Top 8 Best Tennis Rackets Reviews in 2020

Playing tennis or ping pong on a table can make you active and healthy, and you don’t have to go out exposing sunlight. You can play inside home or office anytime with your partner.

When you practice these kinds of activity, what you cannot leave out is a tennis racket. These best tennis rackets are the must equipment that every player need to have.

They have a durable and full surface which used to hit small tennis balls. You can control them at ease with comfortable handles. Therefore, you can use your power to hit the balls straightly and precisely.

Best Tennis Rackets Reviews

Buying Guideline

There are a lot of racket types, so you have to be careful and choose the right one for yourself or get a gift for others. You can follow these few tips before purchasing.

First of all, the head size is matter. You may get a midsize or oversize that can assist you to generate power and achieve scores.

Second of all, weight is another important feature because it determines comfort when you hold and swing it.

Third of all, you should get a tennis racket which has a durable string and endures with hitting tension of the balls. These are primary points of the most excellent products.

Now it is time to check out more information. This article is going to introduce you to the top 8 best tennis rackets.

They are highly recommended for everyone to own and enjoy playing.

8. Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket

Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket

If you want to challenge other players in the start, this table tennis racket is suitable for beginners. It has lovely red color and round shape.

This racket has 2.1 mm thickness made of rubber which can offer softness and stability. It means when you target a ball, it will get the response with fast speed and spin motion.

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Furthermore, it also has wood blade construction to ensure durability and lightweight. It is only 190 grams, so no problem to handle.

7. Butterfly Andrzej Grubba Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly Andrzej Grubba Table Tennis Racket

You won’t have trouble to swing and hit the balls. This is a lightweight tennis racket having round wood blade as the primary construction for the highest level of control.

For more information, it has 2.1 mm rubber cover to provide tendency and softness. It gives ultimate speed and spins during the use. The ratings are 75 for speed, 80 for a spin. If it ages, you can change the rubber as well.

6. Caleson Professional Tennis Racket Advanced Tennis Racket

Caleson Professional Tennis Racket Advanced Tennis Racket

It is a nice racket for both table tennis and ping pong sports. This professional tennis racket is suitable for competition. It can make the hit powerful against a ball due to the sturdy construction of wood and carbon fiber.

It has everything in high level; speed, spin, and control. The size of this product is 10.2 inches by 5.9 inches by 0.9 inch. You will receive a cover case to store as well.

5. Butterfly 603 Tennis Racket Set

Butterfly 603 Tennis Racket Set

Of course, when you have something valuable, you have to keep it safe. And you can protect this high-quality tennis racket with a case. Formed by the wood blade, this product has dual rubber sides which have 2.1 mm thickness.

It provides an amazing result with a high rate of spin, speed, and control over 80. Furthermore, the handle is comfortable, and it has to shake hand style for a tight grip. It won’t fall from your hand.

4. STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

Sometimes, it is a crisis when opponent returns a strong hit, and your paddle cannot handle the energy. Why don’t you replace this professional tennis racket?

It has a combination of premium rubber, sponge, and light wood blade to create the most satisfied consequence. For instance, the rate of speed is 96, spin is 94, and control is 90. Also, the racket has shock dispersion technology to absorb the powerful beat.

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3. Killerspin JET500 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JET500 Table Tennis Paddle

For those who start a class of ping pong or even who are experts can all use this flared handle tennis racket. It offers a fit and full grip so that you can hold the racket steadily during the competition.

It has a thick wood blade of 6.7 mm with 2 mm rubber construction. These materials can give you the very performance with a rating of 75% speed, 90% spin, and 80% control.

2. Killerspin JET800 N1 Table Tennis

Killerspin JET800 N1 Table Tennis

This product is made of 7 plywood blade alongside with two layers of carbon. In the end, it has a durable body and ability to assist you through a match. To add, the carbon technology allows the blade for faster speed and great attack and able to absorb hard slams from the partner.

Of out 10, it receives performance rating above 8. In the package, you will obtain a memory book which you can use to note down your challengers, scores, and dates of the matches.

1. STIGA Pro Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Pro Table Tennis Racket

Meet the last product of the best tennis rackets. Similar to the previous product, this one also has two layers of carbon to improve quality of firmness and response to the opponents.

This product has an excellent performance of high speed, spin, and control and fits for tournament play. Additionally, its handle is solid and anti-vibration. This table tennis racket is suitable for beginners and advanced players since it is light and soft to embrace.


All in all, the high-quality tennis rackets are undoubtedly beneficial to users. For instance, they enable you having fun with your friends through an indoor activity, table tennis.

The rackets can generate your power to the balls so you can play nicely. But not all rackets have the same quality. You have to choose a perfect one.

By the way, this article has brought several best tennis rackets which have unique and potential diversely. You can compare them and pick the most appropriate one.