actually pretty deep –18 inches deep. And, you can move it worry-free using the installed wheels. But, be aware that this one is sized for 8.5”x11” hanging folders, not anything larger than that. At a great price and offer, you can never go wrong with Lorell file cabinets.


Are you ready to look at your office in a different light with a new file cabinet? You will be impressed with how a cabinet can save your space efficiently and aesthetically. Grab one of these now for a more effective work life.

Top 10 Best Digital Clocks Reviews in 2018

Thanks to digital clocks – now we are able to tell the time with just a glance and set/snooze the alarm clock within an arms reach from our bed. Whether you are looking for your first alarm clock or to replace your old digital clock, this article is all you need to read. Here are our top 10 picks of the best digital clocks in 2018.

10. Philips Wake-up Light with Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

Philips Wake-up Light with Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

Who would have thought an alarm clock could enhance your well-being, too? This Philips Wake-up Light Alarm Clock is a light therapy lamp for improving your sleep and energy. The clock‘s wake up lights is proven to help you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Plus, the tap-to-snooze clock and beep function always ensure that you wake up on time. And, who doesn’t love the idea of waking up to a fake sunrise? Especially in the wintertime!

9. Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio

Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio

This digital alarm clock is very multi-functional. It performs as a charging station, a phone charger with USB port for Apple devices as well as Android and tablets. As a USB clock, it has a USB output for mobile charging 1.5 A 5V. This digital alarm clock is certainly easy to program and easy to read with the 1.4 inches blue LED clock display/jumbo display.

Best yet, this radio also functions as an FM radio, too. With so many features, this purchase is definitely a bang for your buck.

8. La Crosse Technology Digital Wall Clock

La Crosse Technology Digital Wall Clock

Next, we would like to introduce to you a high-tech digital alarm clock from La Crosse Technology. On the display, it doesn’t show only time but also calendar (month, date, weekday) and indoor temperature. This one gives you two options to use it as a wall hanging clock or a freestanding clock. For sizing, the LCD is 5×3” big and the Temp digits are 1” tall. And, at this price, you can never go wrong with a La Crosse Technology product.

7. Zhpuat Morning Clock

Zhpuat Morning Clock

This bed alarm clock is not any less awesome than the previous ones. Comes in 3 colors – black, white, and blue, this one has a big screen and a clean and simple design. What’s smart about it is the customizable backlight brightness that works automatically when surrounding light or dark surroundings. On screen, there is some information such as month, date, alarm setting, and indoor temperature. The snooze button is pretty handy and easy to access/navigate, too.

This wakey home clock has an alarm that starts out soft and gets progressively louder until you turn it off. Therefore, it doesn’t wake you up by blasting you out of bed like some other alarm clocks do. Besides, its price tag is very affordable as well.

6. Homtime Multi-function Alarm Clock

Homtime Multi-function Alarm Clock

As a best-seller, you should trust the credibility of this digital alarm clock already. Available in 2 colors, this is a multi-function alarm clock that has 4 levels of LCD dimming and a 3.2” LCD large font display for easy readability during the day or at night. It is charged up pretty fast, too. The rechargeable alarm clock also has a snooze option and a gradual wake alarm like the previous one.

And, if you ever encounter any power failure or disconnection of the power cord, you can always use the Surealarm battery back up of the AAA battery. Looks like this one’s got all the great functions we need!

5. Zhpuat 4.6″ Smart Backlight Alarm Clock

Zhpuat 4.6

Once again, here is another best seller – Zhpuat 4.6″ Smart Backlight Alarm Clock. It has very similar features to Zhpuat one reviewed earlier, but this one is an upgraded version. To highlight a few functions, this home digital clock has a big screen and a clean design, and customizable backlight brightness (according to daylight and nighttime).

On the screen, the information includes month, date, alarm setting and indoor temperature. The snooze button is just as handy and comes with the gradually increasing volume function as the other ones. Plus, it is more than affordable.

4. Mesqool AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock

Mesqool AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock

This is another best-selling digital alarm clock of a great value. It is more innovative than the previous ones as it has the sleek 180-degree swivel projection, showing clear time and a cool look. The projection becomes even clearer when projected onto your walls or ceiling.

Sometimes, we also would like to switch from using the mobile phone to chilling with some radio channels. And, yes, you can always listen to the radio using this digital alarm clock.

Interestingly, this clock also lets you charge your smart devices with it, too. And, the charging is pretty fast. What’s more, this bed alarm clock has dual alarms, which you can choose between a predefined alarm buzzer and an alarm radio station. How cool is that!

3. Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock

Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock

If you need an alarm clock that is loud, it is a good idea to go for this one. Comes in 6 vibrant and gorgeous colors, this digital alarm clock is so powerful that it can shake you awake with the powerful bed shaker function and the adjustable extra loud alarm. For features, this one has built-in pulsating alert lights, adjustable volume, and tone, as well as a snooze defuser. The large red LCD and explosive red display can show you the time very crystal clear.

Besides, the purchase also gives you peace of mind as the product is backed by a 1-year warranty. With this one, you will never be late for your important meetings or classes again.

2. Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock

Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock

This is another small yet powerful home digital clock that comes in a number of functions. It has a large, clear 3.6” blue LCD display that can be dimmed according to your brightness preference. The clock is also capable of projecting time or temperature onto your walls or ceiling, seeing time in full view.

This guy automatically adjusts to daylight savings time and offers a pre-programmable daily dual alarm option. This option allows you to cancel the alarm for the weekend, wake to a radio, a buzzer, time projection, etc.

Best yet, you can blast music with this clock either through the built-in radio or connecting your smart devices to the clock through the 3.5mm aux input.

1. RCA Digital Alarm Clock

RCA Digital Alarm Clock

Lastly, this is the all-time best-seller RCA Digital Alarm Clock with large 1.4″ display. With a display of the size, you can always check the time out from afar. Its snooze button has a pretty large width, too, for easy access especially on days that you feel like napping a bit longer. The brightness is also controllable with high and low display settings. But, the most striking thing about this clock is definitely its super affordable price.


With so many innovative and reasonably-priced digital alarm clocks available on the market today, it is never a waste to get one for your room. After delving into these top 10 best digital clocks in 2017, have you found the one you’re looking for yet?