Top 10 Best Refractor Telescopes in 2023

Refractor telescopes have brought many useful purposes and functions for professionals. It uses its lens to form or create an image. It takes advantage of the light to make the proper correction for image orientation. The refractor telescope is an excellent tool for sky observation or astronomical use. In this article, we will tour you through the top 10 best refractor telescopes on the market.

After viewing these products, if you still have any questions with the refractor telescope, you can check out the buying guide section to explore more about smart tips in choosing the right refractor telescope.

10. Celestron Refractor Telescope


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Celestron is one of the most trustworthy brands that continue to supply telescopes for many years. It features a premium quality glass lens, which has the aperture at 70mm and full glass coating. The lens offers a clearer and brighter view compared to the smaller lens. It also includes a lightweight yet sturdy frame to support the optics lens. It is equipped with 2 eyepieces, which are 20mm and 10mm respectively.

They are for users at different levels. Additionally, there is also a bag, a tripod, and software provided in the package. To guarantee you with the best customer satisfaction, it comes with a 24-month warranty.

9. Gskyer Refractor Telescope


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Next, we have this refractor telescope from Gskyer. The focal length measures at 400mm, whereas the aperture is as high as 80mm. The lens is coated with optical glass to enhance the brightness of the image. There are 3 eyepieces included, and there is also a 3X barlow lens. To provide more flexibility in the viewing angles, the tripod is designed to be adjustable for different positions. It is also very easy to set up within minutes.

With 1 year of warranty, it is a great gift for your loved ones, including family and friends. Within this period, the customer service will be there to take care of your product.

8. SOLOMARK Telescope


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Here is another refractor telescope from SOLOMARK. It is a perfect tool designed ideally for sky observation for both beginners and professionals. Thus, no matter if you are a kid or a traveler, it is suitable for use. The optics lens is coated with green glass, and it features a 60mm aperture. The focal length is about 700mm. It can transmit crystal clear pictures with the best brightness provided.

The lens degree can be corrected within 45 degrees, and it features 2 eyepieces for different purposes. There is also an eyepiece adaptor for smartphone use. This way, users can capture pictures and videos immediately.

7. Orion Refractor Telescope


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In order to see the Orion Belt stars, you are recommended to use this refractor telescope from Orion. It allows you to scan through the dark blue sky to see more beautiful objects that cannot be seen with eyes. The telescope features an 80mm aperture to provide a wide-angle of view with desirable brightness.

It also includes a tripod with an adjustable height to suit your demand. Moreover, it is equatorially mountable for more stability. A 1.25-inch telescope eyepiece is included to diagnose the star for up to 90-degree view.

6. Gskyer Refractor Telescope


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This is another model of refractor telescope from Gskyer. It comes with a premium quality optic lens. It features the focal length at 600mm, and the aperture is as high as 90mm. The lens is fully coated with glass to transmit a high resolution image without harming your eyes. It offers 3 eyepieces for different magnifications, including 24X, 60X, and 120X. Besides, there is a 3X barlow lens provided to intensify the power of the eyepiece. It provides a tripod with an adjustable height.

The height ranges between 31.5 and 49 inches. The installation is also very easy because there are no tools required in the assembly process. Last but not least, it offers a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.

5. Meade Instruments

Meade Instruments

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For this refractor telescope from Meade Instruments, it is designed perfectly for both days and nights. Users are guaranteed with the highest quality image transmission because it comes with a large aperture of 80mm. It features a 1.25-inch eyepiece that can be used for both high and low magnification during the sky observation.

It is very portable and convenient for outdoor use because it includes essential accessories for you. There is a backpack to store all the parts, and a tripod is provided to hold it in place as well as adjust to different angles for a more flexible view.

4. Meade Instruments

Meade Instruments

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Now, let’s take a look at another refractor telescope from Meade Instruments. It measures the focal length at 600mm, and the aperture is about 50mm. It comes with an altazimuth mount which offers the best stability to hold the telescope in place. More importantly, there are 3 eyepieces, including the high, medium, and low mode for different magnifications. There is also an optical viewfinder that ensures more accuracy in pinpoint the object.

To enhance your experience and astronomic knowledge, there is also software provided to tour you through some important features of astronomical knowledge.

3. Orion Telescope


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This powerful refractor telescope from Orion is available for you at a reasonable price. It comes with both high quality and powerful functions to guarantee a great astronomical observation experience. It features a large aperture of 90mm, and the focal length is about 910mm. This way, users are guaranteed a clear view of the deep sky and the whole planet. There is a tripod provided, and it is adjustable for more viewing angles.

It features 2 eyepieces in the set, which include 25mm and 10mm. In addition, an astronomical software is offered for you to view the starry night. With this refractor telescope, users are guaranteed with the best experience in starry night view.

2. Gskyer Telescope


Now, we have another model of refractor telescope Gskyer. It has a high-quality optics lens that includes the focal length of 400mm and 70mm aperture. The lens is coated with glass to give a high transmission of the image. It has 2 pieces of interchangeable eyepieces. One is 25mm or 16X, and the other is 10mm or 40X. It also includes a Barlow lens which trebles the power of magnification.

More importantly, it has a phone adaptor provided, and it also allows the wireless remote control from the phone. The tripod included is adjustable in height for different angles and positions. Plus, there is a storage bag for you to store all the items and carry them outdoors conveniently.

1. Celestron Refractor Telescope


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Last but not least, we have one of the best refractor telescopes from Celestron once again. Customers highly recommend it because of many reasons. It has a glass optics lens protected by a lightweight frame. The optics lens has the aperture at 70mm, and it is compelling in night sky observation. The setup process is straightforward with frames and handles. There is no need to bring additional tools to install.

There are 2 eyepieces included, which are 20mm and 10mm, respectively. Moreover, there is a tripod provided for traveling use. Last but not least, it has a 2-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Buying Guide

If you are a beginner or a new buyer to a refractor telescope, for you to choose the right one, you need to look for some of the following tips while doing the shopping.

So, without further delay, check out the buying guide below.

Aperture: the most important feature of a refractor telescope is the aperture. The reason is that it serves the purpose of gathering light to form a picture. Therefore, there is a concrete rule that the size of the aperture should be more than 60mm to give a clear and bright view without harming your eyes.

Focal Length: secondly, the focal length is also important because it refers to the length between the lens and its focus spot. So, the longer the focal length, the better the magnification.

Magnification: moving onto the magnification, all of the refractor telescopes offer eyepieces which determine the magnification. Here, it is worth mentioning that the higher magnification means that the object appears bigger to you.

Tripod: the experience of dealing with a refractor telescope is not perfect if without a great tripod. The tripod is responsible for providing different angles of view. Thus, it should guarantee the right adjustable height for use.

Carry case: this is an additional accessory for outdoor use. Users need this case, especially while going outdoors to store all the parts together.


So, above are the best refractor telescopes that we have for you today. Having one of these refractor telescopes provides many advantages, including clear picture transmission, great sky observation experience, and easy maintenance. Therefore, it is recommended that you should add one to the cart now to explore more about this universe.