Top 10 One-step Hair Dryers for Women in 2023

Hairdryer is a helpful tool for all the girls to get themselves ready for daily meetings or any special occasions. We make you a list of best one-step hair dryers which is far better than the classic ones you found in local stores. These top one-step hair dryers’ design is more effective in terms of the consumption of time and effort. Women can transform themselves into princesses within minutes.

If you just look for purchasing this type of hairdryer for the first time, you have come to the right place. This article will introduce the top ten best one-step hair dryers in 2023. Consumers can gain insight into the product and consider purchasing one. At the end of the article, there is also a buying guide section to guide users through the main features that determine the best product.

Best One-step Hair Dryers for Women and Hairstylists

10. Dekugaa Hair Dryer Brush

Dekugaa Hair Dryer Brush

Dekugaa Hair Dryer Brush is one of the best one-step hair dryers in this list. It has a 3-in-1 function in the shape of a hairbrush. The brush is connected to 1000W power to heat up within minutes. Users can work with it as a mixture of comb and dryer to straighten their hair. Moreover, it is perfectly designed for both wet and non-wet hair. Although its heat allows users to finish the hairstyles within minutes, users do not have to worry about getting burned because it is equipped with the overheating system.

The system will automatically shut down if the heat reaches its maximum. The brush is made from nylon as well as tufted bristles for the purpose of making hair ultra-smooth.

9. Romancelink Hot Air Brush

Romancelink Hot Air Brush

The hair dryer is designed to function with 4 purposes. It enables users to change the styles of their hair every day, including straight, curly, naturally dry and volume. Users do not have to go to the salon anymore because they can dry and style their hair at the same time. Moreover, it comes with 3 kits for different purposes, including two for curly hair and another one for straight hair. It also comes with customizable settings.

Users can choose with own settings with both temperature and speed, with 3 and 2 functions respectively. Last but not least, it is designed to minimize the noise it makes while doing the job.

8. Hot Tools Professional Charcoal

Hot Tools Professional Charcoal

It is available in two color choices: black gold and 24K gold. It is made of max activated charcoal. This has special vents for airflow to help with the faster hair-styling process while offering effective drying contact. The brush is in ultra-lightweight, so users can simply do the hairstyling with only one hand. It also protects your hair from getting burned with the heat.

With this hair dryer, users can enjoy their own home-salon which can both make their hairstylist while maintaining its good health condition. It is suitable for all types of hair.

7. LANIC One-Step Hair Dryers

LANIC One Step Hair Dryers

The hair dryer is finished with a ceramic top layer that helps secure the hair against over-styling. It also helps with the distribution of the heat to guarantee less damage. The handle is made from nylon pin with tufted bristles to grip the hair better. It is equipped with an advanced negative ionic system, which is designed for maximum airflow. This means that your hair will be smoother and shinier after using this brush.

Users can either use it as a hair dryer or a hairstylist. It can be operated in 3 heat settings, varying between 60 and 120 degrees Celsius. The high heat setting targets thick hair, whereas thin hair only needs low heat to make styles.

6. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer

It is available in both elegant black and beautiful pink colors. The brush is designed to be supplied by 1100W of power. Unlike other types of dryers, the design enables users to both blow dry and style the hair. Compare to the classic style of hair dryer and stylist, it consumes only half of the time to provide a smooth dry hair with any styles the users preferred.

It is equipped with flexible bristles to smooth the hair and make it shinier. Moreover, it comes with 2 choices in terms of both temperature and speed settings. The product is in use with 120 volts.

5. JAHUL Hair Dryer and Styler

JAHUL Hair Dryer and Styler

It is uniquely designed to be effective and efficient in the hair drying and styling process. The dryer is equipped with a negative ionic system to reduce the damage to the hair while styling it. It finishes the process with a smoother and silkier texture of the hair. The design also allows flexibility, which enables users to work in 360 degrees. Moreover, it is equipped with the ceramic heater, which can well distribute the heat among the hair to make it healthier.

Users can adjust their own temperature with 3 different settings, including low, medium and high. The high speed is designed for thick hair, the middle one is for fine hair, and the lowest one is used to finish the process.

4. Kaleep Hot Air Brush

Kaleep Hot Air Brush

At an affordable price, the product is used to dry and style your hair in less time consumption. It requires only one step to finish both complicated processes: drying and styling. It is supported by 1000W of power which offers just the most suitable heat to guarantee the health of the hair. To ensure flexibility, the dryer is equipped with 2 heat and speed settings to adjust to the demands of the users.

Moreover, it comes with ceramic tourmaline technology, helping to maximize the airflow to prevent over-drying. It also comes with a high-quality nylon brush to ensure the brushwork smoothly with your hair without damaging it.

3. Songtai Hair Dryer

Songtai Hair Dryer

The hair dryer can be used in 3 functions, including drying, straightening and curling the hair. The brush is designed to have negative ions to smooth the hair and make it brighter. Users can adjust their own settings depending on the types of hair and hairstyles. There are 2 settings for speed and 3 choices for temperature. For users who have thick hair, high temperature is recommended.

Moreover, it comes with ultra-lightweight, allowing the user to hold it long without any feelings of fatigue. It can be taken anywhere with a small and compact size. With this hair dryer, users do not have to worry about static and split ends.

2. MADAMI Hot Air Brush

MADAMI Hot Air Brush

The hairbrush is equipped with hot air to serve many purposes, including drying, straightening and volumizing. It combines the process of drying and styling to only one-time process. With this hair dryer, the hair is guaranteed to be smooth and shiny. The product is operated with 1000W of power to provide a faster hair styling process.

It comes with 3 choices of heat settings, including high heat for thick hair and medium heat for fine hair. Moreover, its speed is well known in terms of straightening and curling hair. Users who demand shorter time for hair styling is highly recommended to use this hair dryer.

It is not only lightweight but also flexible. Users can use it in 360 degrees angle to help them with the best hair styling process.

1. Revlon Black Volumizer

Revlon Black Volumizer

As one of the best one-step hair dryers in the list, it is highly praised and recommended by the consumers with the ratings at 4.3 out of 5 stars. The hair dryer is known to be a volumizer brush which is made from nylon pin and tufted bristles. It is designed perfectly for the best smoothness of the hair. The product only requires 1000W of power in the operation.

It is also equipped with an Ion generator which helps speed up the styling process and provide healthy hair. Moreover, the ceramic coating is there to secure the hair against over styling. The product exceeds all the US safety requirements, and it is recognized by ETL certification.


This article has demonstrated the main features of the top ten best one-step hair dryers on in 2023. After reading the article, users should be confident in choosing the right one step hair dryer in their daily use to save both time and effort. A one-step hair dryer tends to make life more convenient while letting the user achieve the best of their beauty.

Buying Guide

It is important for users to choose the best one-step hair dryer for themselves because only by doing so, the health of their hair is guaranteed. Therefore, before doing the purchase, users should consider the following criteria:

Functions: the main functions of the one-step hair dryer is to dry and style the hair at the same time. However, some dryer only offers a straightening process, while others also allow curling and volumizing.

Heat/Speed Settings: adjustable heat and speed allow users to work more efficiently with their needs. For example, higher heat is suitable for thick hair, while a lower one is designed for fine hair.

Negative Ionic Technology: this is to saturate the airflow, which makes the hair look smoother and shinier after the styling process.