Best Dart Boards in 2023 | Dart Boards Reviews

Darts has grown to become among the most popular interactive and social sports played by colleagues, friends, and family or even as a solo game just to pass time. One can easily see the reason for this: you don’t need much equipment. It is relatively inexpensive but that, of course, depends on if you can make the correct purchase for your house.  Therefore, here is everything you need to know along with the best dart boards in 2023.

Best Dart Boards | Dart Boards Reviews

10. Viper Aim 360 Dart Boards

Viper Aim 360 Board

This one is tournament quality regulated which means you can even go for competitions with it. First of all, the dart boards are made from compressed high-grade sisal fibers that heal well. The technique used here to prevent bounce outs is amazing; staple free spider that uses razor-thin wires that increase the surface area at the same time. It is also rotatable with rings that allow flexibility to change aims. This gives time for aimed areas to heal to extend the board life. The aiming circles can also be changed to customize throws to weak areas. At the same time, it uses bright colors for both the rings and bulleye which greatly help players distinguish them from the white zones. The package includes diamond markers for throw line marking. Hence, it is a great board in all!

9. Viper Razorback Staple-free with Premium-grade Sisal Boards

Viper Razorback Staple-free with Premium-grade Sisal Board

This is high-quality sisal bristled dartboard that has an attractive mahogany finish nestled into a great-looking cabinet and bronze hinges. First off, the board is amazing just by itself. The wiring is incredibly durable and completely staple-free. Densely compressed fibers ensure that practically darts will stick as well as making the board durable. The self-healing mechanism is amazing and holes will be barely noticeable even after constant use.
If you are intending to become a pro, the board also fits professional specifications. Nonetheless, it still is a superb board for casual play given how forgiving it can be when a bad throw is made. The package comes with a set of 22-gram steel-tipped darts. They are supremely balanced and incredibly durable.

8. Viper Razorback Competition Steel Tip Boards

Viper Razorback Staple-free with Premium-grade Sisal Board

The name says steel tip but the versatility of this board also allows soft tip darts. Being 18 inches in diameter the board is tournament sized and comes with mounting hardware. A great deal indeed! This one also utilizes a staple-free spider with very thin wires galvanized to prevent bounce outs. Also, a dartboard without bounce outs is certainly good for your sports room. Self-healing sisal fibers are aptly compressed to give the board unsurpassed durability. The movable number ring goes only as far as adding to this durability.

7. ZS Yangmei Rollup Magnetic Boards

ZS Yangmei Rollup Magnetic Board

These dart board reviews are anything but discriminating. The reason for saying is because this next board suits both adults and kids. The board is great for parties and casual settings for all due to the core design. A magnetic board with several (up to 12) light and small darts will never harm anyone and is sure to stick on aiming to avoid any frustration. Likewise, The magnets are strong enough to make sure that there are no bounce outs. The board is dual-sided, incorporating a bull’s eye target game on one side and dart board on the other. You will find it highly portable and easy to mount and remove. Lastly, it is somehow small at only 17 inches but this fits around 6 players per team for a game.

6. Viper League Pro Starter Dart Boards

Viper League Pro Starter Dart Boards

This comes as a complete pack featuring 3 steel tip dart sets, cricket scoreboard and chalks not to mention the mounting hardware that comes in hand. The tournament-approved board comes in at 18 inches diameter to accommodate soft tip and steel darts. Rounded galvanized ultra-thin wires allow darts to get to the target area by sliding off the spider. The bull’s eye is staple-free to reduce bounce outs. Durability is very high stemming from the compressed sisal fibers and a movable number ring. They help in the healing process.

5. Unicorn Eclipse Pro

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Boards

Casual players craving for a quality game should really go for this one. The high-quality board almost ensures hitting the mark in every throw. The wiring of the board does not include staples that reduces bounce outs to a bare minimum. It is safe to say this is heaven sent for beginners as it makes games very enjoyable. The dense bristle board ensures darts will stick once thrown and makes it unbelievably durable. It’s bound to last for years with repeated use for casual players. Finally, it includes a check out chart.

4. IgnatGames Professional Dart Boards

IgnatGames Professional Dartboard

A long-lasting board for these dart boards reviews series. The increased durability is attributed to superior sisal that is premium-grade super dense and quick healing. Movable rings allow change between more and less used areas to expend lifespan even further. It has a higher scoring potential simply because it uses a staple-free wiring system with ultra slim and cutting edge segmentation that reduces bounce outs. The set comes as a complete package ready for mounting and use. It has 6 darts steel tipped and with aluminum shafts colored differently per set. It is among the best dart boards for pros and casuals in 2023.

3. Accudart Starlite Paper Dart Boards

Accudart Starlite Paper Dart Boards

We may describe this board as a decent wound paper dartboard that outdoes all its paper counterparts. The best feature of this board is that it features two games on one board. A regular dart board is at the front while the back is a baseball style dart game. More so, the board is large at 19 inches diameter and decently thick at 2 inches as well. As such, it is surprisingly durable for paperboard. It has six brass darts. The number font is user-friendly and eye-catchy too. Therefore, this should be one of your top choices for dart boards in 2023.

2. Winmau Diamond Plus Dart Boards

Winmau Diamond Plus Dart Boards

The indisputable king among bristle style dartboards is this one. This dartboard claims its seat on many reasons but let’s see the major ones. The sisal used to make this board is very high which reduces bounce outs and makes it extremely durable. The design is staple-free and triangular wiring is used to effectively prevent bounce outs. Dead space is kept to a bare minimum on the board with darts sticking almost every time. This does not work for all darts and some will bounce out such as plastic ones. It is worth to note this and the fact that you will rarely see a model as good as this one. Thus, this dartboard offers much great quality which might answer to your needs.

1. Viper Shot King Dart Boards

Viper Shot King Dart Boards

The King Viper is the best dart board, by far, in the market one can get, especially in 2023. This king sits at the top of the pack at 18 inches of diameter. The board lasts up to 13 years due to its bristle sisal fibers that provide unsurpassed durability. A movable number ring extends the life to over a decade really. Additionally, the number ring is removable while rotating to change areas allowing used parts to heal. The staple-free construction is there to reduce the bounce outs. Rounded thin galvanized wires enable dart sliding over the spider to the target area. It can accommodate both soft and steel tip darts. It comes as a complete set. For these reasons, this board is definitely a good value for your money!


There you have it for this best dart boards reviews series in 2023. There are various boards out in the market but getting the right construction that will serve your dart craze well is much hassle. Whether you buy them for entertainment or training or partying, when picking the board be sure to factor in many aspects such as their durability, mobility, package included, and size. Fortunately, this review reveals the top picks when it comes to the best dart boards in 2023. Pick up your darts, take aim and shoot your way to your top choice. It is all in your hand.