Top 10 Best Cross Cut Paper Shredders in 2023

All personal and private documents should be secured well so a cross cut paper shredder is invented to do a job and solve the problem for various people and companies. The exclusiveness of the machine can make our life easier and safer. It comes with different functions, capacity, size, and design that you can choose based on your needs. We are here to introduce you to the cross cut paper shredders that come with a mix of good brands so please enjoy the details of each machine as listed below.

List of Best Cross Cut Paper Shredders

10. Fellowes Cross Cut Paper Shredders


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Let’s take a look at this excellent cross cut paper shredder. You no longer need to worry about the noise while shredding paper or any documents because this one is soundless. Plus, it can save more energy than you can ever think of. If you have some kids at home, you will love the fact that it is 100% safe to touch while it is working because the machine will stop shredding automatically. Furthermore, 16 sheets of paper can be shred per time. Hence, it can actually save a lot of your time to put one sheet of paper per time.

What is more special about this, it can work totally just fine more than 20 minutes for continuous shredding. After half an hour, you may want to leave it aside first to cool down. If you ever wonder whether this cross cut paper shredder can work with CDs or DVDs or not, you know the answer now that it works pretty easily with both CDs, DVDs, visa cards, paper clips and staples. In addition, it is not too big to store at a tiny corner because it is just around 21”H x 15”W and 10”D. You can own one to stop stressing about hiding or throwing away your confidential documents. It is super safe to use it.

9. AmazonBasics Paper Shredder


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Here is the best quality cross cut paper shredder you are looking for. Normally, we need to take the staples or paper clips out before shredding, but with this one, you can just put them all in. Basically, it shreds all types of cards like visa cards, paper clips, staples, and CDs/DVDs. What is so convenient about this is, it has an automatic power mode which it can turn on and off by itself. It will start working once you input the documents in and stop when they are finished.

Moreover, the capability of this cut cross paper shredder can snip over 8 sheets of paper per time without needing to remove the staples and small paper clips which is equivalent with 20 pound paper. Plus, you do not need to worry about overusing the machine and issues might occur because this one can detect once it is overheating and turn off itself.

Besides its new technology function, it is also very easy to clean up the paper after shredding because there is one box that you can take out and throw away. It works very well if the paper or any cards get stuck, it will reverse and finish its job without any jams.

8. Aurora Paper Shredder


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I would like to grab your attention to this cross cut paper shredder. It is the super best choice to secure all your personal or confidential documents, CDs, DVDs, and visa cards because it can shred to small pieces very well. What is good about this Aurora cross cut paper shredder is that it can easily be moved and kept around at home or office because it comes with a small size around 12” x 7” x 6” which is a flawless size. You can feel at ease for energy saving due to its automatic power function. It can start once we put the paper in and turn off when nothing is inside.

For the case of paper jams, you also do not need to worry since it has the reverse feature to clear all of that. Moreover, the light will alert you to take out the waste so you can be free often without needing to empty them. It can store up to 125 sheets of paper in the waste bin.

7. Fellowes Powershred Jam Proof Paper Shredder


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We are sure that this cross cut shredder can secure all your confidential documents, CDs and credit cards by shredding into tiny pieces. It works with around 18 sheets of paper per time without needing to remove the staples or paper clips. Moreover, it can be used constantly for approximately half an hour. After that, you may leave it to cool down a bit before starting again. This amazing cross cut shredder can just remove the paper jams easily and quickly.

What is so extraordinary is that you can just make it stop shredding by placing your hands on the paper opening. Therefore, it is a perfect fit for little kids or puppies at home. Once the waste bin is full, you can just take it out and throw the waste away. You do not need to wash it at all. In addition, you can move that around the corner at home or office easily because it is flexible and movable.

6. Bonsaii Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Best Cross Cut Paper Shredders

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If you are looking for good quality and new design of cross cut paper shredder for a home office, this is the right choice. The cross cut paper shredders can shred all staples, credit cards, all documents, CDs/DVDs, and small paper clips without sticking inside. Nevertheless, only 6 sheets of paper can be shred per time. That is why it is a perfect fit for a home office or a group of colleagues. Moreover, it comes with a very cool function that it can detect and automatically turn off when it is overused. However, do not worry if it stops working, you only need it to cool down then it will continue shredding as usual with the fast speed.

