Best LED Light Panels for Photography in 2023

Taking pictures and videos is a real profession these days. Doing all these things requires much expensive and inexpensive equipment. Those accessories may include cameras, lenses, recorders, LED light panels, and more. Now, LED lights are needed in the industry because LED lights offer artificial lights for photography and videography when there is a lack of natural light. They take pictures and videos look more professional.

As useful as LED light panels can be, here are the 10 best LED light panels you might like to have for your careers as photographers or videographers. Don’t forget to read the product buying guide at almost the end of the article review also.

Quality Best LED Light Panels for Photography

10. Viltrox


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This Viltrox LED light panel delivers dimmer brightness between 20% and 100%. The color temperature is between 3300K and 5600K. These ranges make it a good LED light panel for video and picture taking. Furthermore, it has four filters that all of us will find easy to install via a magnet so as to create varied light coloring effects, on one hand. On the other hand, the LED light panel features a pack of battery that is part of the package.

Viltrox is a flexible LED panel. All of us can adjust angles while mounting it on our DSLR cameras, light stand, bracket, and tripod. What’s more, there is an LCD display with a light panel that lets all of us know the status of color temperature, brightness, and battery power. The LCD display is at the back of it. While it weighs only 1 pound, there is a user manual in the collection for beginners.

9. Neewer


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Neewer is a pair of LED light panels with many desirable qualities. That collection also comes with a carrying case beside a power cable and power adapter for carrying around this Neewer pair of LED light panels to locations where it requires photo shooting or video capturing. Additionally, there are bi-colors with it. That includes 240 yellow and 240 white lasting bulbs. Because it has a bracket in a U-mount style, users like many of us can adjust light angles up to the nature of our photography and video takings.

The LED light panel is constructed with aluminum alloy that makes it long-lasting in performance and elegant in appearance. Users can also place the pair of LED lights directly on the desk, ground, or a light stand.

8. Raleno


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Raleno features built-in packs of Lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 5000mA. There is no doubt we all can use Raleno for between 90 and 110 minutes straight for a full single charge. The brightness is between 3200K and 6500K. Photographers and videographers can get color temperature between cold and warm colors of excellent works done with it.

Because a USB cable is a part of the collection, users like many of us can recharge it anytime. The Led light is easy to carry around to the fields where we need to do the work. For your satisfaction, you can apply for refunds within a 45-day period. There comes along excellent customer service as well as a one-year warranty with it as well.

7. Raleno LED

Raleno LED

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Photographers and videographers will find plenty of lovely features in this Raleno LED. A pack of 8000-mAh Lithium-ion batteries is used to power it to let Raleno Led functions for 1.5 continuous hours of lighting. Users can use a charger to charge the batteries while letting it into a functional mode. For your peace of mind, the power cord can be extended to a two-meter long that makes it easy for all of us to connect the Led light panel with a power source.

What’s more, the brightness is between 0 and 100% which we all can adjust. For the part of the color temperature, it can be between 3200k and 5600k. It features a backlight LCD that displays battery status, color temperature, and brightness belonging to it as well. Users will receive a one-year warranty with it along with a 45-day satisfaction warranty that anyone can just apply for refunds within the period without being asked a question whenever you are not satisfied with the product’s performance.

6. Neewer 2

Neewer 2

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Neewer 2 keeps things easy and makes an excellent LED light panel. It has a color temperature between 3200 and 5600K alongside 330 yellow and 330 white LED bulbs. That’s good for flexible photography and videography. What’s more, the bracket comes in a U-mount that is good for angle adjustments as well.

In addition, users can power it with an AC adaptor while Neewer 2 is in fact a battery-powered LED light panel. Lastly, it is a good product for light stands. Coming in as a pair of LED light panels, it has a secure locking capability that makes sure it won’t drop.

5. Neewer Dimmable

Neewer Dimmable

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Neewer Dimmable is an excellent LED light panel in the industry for several reasons. It has 480 bulbs for a LED light panel that can make 240 yellow bulbs and 240 white bulbs, on one hand. On the other hand, it can display light power color between 3200 and 5600K that makes things flexible for both photography and videography.

What’s more, the bracket comes in a U-mounting that makes adjusting lighting angles very convenient. Furthermore, it is made with aluminum material that makes sure all of us can use it for years. That’s not enough. We all will get a one-year warranty with limits from the company that is offering it too. The company also gives out excellent customer service to all of the Neewer Dimmable’s users.

4. Neewer Packs

Neewer Packs

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This one has a well-recognized reputation in the LED light panel industry. There are four colors of effects it can make including yellow, blue, red, and white. Furthermore, users can adjust brightness between 10% and 100%, on one hand, there is a USB plug so as to charge Neewer Packs’ batteries, on the other hand.

Additionally, there are 66 pieces of LED bulbs that will make a difference while you are putting it on display and need to take pictures or do some videography. Lastly, the mount can be adjusted with 180 degrees that keeps things simple and makes it flexible for all of us as photographers and/or videographers.

3. Viltrox L116T

Viltrox L116T

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Viltrox L116T is a good Led light panel that can change the light temperature between 3300k and 5600k. Furthermore, users can adjust light brightness between 20% and 100%. These features make a perfect combination for our professions. What’s more, there is an LCD display at the back. As a result, users like many of us can read info about battery status, color temperature, and brightness of this Viltrox L116T.

Moreover, the product requires an AC adaptor that is a part of the package already. It is of course a battery-powered LED light.

2. GVM


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GVM makes an excellent brightness as we all can control it via wireless mobile apps. Furthermore, the color temperature can be between 3200k and 5600k that is an accurate and smooth variety of color temperatures. Additionally, you can have a brightness between 10% and 99%. This quality makes GVM very flexible for uses in the professional field. Plus, we can expect it to last as long as 70 000 hours. There are two colors available including white and yellow.

Package includes items such as a tripod, power cables, LED lights, and more. Nonetheless, a battery is not included in the collection.

1. Lume


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Lume serves us well as an excellent piece of Led light panel. We can adjust its brightness between 5 and 100%. Additionally, for a full single charge, we all can use it continuously for 7.5 hours. That’s a thing with it. With 100% brightness, however, the battery will last only 90 minutes. Plus, the color temperature can be between 3200k and 5600k.

Accessories such as charging cable, DSLR mount, and more are parts of the package.


A professional videographer, photographer, or vlogger should have LED light panels for their professions. Qualities are varied, yet we should focus on aluminum construction material, batteries, and LCD display as features to make or break a LED light panel. Additionally, there are other factors such as color temperatures, color brightness, and color lighting that should be in your consideration for more specialized uses of those LED light panels.

Buying Guide

Aluminum Construction Material: We should choose LED light panels that are constructed with aluminum because it’s a rust-proof and durable material. It’s going to make the product long-lasting and keeps the LED light performance intact for years.

Batteries: Users should know whether a battery is a part of the package or not. Furthermore, you should know whether there is a power cord in the collection and how long a battery can last for a full charge.

LCD display: Having an LCD display at the back of the LED light panel to see statuses such as batteries, color temperature, and brightness is good because it keeps things simple and easy for all users as users.