Top 10 Best Workout Leather Hand Grips in 2023

If you always perform tasks or if your leisure concerns a lot of physical engagement, you must know how useful and important it is to have high quality leather hand grips. From using for strength training or protecting your palm as you’re working, the leather hand grip is a must-owned accessory.

If you haven’t had one and are looking to have one or if you are having one but are looking to get a better one, this article is a rich resource for you. In this article, we will be introducing the top 10 best leather hand grips that you can find on the market.

10. Gibson Athletic

Gibson Athletic

As the first product in the list, we have this top 10th from Gibson Athletic. What’s special about this USA-made leather hand grip is that it’s wisely designed with a bit undersized finger hole so that it will fit perfectly with your hand, although you can still enlarge the hold size by using sandpaper. This leather hand grip is high quality because it uses the USA tanned leather that comes without imperfections.

It’s perfect for preventing your hands from tearing, ripping, or blisters so you can focus on your tasks longer. Gibson Athletic also comes with 30-days manufacturer’s warranty.

9. RIMSports


If you love any sport-related activity, you must not want to miss having a leather hand grip from RIMSports. Covered by high quality leather on every corner on your hand, this leather hand grip is perfect for both men and women. It’s super lightweight and is designed without slip-contact padding, so you can have a firmer hold as you wear these gloves. RIMSports makes their hand grips with high quality fabric that is completely breathable, so it won’t make you sweat your hand by wearing this.

On top of this, it’s also made for last long and enduring, so you don’t have to keep buying new hand grips, which wastes both your time and money. RIMSports comes in a wide range of size and colors. Therefore, you can choose any of the options that you’re most comfortable with.

8. ProFitness


Moving to the top 8th, this top quality leather hand grip is from ProFitness. What’s special about this product is that it’s the neoprene gym gloves that use reinforced silicone-pad on the palm to add more strength on your grip as you lift or workout. It’s perfectly used for CrossFit or any exercise that causes more sweat because it has the breathable feature that eliminates sweat on your hand.

This leather hand grip is highly versatile. It even comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee to make sure that you’re pleased with its performance because if you don’t, you’re free to get a full refund.

7. WODner


Here at the top 7th, this top leather hand grip is from WODner. What’s good about this is that it comes in the most flexible size that you don’t have to worry about measuring your hands because the hand grips might not fit. With WODner patented design, you can easily adjust the size you need.

This leather hand grip focuses more on wrist support since it’s one of the most important parts when you do listing. WODner also proudly claim themselves with a satisfaction guarantee for its leather hand grip, so you can go risk-free when purchasing leather hand grip from this brand.

6. AEOLOS Leather Hand Grips


Another premium leather hand grips in the list is from AEOLOS. What’s special about AEOLOS according to their loyal customers’ reviews is this hand grip is made from top quality leather that’s not only versatile, but it’s also soft and comfortable when it comes to fitting. This hand grip is perfect for those you do regularly physical sport because it’s perfect to wear to prevent any injury or tear on your palm and wrist. Besides, this hand grip also features a great surface that can prevent slipping as you lifting and more.

What’s also interesting is that when you purchase this hand grip, you will also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee for either refund or replacement. On top of this, you will also get a free carrying bag, so it’s a great deal.

5. Bear KompleX Hand Grips

Bear KompleX

Moving onto the top 5th, this best hand grips on the planet named by loyal customers is a product from Bear CompleX. What’s so special about this that it deserves the name is because Bear KompleX comes with a customizable hole option in just a pack. Moreover, the design makes this product focused on optimal and ergonomic comfort that it has the breathable and partly-open space so the air can pass through; prevent your palm from sweating a lot.

Besides, Bear KompleX makes sure to use superior leather that is known as a master of slip reduction, so you have a firm grip as you wear them on. Besides, when purchasing Bear KompleX, you will also get a workout PDF that gives tips to your fitness game, too.

4. Grip Power Pads

Grip Power Pads

On the top 4th, another popular leather hand grip supplier is Grip Power Pads. These professional hand grips come with other patented designs and colors, customized specifically to bodybuilders or regular gym members. What’s also special about Grip Power Pads is that it uses limited edition Cowhide leather along with reinforced rubber to make this hand grip that goes without any chance of slipping.

Available for both men and women, the Pro Model is highly recommended for men for a comfortable fit. For safety and ultimate performance, Grip Power Pads is what you should choose.

3. JerkFit Leather Hand Grips


Spotting on the top 3rd, we have another high quality pair of leather hand grips, and it’s from JerkFit. Ranking as one of the best-selling leather hand grips of all time, JerkFit is recognized by their patented 2 finger design that allows you to wear for your optimal comfort. Different from some different brands, Jerk Fit frees the other 3 fingers uncovered so that they are more flexible in terms of performing because clearly, the 2 fingers are the most important part to be covered and protected.

JerkFit is ideal for any workout, including lifting, push-up, ,CrossFit and more. This product comes with sandpaper that you can use to customize the hole so that you can easily fit in. Slay like an athlete, use JerkFit.

2. AEOLOS Hand Grips


Here at the top 2nd, we have another premium quality and the most affordable leather hand grips from AEOLOS again. Clearly, you’ve read and understood the quality of the product from this brand without a doubt. The hand grip on this top 2nd is another perfect hand grip for those who work out regularly. With top quality leather, this hand grip can both protect your palm and wrist from tearing or getting any injury. Besides, it’s super soft and comfortable to wear because the materials used for this are completely breathable, so you hand won’t get sweat easily.

Comparing the quality of this leather hand grip and its price, the product is already gold. But what’s even better, AEOLOS confidently stands behind their product by offering a lifetime 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the product after purchasing, you can get your full refund anytime.

1. Best of Leather Hand Grips: Fit Vikings

Fit Vikings

Finally, at the top 1st best of the best leather hand grip on the market in 2023, the winning brand belongs to Fit Vikings. One of the first things that make this product super popular is because it is highly affordable at a relatively lower price compared to most of the top products in the market. Besides, there is no need to question the quality of this brand because Fit Vikings is also up for high quality materials that ensure optimal protection for users and the durability of the product. Moreover, the design of these leather hand grips also makes it functional because it won’t let any tools easily slip from your hand since it can keep your sweat to the most noticeable minimum rate.

What’s also interesting, when purchasing this leather hand grip, you will get a free carry bag that allows you to store the products safe and organized. Last but not least, it also offers a 100% risk-free purchase with the money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. So, Fit Vikings is definitely worth a try.

Buying Guide

When buying the leather hand grips, one of the most important things you might want to take note is in terms of its size. It’s worth noting that usually, different brands will offer leather hand grip with slightly different sizes. To choose the best one to use, the quality of the hand grip is nothing if you can’t get it to fit perfectly in your hand because otherwise, you won’t be able to get optimal results. Hence, please be sure always to check out the product details and look for size guidelines before making any purchasing.

Besides, you may also want to consider the design. Usually, there are two noticeable designs for leather hand grips: one with 2 or 3 finger holes and another with full coverage like gloves. To choose between these two designs, it would depend on how preference because high-quality products can give you both comfort and protection regardless of which design you select. Although, if you want a hand grip that doesn’t make you sweat more and less absorb speed, you may want to choose the one with 2 or 3 finger holes because it has better ventilation compared to the full coverage ones.

Now that you’ve already learnt in detail about top leather hand grips and how to purchase them smartly, it may now be time for you to start shopping and get the right ones for yourself.