Top 10 Best Mermaid Tails for Swimming in 2020

Are your girls going on a swimming holiday? These new Top 10 Best Mermaid Tails for Swimming are the best choices for them. You can turn your girls into a magical fairytale and get them lost in a real dream. The water will be so bright with the sparkling of the mermaid tail which your girl is wearing.

Let read some more detail and information about each product.

10. Sun Tail Mermaid + Monofin for Swimming

Sun Tail Mermaid + Monofin for Swimming

Are you ready to turn yourself into a mermaid? A various color of mermaid tail is here. You have a lot of choices such as the blue lagoon, green monofin, ocean deep, sea monster, seven seas, super siren and several more. This monofin is produced to provide superior swimming propulsion and great control for all experienced and strong swimmers. It is made from 80% polyester and 20% spandex. You can enjoy your swim in the peaceful ocean with the 4-way stretchable fabric of monofins.

9. Quesera Women’s Mermaid Tail

Quesera Women's Mermaid Tail

Both children and adult can wear this mermaid tail when the 2 sizes are available on the market. It is so lovely and cute with different colors. The fabric is soft and stretchable that made from high quality of polyamide fabric. It looks very realistic and super flexible for every swimming movements. But you need to buy a fin because this tail doesn’t come with any fin. Let get ready for a pool party!

8. Kakawayi Girl’s Mermaid Tail Swimsuit

Kakawayi Girl's Mermaid Tail Swimsuit

There are 2 options for this Kakawayi mermaid tail. You can choose the monofin alone or buy it as a set that top, underwear, and dress are included. It is made of polyester and spandex which makes the dress very stretchable. The reference of model size is 126cm. A button is placed at the end of the monofin is very convenient for taking the fin off or on. The material is washable by machine and it is very perfect for mermaid baby shower theme for kids.

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7. MYLEMERMAID Lycra Kids Size Swimwear

MYLEMERMAID Lycra Kids Size Swimwear

The designer has made is mermaid tail look so real with a 3D scale design which seems like a real fish. It is very flexible, soft, relaxed and strong monofins. It comes in different sizes. The mermaid tail is produced in high-quality standard with no ball up problem. The material is being set by professional machines and high elastic thread so you don’t have to be worried about being torn. This fin fit girl aged from 6 to 14 years old.

6. SAIANKE Mermaid Tail

SAIANKE Mermaid Tail

Hey girls, it is time to turn yourself into a magical fairytale with these shiny and colorful mermaid tail. The swimming suit really looks like an actual mermaid fish scales. Sizes are available from 110 to size 150 which are suitable for 4-14 years old girls. It is 80% made from polyester and 20% from spandex. It is a super great offer because your girl will not only get the mermaid tail but she will also get a top, a pant underwear and a very soft monofin.

5. Monofin Adjustable Mermaid Tails Swim Fins

Monofin Adjustable Mermaid Tails Swim Fins

Blue, pink and green are the main colors of these tails with the dimension of 44cm x 40cm x 16cm. You will get a real soft and comfortable rubber foot pocket for releasing the foot straps quickly. The design is awesome with adaptable Velcro strap suits. The strap is on the back foot to make the size adjustable and fit. This product has a safety buckle to prevent you from getting injured. And remember that the mermaid fins can only use in the water, do not try to walk with it.

4. Fin Fun Mermaid Tails for Swimming

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails for Swimming

Let turn yourself into a mermaid for a day. The product is the most rated among all which is 4.6 out of 5 stars. The design is very eyes catchy because it has a super unique of shiny fish scale texture which looks so real. With the patent-pending tip reinforcement technology secures the tips of the tail from tearing and shredding. The patented fin also help you to swim faster in the water. The fin will create a natural motion with a strong material and neoprene cover. Moreover, it is a limited edition so grab it immediately before it is out of stock.

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3. Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

Hey, no wonder about the same name of the previous tail because they are the same brand. Yet this one has developed into another level of the good quality. It is a new revolution. The premium quality mermaidens create the tail to be stronger to effects of the sun and the pool chemical substances. You don’t need any tip for protector tape. Kids will be able to move underwater easily with the comfortable and resistant fabric. It is the bestselling and highest review among all swimmable mermaid tails in the universe.

2. Play Tailor Mermaid Tail Swimmable Costume

Play Tailor Mermaid Tail Swimmable Costume

Here comes “Play Tailor” that has been legalized by authorities to “Dressyday” for protecting your consumer rights. This mermaid tail is made from high quality of polyamide fabric with high stretch. The stretchable tail makes it look more genuine and more elastic. 80% of polyester material and 20% spandex are used together to create this amazing mermaid tail. You have to remember to wash originally by your hand with cool water and hang it to dry.

1. Fin Fun Mermaid Tails For Swimming

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails For Swimming

Another revolution of fin fun that is fit for many categories such as kids, girls, boys, and adults. You don’t have to bother buying extra monofin since it is already included in the package. The design is very flexible, the scale will turn to 3D when it is wet with the vibrant colors and textured pattern. For safety need, this fin fun mermaid tail is designed to have the ability to remove the monofins easily while swimming. Just use your feet to tug and kick off.


To all ladies out there as you’ve read through all of these tails, there are some tails which fit your categories too. Not only little girls can wear these. Be the first one who can attract a lot of attention from your surroundings. As long as you know how to swim well, there is no worry about wearing these in the pool. You only have to read the provided instruction for each item.