Top 8 Best Fish Tank Stands + Buying Guide in 2023

Do you own pet fish? Or are you working at an aquarium? Having fish requires you to have a tank stand that makes it convenient. Fish tank stands can help make feeding the fish more comfortable, can add to the décor in the environment it is in, and can offer many more beneficial features.

However, in today’s world, where there are so many available brands and models to choose from, it is certainly different to make a decision. To help you with narrowing your choices, we bring forth 8 fish tank stands that have received high ratings from consumers.

8. Aqueon Tank Stand


Aqueon fish tank stand has out of double-sided wood sheets that can look black or brown depending on which side is turned. It has two fish tanks, one on the top and another on the bottom. If you have many fishes, you can purchase two tanks to make it more spacious for the fish, and this product is perfect for you. However, please beware that the lower compartment can withhold a smaller fish tank compared to the upper one. Before the stand is operable, there are six to seven steps that users need to set up, but fear not, as the steps are simple and easy.

One of the materials used to construct this stand is steel, which makes a stand durable. For this reason, users would not have to worry about the stand breaking and toppling the fish tanks off. Lastly, the stand is coated with a rust-free powder, so users would not need to clean it as frequently.

7. Imagitarium Tank


Imagitarium fish tank stand makes displaying your fish tank attractive to the eyes. Now, when you have guests or relatives coming over, it acts as one of the aesthetic decorations. Furthermore, it is constructed to be firm, steady, and durable, so consumers do not need to worry about the stand breaking down along with the fish tank sitting atop it. Besides, it has an adjustable storage compartment, which can help make your room more organized.

Moreover, it has a rich espresso stain finish that provides a thin protective layer on the surface of the stand, making it resistant to UV degradation of color. Lastly, it is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 29 gallons.

6. Imagitarium Brooklyn Fish Tank Sand

Imagitarium Brooklyn

Imagitarium Brooklyn fish tank stand was constructed using strong, sturdy steel that ensures the stability and durability of the stand. Therefore, users would not need to worry about it suddenly falling, bringing the fish tanks above along with it. Furthermore, the legs of the stand are designed to be adjustable, so users can easily put the fish tank above.

Moreover, it is capable of holding up to 10 gallons. Not only is the stand efficient, but it also adds a sleek style to the room thanks to its design plus the black finish. Lastly, Imagitarium Brooklyn fish tank stand is available in more than one size, which is perfect as consumers may need different sizes depending on the size of the tank they have on hand.

5. Aquatic Fundamentals Tank Stand

Aquatic Fundamentals

Aquatic Fundamentals fish tank stand is a product that is resistant to water. This feature is useful as it has a high chance of coming contact water, such as a spill. Furthermore, it has a powder coating that is most beneficial in maintaining its color and its longevity. Also, the product comes fully equipped with everything you would need, and it is already assembled for you to save any hassle.

Aquatic Fundamentals fish tank stand has a one of a kind and interesting design, which is a classic scroll design. The stand is silver in color, which is different from the general fish tank stands out there. Lastly, Aquatic Fundamentals fish tank stand is capable of sustaining up to 20 gallons.

4. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Fish Tank Stand

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal fish tank stand was constructed using strong solid steel that makes the product sturdy and durable, erasing any worries or doubts that consumers may have. In addition to that, it also has another feature that is surely beneficial and useful to consumers. It has adjustable legs, making it easy for consumers to lower or to raise the stand to place the fish tank above. For this reason, it is a great product for people of all heights. Furthermore, it is capable of sustaining a fish tank of up to 40 gallons.

Moreover, it has a sleek and modern look plus its black finish to top it off. Last but not least, Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal fish tank comes in various sizes that consumers can choose from depending on the size of the fish tank they have. If you are interested in this product, then you can easily find a suitable size for your fish tank, no matter the size.

3. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand is made out of durable, strong steel offering a sturdy and durable stand. This product is capable of supporting a weight of up to 29 gallons. Furthermore, it has adjustable legs for easy placement of the fish tank for people of different heights. Moreover, it has a sleek and stylish design thanks to its black finish. Lastly, it comes in various sizes that consumers can choose from.

2. Ameriwood Aquarium Tank Stand

Ameriwood Aquarium

Ameriwood Aquarium fish tank stand consists of two separate shelves at the top with different sizes. The small one is capable of sustaining a weight of up to 120 lbs. While the big one is capable of sustaining a weight of up to 240 lbs. It has a one of a kind patent design that can sustain up to 10 gallons on one side and can sustain up to 20 gallons on the other side. However, please note that a tank of 10 gallons and a tank of 20 gallons are not provided in the package.

Furthermore, the stand is covered with MDF and particleboard which are dense and strong woods. MDF provides a smooth surface, so users would not need to worry about knots on the surface. Lastly, there are cubby-holes on the top and the bottom for users to place items, such as photos, for display.

1. Best of Fish Tank Stands: Imagitarium Newport Wooden

Imagitarium Newport Wooden fish tank stand is capable of supporting up to 20 gallons of a fish tank. Please note that before usage, it requires assembling. However, fear not as the assembling process is simple, easy, and quick if you follow the instruction provided. Once you have effortlessly assembled the stand, it is good to go. Not only is the fish tank stand efficient in its assigned operation, but it also adds a touch to the overall design of the place it is located at, thanks to its sleek and modern design.

Furthermore, the stand has two compartments where users can store some additional items that they may need so that the details can be accessed easily and quickly. Lastly, it has adjustable legs coating with shielding nylon.


Now that you have completely gone through both the description of each product and the buying guide, we hope that we were able to assist you in narrowing down your available options. It would be even better if you were able to find one that caught your attention. If you believe it is most suitable for what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to purchase the product. However, a friendly reminder, please check the product that you are interested in for further information.

Buying Guide

Whatever we wish to buy, we would certainly want to avoid purchasing a product that is not suitable or defective. We would want to get our money’s worth for every product that we buy. This is why you should carefully look at the description of the products that are interesting to you and consider some factors to minimize the unsuitable purchase. For fish tank stands, there are also many factors that you may need to consider.

Size: The most crucial factor is the size of the stand. Before purchasing, it is a must that you check to see whether or not the position is suitable for the size of your available fish tank as we may have different fish tanks depending on the individual. If you are interested in a particular product, but you see it in a size that is not big enough, it is no harm to check whether there are any other sizes available. Some products are available in different sizes for consumers to choose from.

Weight Capacity: Another critical factor that you must check is the weight capacity of the stand. Although the size of the stand may be significant, depending on the materials used to construct the stand, it may have a smaller weight capacity than what you may think. For this reason, it is better safe than sorry by checking the weight capacity. This way, you will avoid a situation in which you need to either buy a new stand or a new fish tank.

Features: This factor is not that necessary; however, if you want to get your money worth, then it is no harm in checking what features are provided. Depending on each product, different numbers and different elements are provided. Some offer compartments for storage; some offer adjustable legs, some provide more than one shelf for placing the fish tank.