Top 10 Best Front and Rear Dash Cam Reviews in 2023

Safety always comes wherever you are, so we want to introduce you to our top 10 front and rear dash cams. There are a variety of functions, features, styles, resolutions, and more that you might want to look deeper into in detail. The front and rear dash cam can make your life much more convenient and relieving while driving or parking. Now it is time to select one of the best for your car without delays.

List of Best Front and Rear Dash Cam

10. VAVA Dash Dash Cam with 2k Video

VAVA Daul Dashcam with 2k Video

If you are looking for a good quality front and rear dash cam, this is suitable for you. Its dash cam front and rear come with a very high resolution which you can see every moment. Those include in the dark or very low light. More importantly, it is very durable in hot and cold weather. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the changes in the weather in your country. It will adapt itself and work well accordingly.

What you might love the most about it is its rotatable function around 360 degrees without certain restrictions. You can switch the camera in any direction you want easily. It is so special that you can always turn one side of the camera on and another one off. Hence, it can save any unexpected crash moment in your recording for the evidence to claim. Plus, you can connect and control all the video recording to your phone with the app and wifi. This comes with 320Amh and a sensor, so you worry less about parking.

9. VAVA With Ultra 1080p Video Dash Cam


Moving next to the front and rear dash cam is handy for every car. It has such a huge storage which is up to 128g. So you can always record and save a lot of videos/photos from it easily. The battery of this racing dash cam lasts longer and is rechargeable. It is super clear about the HD, like 1080P, even in the dark or low light. Plus, it has an ultra-wide lens that perfectly supports and records any moment you want. Do not worry about pressing on and off every time because it is automatically activated once the machine starts.

In addition, it works and records 30 to 40 times when you are parking your car alone. So you can always come back and check whether anything happens. We always want a G-sensor because it can help alert any car around us. This can help you avoid a lot of car crashes and incidents. Moreover, you can access GPS tracking with your phone or even share that with others.

8. APEMAN Front Rear Dash Cam With Night Sight Sensor

APEMAN Dashcam with Night Sensor

I want to grab your attention to this front and rear dash cam. It comes along with high technology that can protect your safety while driving. It attaches to a sensor that alerts you before crashing. This front and rear dash cam works well both day and night. Additionally, you can install it easily with its guides. It is a dual camera for 170 degrees, which can help you see clearly at the sides. Parking your car alone at night or in a silent area is not a problem anymore because it is 24-hour recording. Even more special is an emergency accident lock that can save those incidents and videos in one folder and share them with your phone. The storage is super large, and you can save a lot of videos and photos.

7. AQP Front and Rear Dash Cam With 1080p Video

AQP Dashcam

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Next, this front and rear dash cam can capture the road ahead or any incidents clearly due to its full HD. Specifically, the front camera can take videos widely, with 170 degrees lens angle. The camera can also take all the moments with its 150-degree lens angle for the back of the car. Plus, you can always connect GPS with your phone when there is a wifi connection to detect the details of your location, date, time, and more. Besides the camera, it has a clear voice recording, but you can choose to record with just one press. If you ever worry about the installation process, feel at ease now because it is quick and easy.

Based on its instruction manual, you can install it yourself. Parking your car, especially at night, can be risky because your car might end up damaged or broken by a thief or low-security guard. Therefore, this AQP front and rear dash camera is the proper selection for you. It can activate immediately and capture those incidents. Then, you can use that footage as evidence.

6. iiwey Car Camera with Touchscreen

iiwey dashcam

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We are confident you will like this iiwey front and rear dash cam. It is a 3-inch touchscreen model, just like a normal smartphone. You can operate and use it, like sharing videos from the camera or taking adventure photos during trips. Capturing clear videos at night is no longer a problem because it works fine with WR tech. The memory is large, 128 MB, which can keep many videos there. However, if the memory card is full, the essential video can also be kept in the emergency file. More importantly, the camera is so clear, up from 1040P to 1440 MP so that it can take all the plate numbers on every car.

5. Karsuite Mirror Dash Cam

Karsuite Mirror Dash Cam

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Moving further, this front and rear dash cam is so stylish on top of its good quality. It is a touch screen that you zoom in and out, rotate, slide, or adjust the brightness. The screen is super large and convenient, around 12″. The camera is beyond clear, both the front and rear—specifically, 1080P for the front to 2500P for the rear camera. GPS is connected once there is a wifi connection. You can quickly check all the detailed information, including date, time, speed, location, and more.

Its size is 11.4 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches, perfect for every car. You can effortlessly install it by yourself as well. One specialty of this product is that it helps you reverse ideally because you can see all the back images on the screen. Therefore, you can park without crashing anything.

4. APEMAN Front and Rear Dashcam

APEMAN dash cam

Here is another front and rear dash cam you can use. It is such a new design with high technology. The touchscreen is as big as 3 inches, and you can easily use one finger to tap what you wish. It comes with a single and dual lens, but both are very clear with its 1080P to 4000P. The footage or any moments can be captured clearly. Even though it is dark or low light, it can work perfectly because of its new vision.

Moreover, you can save, download, or share videos and photos with your phone. More than just a simple camera, it has other features that you may need. For example, emergency lock for unexpected incidents, timelapse, slow motion, parking, reverse assistant, and more.

3. XTU Car Dash Cam

XTU Dash Cam

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This is one of the best front and rear dash cams you would love to place in your car. It is multi-use, such as a sensor, reverse display, video/voice recording, and more. You can always have clear photos and videos as it is HD. Do not be afraid of a small plate number on a car that is too far because it can capture that easily with its 1440P and 1080P. During the day or night, this camera can take a shot or footage. To be more specific, it has a sensor that will alert once the car is too close to another vehicle. One last good point of the design is the high density which does not sway easily while the car moves.

2. VVCAR Dash Cam for Car 360 Degree

VVCAR Dash Cam

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Let’s take a look at this premium front and rear dash cam, which comes with HD 1080P. You can have a clear vision of any footage taken from the camera. It also supports up to 128GB, which is quite large for videos and photos. Specifically, this can be used not just in the front and rear but also inside the car as well. For example, you travel with your friends or family. It can be the best moment and memory you want to take a snap of that. What you will love about is that the camera can capture the best ever at night. Furthermore, the product is durable for both hot and cold weather. Lastly, it is super safe to park at night because the camera can also detect any incident as evidence.

1. Rovi High-Quality Front Dash Cam

Rovi Dash Cam

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Here finally comes our lists’ top front and rear dash cam today. The uniqueness of this one is that it can capture 360 degrees widely. You can also tap away any feature with your finger. Plus, the touchscreen is enough size to place in the car, 1.5 inches. In addition, there’s a GPS which you always know where the videos are taken. On top of GPS, you can also look at videos from a long time ago from both the front and rear cam. Most importantly, it is super clear,1080P.

To conclude, all the top 10 front and rear cam can play an important role in your daily life. Safety is the top priority which cannot be denied. Therefore, owning one of these 10 products is a great idea. You may want to choose the best one for your car because there are varieties of sizes, functions, features, and designs. Amongst all, it is equipped with high technology and good quality.

Buying Guide

Function: Among all these top 10 front and rear dash cams, you may want to check the HD, capacity to take at night, touchscreen, reverse mode, and more. It is essential to see the size that fits well in your car. Additionally, each wide-angle lens’s front and rear dash cam comes differently, so select the right one. It also can support memory cards differently from one another.

Style: You can choose the colors and the shape of the camera. Some of these top 10 front and rear dash cam have dual cameras with a bigger lens or smaller. Therefore, you can take snapshot photos or videos as you wish. One taps away while driving is needed, saving your time and safety.