Top 9 Best Foldable Massage Beds in 2023

If you are looking to purchase one of the best foldable massage beds for home or personal uses, we would like to inform you that there are a few things you need to consider beforehand. And if you are looking to invest in some foldable massage beds for professional uses, we believe that more things should be brought up and discussed as well.

Best Quality Foldable Massage Beds for Home or Business

Worry not, because our team has put together a list of recommended products for you to check all here in this article. Let’s get started

9. Yaheetech Massage Bed


First up on our list, we have a portable bed from Yaheetech. It’s a sleek black bed, with extra-wide space fitting for a single person, with capacity up to 552.2lb (approx. 250kg). When not in use, you can easily fold it up 3 times into its carrier form. For that reason, it is easy to store away after use and carry around.

Furthermore, the cushion is, of course, waterproof and oil-proof. With its PVC leather, it allows its user a more long-lasting work surface, while also allowing the surface to be easily wiped clean of dust and dirt. On top of that, the backrest can be adjusted into a longer length, and the armrest and headrest are detachable AND adjustable.

8. Luxton Home

Luxton Home

Unlike the previous bed’s cushion, which is a sponge, this foldable massage bed uses memory foam instead. If you do not know, memory foam is a kind of material used in many mattresses to bring the individual, who lays on it, one of the best kinds of comfort. It is dense yet bouncy and firm.

Although it is more expensive than the product above, the Luxton Home premium foldable massage bed was designed to fit its expectations. This product uses high-quality cushion cover and as well as cushion material. It is integrated with professionally made hardwood frame and strong steel support cables, and leg knobs for height adjustment. Plus, it can hold up to 551lb or 250kg.

7. Uenjoy Foldable Massage Bed


And now we’re back to the previous price point of under a hundred US dollars. Many professionals across the globe have used this massage bed from Uenjoy. It is built with detachable arms sling, armrests, and headrests. This fact allows people of all skill levels to conveniently remove the parts for easier storage, replacements, and adjusting the needed height.

The working surface is waterproof and oil-proof, with PVC covering. It is also able to withstand up to 500lb (approx. 227kg), and every installation will not be needing any tool to get involved.

Uenjoy also provides free parts replacements for up to 1 year after the purchase date.


Next up, we have “The Shasta” from STRONGLITE. This one is more lightweight compared to the other three mentioned above. It weighs only 33lb (approx. 15kg) and can withstand a lesser weight of 400lb (approx. 180kg). This product’s height can also be adjusted into a taller. Because of its smaller size and lighter weight, storing and transporting the bed around would be more undemanding.

It comes with a durable nylon carry case and a sturdy vinyl cover, making it waterproof and also oil-proof. The attractive cover was also double-stitched and rounded around the corners.

STRONGLITE also provides a 5-year warranty for this bed.

5. Master Foldable Massage Bed

Master Massage

Finally! A differently coloured product! This product was not brightly coloured like expected, but it is red all over. The strong steel support legs are also painted in red, which is just a bit darker than the cushion part. As for the cushion, it is a thick cushion made with many layers of materials, including a layer of memory foam. This factor makes the bed firmer and comfortable to lie on.

Besides, the working surface is waterproof, oil-proof, and is CFC-free. The leg supports are made from high-quality materials of Forest Hard European Beech Wood, and the rest of the support system includes Shiatsu Cable Release and Reiki Panels. This bed can withstand up to 1,500lb (approx. 680kg).Top of Form

4. Yaheetech


Right in the middle of our list, we have another recommended product from Yaheetech. Compared to the one mentioned before, this bed slightly more expensive, a bit bigger and lighter. The product can be folded into a carry case, making it easier for mobile therapists to bring along with them or easier storage within shops and homes.

Additionally, this foldable massage bed’s height can be adjusted up to 8 different heights, all of which have secure knobs for stabilizing the adjusted height. It is integrated with aluminium alloy supports, anti-slide foot mats, and sponge-like cushion under PVC leather cover. This PVC leather cover makes the working area to be waterproof, oil-proof, and easy to clean as well. And lastly, it can hold up to 551.2lb, which is approximately 250kg.

3. SierraComfort


On the top third of our list, we have a conventional yet functional portable massager bed from SierraComfort. SierraComfort is known for its high-quality foldable massage beds of many models and functionality. From lux and expensive, to basic and affordable, they can provide you with all that you’re looking for. However, for our list, we will be talking about the SierraComfort Basic Portable Massage bed, model number SC-500.

This bed comes in a sleek black PU Leather Upholstery covering its high-density foam deck. This attribute makes the working surface area waterproof, oil-resistant, and also easier to clean; wipe it down with a damp cloth, and you’re done with the dust and dirt. Furthermore, it is also supported by frame support cables, a threaded support bar, and is built with Beech Hardwood Frame.

It can hold less weight compared to the majority of the products on our list, up to 400lb (approx. 180kg). SierraComfort also provides a 2-year warranty for this product, counted after the purchase date.

2. MaxKare


MaxKare’s massage bed is a professional massage bed; used by many professional massagers around the world. This product’s design is fundamental and is fitting with almost all massage parlors’ decoration scheme. This bed can be folded 3 times, turning into more convenient storage and transportations.

It can carry up to 496lb, which is approximately 225kg. Plus, it is made with a strong hardwood frame, which is fixed to tough steel support cables. Since it is made with high-quality material, the working surface is both waterproof and oil-proof, which also means that it is also easy to clean.

1. BestMassage Foldable Massage Bed


And last, but certainly not least, BestMassage. From looking at the company’s name, we’re sure that there is not much convincing needed. This bed, which is one of the best foldable massage beds, is made from sponge-like material. It is covered by high-quality PVC leather, giving you the softness, the durability, and the secure thoughts of no liquid leaking into the sponge underneath the cover.

When installing this bed into its functional form, tools are not needed. You can follow the provided manual and connect the armrests and headrest to the overall body of the massage bed. Each support leg is made from sturdy hardwood corner blocks and has its security knobs. These knobs help in securing the upper surface of the massage bed more securely onto the mattress part; while also ensuring the adjusted surface area from not falling as we are using the bed.

This bed weighs only 28lb, which is approximately 12.07kg. This lightweight feature can help in making the massage bed’s transportation more convenient and quick. It can also be folded into a carry case as well.


We went through many reviews done by other people, and all in all, when it comes to personal uses, we discover that the price is the most discussed topic. While professional applications include more things, including space, design, life-span, and more. These things should be considered by shop owners more, for the reason that the overall design of the shop should be able to welcome in the massage beds’ aesthetics just fine. Overall, we hope you enjoy our list and can learn one of two lessons from going through all the products.

Buying Guide

Installation: Usually, for installing foldable massage beds, you would need to attach the headrest, armrest, and more. The removable feature of these parts aids in reducing space when we have to fold the bed down to store it away or to transport it somewhere.

Weight: When it comes to weight, we recommend looking for one that is the most ideal for you. You should consider how much weight you can carry and how much weight you need to get the balance between product weight and product capacity.

Warranty: Warranties usually differ depending on the company that you are purchasing it from. We highly recommend seeking the respective company’s customer service team for more closure regarding your product’s warranty or service offers.