If you wish to empty the storage bin, just look at it directly because you can see through all the waste from outside. What you need to do is open it and throw that away. Plus, you no longer need to worry about the paper jams because there is a reverse function to control this perfectly. Lastly, the dimension of it is not too big which is around 14.1 x 11.8 x 7 inches. Thus, you can keep it at the small corner or narrow space at your business home office.

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5. Bonsaii Paper Shredder


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Here comes to another cross cut shredder. It can save a lot of energy and best for those who are busy at work. They do not need to press any power at all to shred, it automatically turns on and off. 6 sheets of paper can be shred per pass into a small piece around 4 x 45mm. It is super safe for all personal and private documents or visa cards. When the paper is stuck inside the cross cut paper, the jam protection will clear that. However, it can constantly shred for only 4 minutes. Next, you leave it to cool down before shredding more. What is so practical is that you can clear all the waste in the bin easily, you only need to pull that out and throw away all the waste.

4. Fellowes Cross Cut Paper Shredders

Fellowes Cross Cut Paper Shredders

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Next, this cross cut paper shredder can shred up to 13 sheets of paper at a time so if you have a lot of documents, this one can fasten the process. The pieces of those shredding waste can be as small as level p-4. Therefore, do not worry about the security level. Furthermore, the duration of handling the shred is more than 10 minutes. Afterward, it will need some time to cool down. Talking about its specialty, it will stop running immediately once your hands are on it. It is super safe for children or causes no harm to us as well. Whenever the paper is stuck in there, let the jam protection function come to do the job. This one has a normal size which is equivalent to around 20H” x 15W” x 11D”.

3. Boxis Paper Shredder


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Moving on this excellent cross cut paper shredder that can be used at the office or home. It comes with a black design and the dimension is around 21.25, 15,50, 11.31. There are 12 sheets of paper to run at a time, but what is good about it is that the waste will be shredded in a very tiny piece as level P-4. Plus, it works pretty easily with paper clips, staples, CDs, and visa cards. The continued shredding is more than 10 minutes. Then, you can let it rest a bit before starting to run again. The new technology of this is you can feel relaxed and safe to let it shred by itself because it is automatically on and off. On top of that, it can keep all your confidential documents well.

2. Aurora Paper Cut Shredder

Aurora Paper Cut Shredders

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Coming next, you will love this convenient cross cut paper shredder because of its capacities to shred up to 14 sheets at a time including credit cards and thick documents. The pieces of paper shredding are in level P-4 which is such a high-security level. However, the machines can run effortlessly for only 10 minutes. After that, you may give it a rest sometimes. What is great about this Aurora cut cross paper shredder, it can prevent the paper jam that might occur.

1. Aurora Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Aurora Cross Cut Paper Shredder

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Now, it is the time to review the top cross cut paper shredder of our list today. Besides shredding the paper, it can work well for credit cards, paper clips, staples, and CDs/DVDs. You will feel a lot more secured as it has a warranty of 1 year. Furthermore, the machine can normally turn on or off by themselves and alert us. The waste bin can keep up to 230 sheets so we do not need to keep emptying it during the day. The design of our product can be perfectly fit to store at home or office.

All in all, these top 10 best cross cut paper shredders can be one of your choices to securely shred your private or confidential documents. More than that, it helps save a lot of energy. The function, feature, design, and quality of each one are just incredibly useful to have one at the office or home. Let’s allow this new updated technology cut cross paper shredder to bring you to another level of life.

Buying Guide

Capacity: You may want to know clearly about how much you shred your personal and private documents because the cross cut paper shredders come with different measurements and number of paper shredding per time. Therefore, it is important if you need to shred a lot in a day, you can choose the one with a bigger capacity, like 18 sheets. Plus, the cross cut shredder which can continuously run longer before needing to cool down.

Dimension: As mentioned above, the top 10 cross cut paper shredders have various shapes, length, width, and weight. You may want to choose the right one that can fit in well in your office or business home office. The reason is that some of that is heavy or too big for your area. It is great to compare the size of your preferred product and your planned spot.