Top 10 Best Cat Scratching Posts in 2023

Are you the owner of a lovely cat? If so, you may be a headache with the cat when it leaves scratches everywhere around the house. We have made a list of best cat scratching posts for you. Therefore, with a scratching post, scratch is no longer a problem because these posts offer the cat a personal space to enjoy its scratching time. We have put together the reviews for the top 10 best cat scratching posts in this article for you with the buying guide.

List of Best Cat Scratching Posts

10. Catry Cat Tree

Catry Cat Tree

Catry has more than 20-year experience in the pet supplies field, and therefore, they aim to design a premium quality product to satisfy the demand of you beloved pet. The cat tree is constructed of Fleece with paper rope. It does not only look great but also offers a comfortable place for the cat to take a rest.

The loading capacity of the cat tree is known to be 10 pounds, and it enables cats to jump and play around with it. The manufacturer provides instructions and tools which are essential to assemble the post.

9. Dimaka Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

Dimaka Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

Its height measures at 29 inches, which is suitable for big cats to play with it freely. With such a lightweight body at only 4.2 pounds, it is designed for cats at all sizes, from the small kittens to big adults, only except the extra-large ones. The materials to construct the post tree include a cardboard tube with fibrous sisal wrapped on the outside. Its base is heavy chipboard finished with carpet. These materials together will secure the cat from tipping as well as wobbling.

It is great entertainment there for the cat to enjoy and avoid making scratches on the furniture. The product requires only a simple assembly process, with some parts already screwed together.

8. PetnPurr Cat Scratching Post

PetnPurr Cat Scratching Post

The post tree is made by sisal, which is known to work well in most carpet brands. Its durability can handle the tough entertainment of the cat. It comes with a cactus appearance, which is suitable for all kinds of home decoration. It also comes with a dangling ball for the cat to enjoy all day long.

The post tree is easy to assemble and able to position anywhere in the house. Its stability enables the cat to scratch and climbs on it with confidence. At only 5.2 pounds, it will be a luxury mini sculpture added to your lovely home.

7. AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post

The post tree comes with two scratching pillars for the cat to enjoy and relax. Also, it includes a hammock to offer a place for the cat to stay and rest with comfort and joy. With this post tree, cat owners no longer have to worry about the cat damaging their furniture and carpet.

The core material is jute fiber, which is resistant to scratching and maintains the health of the cat nails. The construction makes the structure of the tree to be durable and solid to let the cat enjoy playing with peace of mind. Cats can both climb up and scratch the tree. Last but not least, its neutral color enables it to fit with all types of decoration.

6. PetFusion 3-sided Vertical Scratching Post

PetFusion 3-sided Vertical Scratching Post

The post comes with all 3 sides which are all resistant to scratches. It is constructed of cardboard with non-toxic starch glue. It provides a great playground for the cat to enjoy without damaging its claws. Also, it helps the cat to exercise and release stress. Moreover, it is vertical to allow horizontal scratching. It also includes a hole to let the cat explore. It can be rotated up to 6x for real usage.

Its neutral color is classic yet stylish, and it works well with any decorations. Lastly, its quality is guaranteed with a 6-month warranty if there are any problems with the quality of the product.

5. 4 Paws Stuff

4 Paws Stuff

The post tree is 100% sisal robe with plush. The materials are environmentally friendly to provide a healthy environment for the cat to grow. It can serve as a great toy for your cat to enjoy since a kitten until growing up. The post is 22 inches tall, and its structure is made from thick wood to offer the strongest durability and stability. It also includes Velcro to secure the floor from being spoiled by the tree.

The post tree only requires a simple process of installation with the least efforts. Users only have to screw the parts together to assemble the post tree.

4. MidWest Cat Furniture

MidWest Cat Furniture

The post tree is 41 inches high, and it is suitable for cats at all sizes. The construction is solid and durable, and it is highly resistant to heavy scratches of large cats. It is made of sisal to provide a durable base, supporting the toughest play moment from the cat. The post tree does not require any complicated process of assembly. Instead, the manufacturer provides all the tools for it.

With one year of warranty from MidWest, users can let their cat enjoy the entertainment with peace of mind.

3. Kitty City XL

Kitty City XL

The post tree is in its XL size with the height up to 32 inches. Its design is stylish and attractive for all cats, and it fits well with all types of decorations. It has a stable width to provide a sturdy base for the cat to play with the greatest reliability and durability. On top of the tree, there is a jingle bell for the cat to climb, chase, and play with it.

The BV Pet Safety recognizes the safety of the post tree. Users can set it up with only 3 screws to let it mount to the bottom.

2. Catit Style Scratcher

Catit Style Scratcher

The scratcher comes with jungle print design on the surface. The surface is corrugated to be resistant to scratches as well as other damages from the cat’s entertainment. With this scratcher, pet owners no longer need to worry about the cats making any scratches on the sofa and other furniture and. The product also includes a catnip.

Moreover, the material takes good care of the cat’s claw. Its nail will not be damaged. Instead, it helps sharpen and eliminate the dead top layer to leave with the healthy bottom layer.

1. SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

The post tree is 32 inches high, and therefore, it enables cats to scratch fully, especially the larger cats. Its base is measured to be 16 x 16 inches square to provide a solid base to enhance the reliability as well as durability. The post tree is woven sisal, which is known to be both durable and fibrous. These materials are resistant to scratches, and its lifetime can last long to enable cats to play from kitten until adults.

It can be assembled easily with only two screws provided by the manufacturer following the detailed instruction. The post tree is very superior for carpeted posts.


Have you found your desired cat scratching post yet? If yes, do not hesitate to purchase to prevent your cat from damaging all the precious and luxury furniture. To sum up, the article has introduced the top ten best cat scratching posts in 2023 for users to understand the main features of the product. With a cat scratching post, users can provide a playground and solve many problems made by the cat.

Buying Guide

It is essential to choose the right cat scratching post for your cat to scratch freely with peace of mind. The cat needs to scratch as always because it needs to sharpen the claws. Therefore, before making the purchase, users should consider the following features.


height measurement is an essential feature because users need to buy one that suits the size of the cat to play. If it is too big or too small, it will not make a significant and attractive playground for the cat to enjoy its scratches.


sisal makes the post tree resistant to any scratches. Also, a solid base should be there to provide reliability as well as durability. Some of them are chipboard, while others are metal.


the installation process is also essential to consider while choosing a scratching post. The good ones only require a simple process with 2 or 3 screws provided by the manufacturer. You should find detailed instructions to assemble the scratching post to be reliable in position.