Top 9 Best Quality Fish Tank Light LED in 2023

One way to upgrade our fish tank is to add lighting to it. Lighting not only helps increase the aesthetic appeal of the tank but also helps with the viewing experiences and life growth within the tank. For those reasons, our team has meticulously put together a list of recommended fish tank light LED and a mini buying guide.

9. MarineLand Aquarium Light

This LED lights from MarineLand has 2 light modes. With the equipped 60 LEDs, you can either use the daylight mode, which is an upgraded white light that mimics the natural sunlight, or the cool night light mode, which shines through your fish tank with blue light.

In addition to the 2 light modes, this fish tank light consumes less electricity and is guaranteed to have a long-lasting life span. These LEDs not only help with providing light for you to see through the water but also helps with the growth of corals and bacteria, fishes, and as well as aids with maintaining the water quality.


COODIA’s fish tank light comes with 4 light modes. One is a cool white light, which emits a soft blue glow when turned on. The second light mode is a warm yellow light, which can give your tank an underwater sunrise glow. The third is a cool blue light, which shines through the fish tank like a fantasy night. And finally, the fourth light mode is a warm green light. However, after their recent update, you can control the light’s color by a remote, adjusting the color and the light level to your preference.

You can also extend the brackets of this light by 8 inches or 20.3cm. This allows you more precise adjustments to the lighting when placed on the hood of the tank. Moreover, this tank also consumes an adequate amount of electricity, so you don’t have to worry too much about the extra electric bills.

7. KZKR Aquarium Light LED

Next on our list, we have an aquarium hood light from KZKR. This tank light also has an extendable bracket, which can be extended by 6 inches or approximately 15.24 centimeters. Its aluminum shell is designed to better disperse heat, with a deeper concave and convex surface. Additionally, it has also been upgraded to consume less electricity while also giving off a brighter light and has a longer life span.

It has 3 control modes; all LEDs on, only blue LEDs on, and all LEDs off. These control modes allow both day use and night use. Blue light is more suitable during nighttime, as imitating night light and is much dimmer than white light, which also helps with giving the fishes a better environment to sleep in. This light is recommended for both freshwater and seawater.

Please note that this light is not waterproof.

6. NICREW Fish Tank LED


NICREW has many different fish tank lights, all of which come in different price points and features to fit people’s preferences. For this list, however, we have chosen the NICREW ClassisLED Gen 2 Aquarium Light. This version is made with an aluminum shell and is much brighter light emission. Moreover, its light controller is attached to the wire and can control the light with 2 different modes: all blue or blue and white LEDs.

It has extendable brackets on each side, which allows you to adjust the length of the stand however you want freely; within 6in or 15.2cm of length. This tank light is recommended to use over acrylic canopy or glass-covered aquarium and is suitable for both seawater and freshwater fishes and plants.

5. NICREW Hood Light LED

After introducing the 2nd generation of the ClassicLED line, we figured that it is only appropriate to introduce the ClassicLED Plus. The overall design is similar to the version mentioned above. It has different light modes, extendable brackets, and a controller is connected to the single wire.

This product emits a better light level for our eyes; the light emitted is better for those with more sensitive eyes. This light has 4 output colors, which is ideal for algae and coral growth. Plus, it is also recommended to use over acrylic canopy or glass-covered aquarium and is suitable for both seawater and freshwater fishes and plants. However, for better control over the light level and color, it is recommended to be bought with their external controller.

4. NICREW Fish Tank Light


The middle spot of our list has been given to yet another product from NICREW. But, worry not; the spot is higher because the experience and recommendation have also been better. The SkyLIGHT aquarium light has an aluminum shell, more efficient energy conversion, and as well as better light quality for the human eyes. The overall design and features are similar to the ClassLED Plus from NICREW. However, as it is released later, it is more updated; it answers to the demands of their customers and delivers what is needed.

It has 2 light modes; daylight and nightlight, which helps with both fish growth and plant growth. The aluminum shell helps with heat dissipation and gives the product a longer lifespan.

This light is recommended for freshwater fish.

3. Tetra Fish Tank Light

Instead of being the usual tank light with a stand, like the ones mentioned so far, this product from Tetra is a fish tank hood. It comes in many different sizes for your tank. Its LEDs are well hidden within the hood, providing natural light shimmers to the water.

Tetra uses high-quality LEDs for their tank lights, and this product is no exception. It is guaranteed to last long, with no replacement needed. This product, however, does not have different light modes. Instead, it comes with a bright white light, which is designed to imitate the natural sunlight.

2. Koval Fish Tank Light

This aquarium LED light from Koval comes with an extendable bracket on both sides, allowing you to adjust the length; however, you need to freely. The 78 high-quality LEDs come in 5 different colors, with most of them being white LEDs and the rest being pink, red, green, and blue. The LEDs can be controlled in 2 different light settings; all LEDs on (results in bright white) and only blue LEDs on (results in cool blue).

The different light settings can help with aquatic plant growth. With its shell being made from aluminum material, the overall product has an extended life span. Moreover, it also has better heat dissipation compared to their earlier version.

1. Current USA Light LED

Last but not least, we have the Orbit Marine aquarium LED light from Current USA. Its light feature helps boost the actual colors within your tank to become more vibrant and lively. The LEDs come in many different colors and can be controlled by the provided controller. With the controller, you can set on-demand weather scenes, customize your color setting, and as well as setting a timer for the weather scene. Each of its LEDs is water-resistant and is of IP65 standard.

The value of the entire package is something that should be considered as well since many said that the price is a good deal. The whole package includes the light fixture, a wireless controller, a loop IR controller, 2 adjustable docking legs, a 12V power supply, an IR sensor, 1 IC light hub, a HUB mounting bracket and, of course, the manual.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing which tank light for you fish tank, it draws down to the price and the light features. If you are raising freshwater fishes, do get a tank light that is recommended for it, and the same goes for saltwater fishes and light as well. Since each designated light is designed to aid in aquatic life growth, it is only appropriate to get the correct light for the particular type of fishes. All in all, we hope our list is of help, and we wish you the best with your purchase.

Buying Guide

Light: When it comes to the light features, we recommend looking for an aquarium light that comes with 2 light modes; day mode and night mode or white and blue. Different night modes help your fishes with their sleep schedule and as well as providing better viewing experiences for you and your family. Moreover, different light also helps with plant growth, as the aquatic plants also have their light sensitivity.

Physical Features: For tank lights that come with brackets, we highly recommend checking the size properly and making sure that the product will fit well over your aquarium/tank; both when not extended and when extended. Plus, when it comes to natural hood lights, this recommendation still stands. Checking the size is a must when it comes to aquarium lighting.

Waterproof: Through our research, we have noticed that some tank lights are not waterproof. This can be a problem for some fish owners because of the fishes that they are raising. If it is a need for you to be aware of this feature, we recommend contacting the customer service team of the respective company.