Top 12 Best Picture Frames Reviews in 2023

Some moments deserve to be framed up your wall and looked at daily. You will not be disappointed if you are here to find out about the best picture frames in 2023. With countless research and testing, we have prepared a list of the top 10 best picture frames for you below.

Best Quality Picture Frames Choices

12. Giftgarden 16×20 Poster Frames Set of 4

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You might be looking for gallery wall frames, right? We have a great set for you. These black picture frames from Giftgarden are very famous for their versatility. Surprisingly, the frames are made to display pictures 16×20 inches without a mat or 11×14 inches with a mat. With these adjustable settings, the wall photo frame is also great for the home gallery. Additionally, the plexiglass guarantees the durability and safety of your photos or posters.


  • Large picture frames with adjustable settings: 16×20 inches or 11×14 inches
  • Multiple ways of use: photographs, certificates, drawings
  • Allows vertical and horizontal hanging on the wall
  • Durable frames with the synthetic material

11. SweeHome 12×12 Black Picture Frames

SweeHome 12x12 Black Picture Frames

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A home would become a warm and sweet place for family when it is decorated with photos of memory on the walls. The SweeHome 12×12 Picture Frames is a perfect match for your home.

The frames come in 4 pieces that could ultimately transform your photos, drawings, or portrait into a wonderful gallery.

The glass of these black picture frames is very strong, thanks to the plexiglass. Moreover, you can hang the frames on the wall or put them on your table. It’s easy to move around the places.

Surprisingly, these frames could save the forest from being cut down because of synthetic wood material that looks realistic. As a result, this can also add a natural feeling to your place.


  • Synthetic wood material that causes no harm to the forest
  • Plexiglass for strong protection
  • Convenient rotating tabs for easy photo insertion
  • Multi-purpose picture frames: wall frames or standing frames

10. Americanflat 11×11 Black Picture Frame

Americanflat 11x11 Black Picture Frame

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This is a wooden picture frame in a black and white acid-free mat with an 8×8 inch opening. Its appearance suits a home, office, studio, gallery, dorm room, etc.

You can also have the option of displaying your picture either with the 8×8 inch white mat or 11×11 inch without the mat. Featuring a clear glass front, this sturdy frame does preserve and protects your picture.

And the Masonite back with turn buttons allows you to insert photos easily. For best results, we recommend you tape the photo to the back of the mat.


  • Tempered shatter-resistant glass for durability guarantee
  • High-quality black wooden frame
  • Protective packaging for a safe delivery

9. Craig Frame 11×17 Picture Frame

Craig Frame 11x17 Picture Frame

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Next, we would like to introduce the photo frame from the Craig Frames that comes in 5 classic colors – black, white, 2 shades of walnut, and silver. Its style is dark brown grain featuring a smooth laminate wrap finish. On a side note, this wall photo frame is designed only for wall hanging–suitable for portrait and landscape orientation.

8. Americanflat 11×17 Picture Frames

Americanflat 11x17 Picture Frame

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This elegant black frame is perfect for displaying 11×17” photos and legal-sized papers. It has easy-opening tabs at the back for easy access in backloading. Looking so classy, it is also great for portraying digital camera photography. The black molding helps draw people’s attention to the frame as your photos/posters/papers pop.

The photo frame comes with hanging hardware, and you can always mount this one easily in portrait or landscape orientation. This design is indeed ideal for any home and office.

7. Golden State Art 11×14 Photo Wood Frame

Golden State Art 11x14 Photo Wood Frame

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Another recommendation from us is the Golden State Art Wall Photo Frame. With the mat, you can use it for 8×10” pictures/papers; without the mat, you can use it for 11×14” pictures/papers. Also, you can hang it vertically or horizontally. Plus, it is pretty easy to remove the backing of this one, too – simply by rotating the tabs.

There is an important note if you purchase this one. Make sure you peel off the clear cover film as shown in the picture before portraying any picture.

6. Kiera Grace Emery 8×10 Picture Frame

 Kiera Grace Emery 8x10 Picture Frame

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If black and white aren’t what you’re looking for, feast your eyes on this Kiera Grace Emery 8×10 Picture Frame with a pretty patterned wood finish. Made of resin (plastic) with a weathered barn wood look veneer, this picture frame has hangers on the back for vertical or horizontal wall display.

Best yet, it has an additional feature over the previously reviewed products as the picture frame can stand by itself on a table, too.

5. MCS 10pc Multi Pack Picture Frames

MCS 10pc Multi Pack Picture Frame Value Set

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If you love buying things in bundles, this is a great option. It comes in 5 versatile colors – black, white, antique pine, and mahogany. This set includes four 5×7, four 4×6, and two 8×10 frames. All frames have easels for tabletop display. They also come with pre-attached triangle hangers for vertical or horizontal wall hanging. Who would have thought such a great deal would be offered at this price?

4. Dax Flat Face Wood Picture Frame

Dax Flat Face Wood Photo Frame

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Ranked number one as a new release, this wall photo frame has a clear unbreakable plastic window that protects your favorite photo/document. Hanging vertically or horizontally, this one has a lightweight construction, so it is not hard to hang it up on the wall.

This frame is easy to assemble and looks very sharp. Anyhow, if you purchase this one, don’t forget to take the plastic film off both sides of the plastic, otherwise, the plastic will appear cloudy

3. Gallery Solutions 11×14 White Wood Picture Frames

Gallery Solutions 11x14 White Wood Frame

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Whether you need to use this wood frame as a living room picture frame, a document frame in your office, or a photo frame in the hallway, this one should do the job beautifully. With a frame of 11×14 without a mat or 8×10 with a mat, the picture frames come with patented wall-grabber hanging hardware. It may be cheaply priced, yet the quality and look of this one are very expensive.

2. Americanflat 8×10 Black Picture Frame

Americanflat 8x10 Black

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Here is another great picture frame from Americanflat in a different size (5×7 with mat or 8×10 without mat). The package has some hardware for you to hang the frame on the wall. The frame also has a built-in easel stand to display pictures on your tabletop.

Besides, this one has amazing durability and an acid-free white mat that draws people’s attention to the frame while making your photo pop. Surely a great value for the price!

1. Americanflat 11×14 Black Best Picture Frame

Americanflat 11x14 BlackFrame

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As always, we like to keep the best for the last. This 11×14 black picture frame from Americanflat is very reputable for its versatility. This 11×14” black picture frame is made to display pictures 8×10-inch with Mat or 11×14-inch without the mat. How adaptable is that? With this function, the wall photo frame is also great for shadow-box projects.

While you can easily open its tabs at the back for easy access, it is recommended that you tape the photo to the back of the mat for more security.


With this list in mind, you can order your best picture frames in confidence, knowing all of these photo frames are the very best ones on the market today. Act now because your favorite memorable pictures deserve to be hung on the wall and appreciated.