Top 10 Best Portable Chargers for Camping in 2023

When you go outdoors for camping, it is tough to find electricity to charge your laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. The only power that we have during the camping is solar power that is on the top of our head. So, this is the reason why you should consider solar portable chargers for camping which uses solar power.

If you are planning to go camping and want to obtain one of these chargers, our article is designed ideally for you. This article will demonstrate the main features of the top ten best portable chargers for camping, which you can choose from with confidence and peace of mind. Also, by the end of the article, we will offer a buying guide for you to see how to choose the right product to maximize its quality by getting your money worth.

Best Solar Portable Chargers for Camping and Outdoor

10. KINGSOLAR Camping Portable Charger


First of all, we have the portable charger from KINGSOLAR. This charger is made of 40 watts solar panels, which enable you to convert the solar power as high as 23.5%. It offers an 18v output for laptop charge and 12v output for tablets and phones.

If the solar panel is disconnected because of the cloud or storm, it will then recharge itself when the sunlight comes back. It is only 2.8 pounds, and it is foldable for compact storage. Therefore, users can bring it outdoors along with them during camping or hiking trips with confidence and convenience. Last but not least, it is also highly durable, which will never damage its body easily.

9. d.light Easy Portable Charger Panel Camping


Subsequently, this portable charger from d.light also uses the solar power pattern to charge your devices with convenience during your camping trip. It is tough and flexible enough for users to use it even in the harshest weather conditions. It offers light and device charging at the same time. The brightness comes with 4 different settings, including high, medium-low and bed light.

Besides, for only one single charge, it can last at the maximum of 100 hours, so you do not have to worry about charging it frequently. Last but not least, the quality of the product is guaranteed with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

8. Ryno Tuff 21W Camping Portable Charger

Ryno Tuff

Next, we have the portable charger from Ryno Tuff. It is compatible with laptops, tablets, and smartphone charging. This solar panel comes with high-efficiency thanks to its conversion rate at up to 25%. Moreover, for a single full charge for your phone, it only requires as little time as only 2 hours.

The solar panel can be folded into a much smaller size for storage, and it weighs around 1 pound only. It can distribute the power to 2 devices at the same time. The construction material of this solar panel is PVC canvas, which is waterproof, and therefore, while going camping, you never have to worry about damaging this charger.

7. Foxelli Dual USB Solar Charger 10W


This is another portable charger from Foxelli, which provides you a fast and efficient charging process. It offers enough power output for users to charge 2 devices at once to enhance efficiency. Therefore, you are enabled to minimize your charging time. It is very portable and lightweight with the lightweight body at only 1.1 pounds.

It can also be folded into a much smaller size, at 1.2 inches exactly. Therefore, its design is just ideal for going outdoors, such as camping and hiking. Besides, the construction is also resistant to water to make it resistant to any harsh outdoor environment.

6. RAVPower Solar Portable Charger 16W for Camping


Moving onto the next portable charger, which is from RAVPower. This product has high efficiency in energy conversion, which can convert the solar power up to 21.5 – 23.5%. It can charge two devices at the same time to save your time and effort. This portable charger for camping is both lightweight and portable, and therefore, users are motivated to bring it outdoors with them conveniently. It also offers a quick charge which can charge with little time only.

Moreover, it can distribute the current effectively by estimating the input on every device. Last but not least, users should also notice that this solar panel cannot be laid on sand or rock.

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5. BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Foldable Solar Portable Chargers

3 USB Ports 28W Foldable Solar Portable Chargers

In addition, the solar charger from BigBlue is also a great choice for customers to enjoy. It is available at an affordable price, and it has a compact design that users can bring along with them with convenience. It is only 20.6 oz, and it is even foldable to save a lot of space for storage. This portable charger for camping comes with 2 USB ports for charging with the smart technology that allows better-charging speed.

The safety standards of the product meet the requirements of CE, FCC, and RoHS. Moreover, it has a high conversion rate, in which users can enjoy the conversion of solar power up to 21.5%.

4. Nekteck Camping Gear Solar Portable Chargers

Nekteck Camping Gear Solar Portable Chargers

This is another outstanding solar panel charger that you can get at a reasonable price from Nekteck. It has a high efficiency since the conversation rate of solar power is much higher than your expectations. The rate is between 21 and 24 percent of the solar power it receives. It comes with 2 USB ports for users to charge fast and efficiently. The design is also compact because it can be folded into a much smaller size.

It also offers a hook to attach the solar panel directly onto the backpack. It has a durable design that can withstand the harsh outdoor environment, and the waterproof level is high to offer protection against rain or snow.

3. FosPower Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio and Chargers

FosPower Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio and Chargers

Then, let’s take a closer look at the solar charger from FosPower. While it serves as a power bank to charge your smartphone or tablet, it is also a radio which you can listen to at the camping site. The radio can be connected to 3 different power sources. It also provides light in case of emergency.

The 4 LED lights are there to guide you through the darkest nights. Last but not least, it can also receive the immediate weather forecast for your emergency directly from AM/FM stations.

2. ROCKPALS 100W Foldable Portable Solar Charger

ROCKPALS 100W Foldable Portable Solar Charger

Moving onto the second-best solar panel charger from ROCKPALS, it is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It maximizes the charging convenience with USB port output at 5V. The design of this solar panel charger has high efficiency because of its high conversion rate. Users can enjoy the rate between 21.5 and 23.5 percent of the total power it receives.

The solar panel is resistant to water because its design is just for the outdoor environment. Therefore, it can be used while you are going outdoors, such as camping, hiking, and other activities that require a long night’s stay.

1. DDY 25W Solar Panel Portable Charger

DDY 25W Solar Panel Portable Charger

Last but not least, we have the solar panel charger from DDY, which has up to 25 watts of power. It is one of best portable chargers for camping in 2023. This solar kit comes with an advanced fast charging technology, which users can save a lot of time and power because it can do the charging work on 2 devices at the same time. The surface is PET, which is resistant to water. The waterproof surface makes it suitable for users to use it outdoors during their camping or hiking trip.

Last but not least, to guarantee you with the best customer satisfaction, it has a 2 years warranty from the manufacturer to ensure you with the peace of mind while using the product from DDY.


To sum up, for this article, it has discussed the main features of the top ten best portable chargers for camping by using solar power to convert into energy to use for charging devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With such a solar panel charger, you are guaranteed with the power that your devices can always have to accommodate your demand to the best.

Buying Guide

Now, you have arrived at the buying guide section of this article. While we have already provided you with the description of the best solar portable chargers, we also want you to understand how to choose the right product to get your money worth. The best charger has the highest quality, the most affordable price, and the most outstanding functions. Below are more details about the product.

Conversion rate: for solar panels, the most important thing about it is that it can convert solar power into usable power as much as possible. In this case, we would like to get the conversion rate as high as more than 20% to get our money worth.

USB ports: It should come with 2 or more USB ports to enable charging at the same time. It should come with advanced technology for fast charge.

Materials: the materials of the solar panel should be durable and resistant to water. The reason is that it is for outdoors, and therefore, it should withstand even the harshest element of the environment to be long-lasting.