Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets in 2023

On every road trip, the most important thing to always be remembered is the safety measure. For example, drivers need to tighten their seat belts before leaving for the trip. Similarly, when you are cycling, especially climbing up the mountain, a helmet is essential to protect your head when there is an unexpected accident happen. Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce you to the top ten best mountain bike helmets which can be responsible for your safety during the cycling trip.

If you want to learn more about what factors decide good mountain bike helmets, please stay focused until the end where the buying guide section lies.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets for Urband Ride

10. Lixada Helmet for Mountain Bike


Firstly, we have the mountain bike helmet from Lixada, which contains both quality and durability. The shell is made with PC along with the EPS foam for impact resistance. To maximize the breathability, it comes with 13 vents which are for the best airflow to cool your face. While putting on the helmet, users are only required with one hand to fit it tightly and comfortably.

It works well with a head circumference between 22 and 24.4 inches. There is also a chin guard that is removable and breathable. Last but not least, it features a visor to secure your eyes against the sun and rain.

9. DEMON UNITED Mountain Bike Helmet


To strengthen your safety measure, DEMON UNITED has come up with this bike helmet to protect you. It comes with 8 color choices, which are all for you to select from. At the inside of the helmet, it features a foam liner to maximize comfort while fitting tightly to your shape. The liner is designed to be removable for washing.

It is only 2 pounds, and it consists of 13 vents for maximum air circulation. The safety standards of the helmet exceed the requirements of CPSC certification. Last but not least, it also offers a helmet bag to store it when not in use.

8. Giro Mountain Bike Helmet


If you prefer a bright and stylish color, you should never eliminate Giro electric bike helmet because it has many beautiful color choices. The helmet has synthetic material that is durable and soft. The shell is molded polycarbonate along with the EPS liner. There is a plush pad provided for extra comfort.

The deeper part is covered with POV and visor included. There are 14 tunnel vents for the wind to flow through, cooling down the inner part of the helmet. Last but not least, it features Roc Loc system which enables users to fit it with only one hand required.



Here is a lovely mountain bike helmet from BASE CAMP which is available at an affordable price along with 2 color choices, which are matte black and matte white. This helmet has a neo style which is made ideally for the purpose of trail riding. Therefore, it is the best choice for adventurers. The helmet offers precise coverage and maximum security for the protection of your head.

There are up to 18 huge vents that are for the maximum air circulation to ensure the best breathability. It works well with head circumferences between 22.5 and 24.5, which fits with most standard sizes of adult heads. In addition, it features a visor, which is adjustable and removable.

6. Bell Helmet for Mountain Bike


This is a 2019 model of mountain bike helmet from Bell which is constructed of the high-quality shell. The shell is made of ABS, and it features an adjustable visor. Even if it has a lightweight body, it features full protection of the head and face from not only accidents but also dirt and rain.

It comes with 4 different sizes to suit the demands of different adults. It also features vents for ventilation that we need for breathability. The helmet is designed to keep the internal part of the helmet cool and dry, as always.

5. Basecamp


Here is another model of mountain bike helmet from Basecamp. In terms of its color design, users can have up to 10 options. It is designed for both male and female. Also, it is made of PC and EPS foam which is recognized by CPSC safety standards. The helmet features advanced technology in joining the foam with the polycarbonate shell to guarantee more effective shock absorption. It also features an LED light with 3 modes to guide you more safely while riding at nights.

In the front, the visor shield is there for users to take it as sunglasses to protect their eyes against UV rays. The helmet only requires one hand to fit in well. The size is adjustable between 22.44 and 24.42 inches. Last but not least, it features up to 28 vents for ventilation.

4. Exclusky Bike Helmet


This mountain bike helmet from Exclusky which has many choices in terms of the color. It offers full protection for your head, and its safety standards exceed the requirements of US CPSC. It is constructed of high-quality EPS foam, which has effective impact absorption. Also, it is suitable and safe for users who love cycling through rough trails.

In terms of its ventilation, there are up to 18 vents to allow maximum airflow inside the helmet. The helmet is designed for head circumferences between 22 and 24 inches. Last but not least, it offers a visor to protect your eyes from sun and rain exposure when the environment is in harsh condition.

3. Troy Lee Designs

Troy Lee Designs

This is another model of mountain bike helmet which is from Troy Lee Designs. It is designed with a hard shell and high-quality inner materials. The shell is constructed of reinforced polycarbonate which is durable and sturdy.

There are 8 vents for cool air to flow inside and enable the best air circulation. There is also a retention system which enables the fit easier and tighter to your head. Also, it is worth mentioning that this helmet is for mountain bike use only, which is not suitable for any motorbike.

2. Giro Mountain Bike Helmet


Now, let’s have a look at another model, Giro bike helmet. At an affordable price, it comes with 3 beautiful color designs, which are matter grey, black, and light green. It has a high-quality polycarbonate shell which is hard and durable. Inside the helmet, it features EPS liner to comfort your head and maximize the fitness. It comes with Roc Loc fitting system which enables you to wear it with only one hand.

There are 18 vents in total for users to experience the maximum air circulation and feel cool regardless of the harsh environment outside. Last but not least, its body offers full protection to your head and face.

1. Best of Mountain Bike Helmets: OUWOR


So, we have come to the end of the list, the best out of other mountain bike helmets. It has many color designs for you to choose from. It is constructed of a durable and strong PC shell along with EPS foam which has high quality and comfort. The helmet is suitable for head circumference between 22 and 24 inches, and therefore, it works well with both genders, including male and female.

Users can also adjust the straps to fit the chin. It is lightweight and relaxed with all the vents provided, up to 16 in total. Last but not least, the visor is detached, and it is also removable.


To sum up, we hope that while enjoy our article, you also find out about your favorite helmet and gain an insight into how the helmet offers you the best protection along the cycling trip. No matter how long your road trip is, the helmet is always to protect all parts of your head and face against not only accidents but also sun and rain, which you always get irritated from.

Buying Guide

While choosing a mountain bike helmet to accompany you during the trip, it is also essential to learn about how to evaluate the best helmet which offers all angles of protection to minimize the accidents and injuries. So, below is the criteria for an outstanding mountain bike helmet.

Materials: it should feature a hard shell that is mostly constructed of polycarbonate along with liner foam at the internal part to enhance the shock absorption.

Vents: the vents should be between 13 and 30 to make sure that the ventilation is maximized for better breathability.

Size: most of them can fit all standard sizes of the adult head circumference which is between 22 and 25 inches.

Visor: this is to serve as a pair of sunglasses for users to use for protection against the sun and rain.

LED lights: if users prefer to ride at nights, it is crucial to look for those helmets with adjustable LED lights.