Top 10 Best Dinnerware Sets in 2023

When it comes to home decoration and creating an attractive dining experience, dinnerware sets are an essential part. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the ten best dinnerware sets made with high-quality products and brands. Each set comes in a variety of designs and shapes, so you can pick your preferred style. Additionally, these sets are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe, making them easy to use and clean. Depending on the set, you’ll receive a varying number of plates, allowing you to enjoy your meals in style. Take a look at the details below and choose the best dinnerware set for your needs.

List of Best Dinnerware Sets Reviews

10. Gibson Dinnerware Set

Gibson Dinnerware Set

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To start with, this is one of the best dinnerware sets in which you might want to own at home. This Gibson elite red dinnerware comes with a set of four per one style, including dinner plates 12.75”, dessert 9”, small bowls, and Mugs. Hence, this one is the right fit for four members or less. The decoration in the house is one part of making life happier. Therefore, having the right color and quality will save much of your money. Moreover, you can have a fancy lifestyle. You can always put what is special in the microwave, and it will work just fine. You may also use the dinner plates if your home has a dishwasher. The style and quality are thoughtfully designed for the best of everyone. Also, this color is perfect for most occasions, such as small parties, friends’ reunions, or more.

9. AmazonBasics 8-Piece Kitchen Dinnerware Sets


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Moving next, this best dinnerware set comes with high quality. You can use it with a microwave or freezer safely. It can be under heat up to 300c and cold as well. Therefore, you can put them anywhere you want to freely. Furthermore, it is a lightweight dinner set that makes you feel comfortable to hold. More importantly, you can wash it with the dishwasher. Let us tell you about its packages. 18 pieces are super amazing and cost-saving. Six of each is a salad plate, dinner plate, and bowl. You spend less but get more. Plus, you can use them on different occasions or use them daily for dinner with family. Moreover, the design is so beautiful for any home or dining table color.

8. Corelle Chip Resistant Best Dinnerware Sets

Corelle Chip Resistant Dinnerware Sets

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Let’s take a look at our best dinnerware sets. This is one of the best Corelle dinnerware sets brands which has been trusted for years and named for its excellent quality. Talking about its design on the plate, there is a modern pattern with the color yellow, light blue, and dark blue. The shape is round, which is easy to use. It is suitable for any gathering, dinner party, and reunion, but most of all, it is perfect for a beach day. It comes with a set of 18 pieces, three different sizes. There are six pieces for each, such as dinner plates, bowls, and salad plates. In addition, it is super safe for microwave use without worrying about any cracks under the heat. Plus, you can always clean them in the dishwasher after using them.

7. AmazonBasics Kitchen Dinnerware Sets

AmazonBasics Kitchen Dinnerware Sets

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Here comes another best dinnerware set. It comes along with 18 pieces which include six each of different shapes, such as a dinner plate of around 10.6 inches, salad plate of 7.44 inches, and 6.7 inches bowl. All these plates are white and black color strips, which is a modern design. You can always use them for dinnerware at home office or at friends and family gatherings. It is simple but classy at the same time. What is more special, you can put them in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. It can support heat up to 573 degrees F. You can always be able to decorate your house with fashionable dinnerware sets, either with your new table or the old one.

6. AmazonBasics 18-Piece White Kitchen Dinnerware Sets

AmazonBasics 18-Piece White Kitchen Dinnerware Sets

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Looking for a great dinnerware set? Look no further! This set is perfect for everyday use or special occasions with loved ones. The set includes 18 pieces of six different styles, with normal dinner plates measuring 10.5 inches, dessert plates measuring 7.5 inches, and bowls measuring 5.5 inches. While there are no mugs included, this set is still incredibly versatile and durable. It can be used in microwaves, freezers, ovens, and dishwashers without any issues. Plus, it can withstand temperatures of up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit! Don’t let the simple design fool you – this set is high quality and built to last.

5. American Atelier Veggies 16 Piece Round Best Dinnerware Set

American Atelier Veggies

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Moving further, this best American Atelier set is incredible for both designs and quality. Each plate is a bit thick but surely not too heavy. It’s just a premium quality one with stoneware. There are 16 pieces of dinnerware set, including 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls, and 4 mugs. You will love the design because it has two simple blue stripes, a round, and a little vegetable design on the plate. This best dinnerware can boost and be a reminder to eat healthier as well. Moreover, it is very easy to clean. The dirt or any food left will not be stuck on the plate hard. You can also wash that off with just the dishwashing.

Furthermore, feel free to use them all with a microwave but be careful afterward because the plates can be hot to hold with bare hands. Lastly, the package is made thoughtfully so it will arrive in the same best condition.

4. Gibson Elite 16 Piece Dinnerware Sets

Gibson Elite 16 Piece Dinnerware Sets

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We are confident that this best dinnerware set can make your life easier. If you have a member of 4, this is the right choice. The dinner plates come along with 16 pieces in total but 4 different styles such as 4 dinner plates, 4 dessert plates, 4 bowls, and 4 mugs. More essentially, the designs and looks on each one are incredible because of its bold colors and the crystal around it. You can always use this set with any dining table you own, either the old or the new one. Also, it is very easy to clean up after using since you can always put them in the dishwasher or hand wash. It is safe for microwave use but should not be too long at a high temperature.

3. Gibson Elite Tequesta Square Reactive Glaze Stoneware Dinnerware Set

Gibson Elite Tequesta Square Reactive Glaze Stoneware Dinnerware Set

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If you are looking for the best dinnerware set, this should be the one for your consideration. It is perfect for 4 members since it is a package of 4. These include 4 dinner plates, 4 dessert plates, soup bowls, and 4 mugs. Talking about its design on the plate, it is very luxurious for any dining table. Plus, you can buy this dinnerware set for the dinnerware office because you can freely use it with a microwave. This one of the top dinnerware sets is very durable and washable with dishwashers. What is more special, you can buy it for yourself and as a surprise gift. Do not worry about the package because it will arrive in full condition. The colors match any food serving, black with some blue shining on. Get one set for your home or office now!

2. Gibson Elite Couture Bands Six Different Dinnerware Sets

Gibson Elite Couture Bands Six Different Dinnerware Sets

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Another premium best dinnerware set is coming. You will love its design and color a lot. The design is so unique, while the colors are blue with cream. Plus, it dazzles, especially under the direct lamp or light. You can always use that without a doubt with a microwave and dishwasher. Besides using this daily for dinner time, you can also keep that for special occasions with friends or family. It gives such a fancy lifestyle. You can enjoy the stylish moment with your loved ones. Moreover, it can give more taste to the food you eat too. Last but not least, this is a set of 16 pieces which is perfect for 4 people. There are dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls, and mugs.

1. Gibson Elite Everston 12 Piece Dinnerware Set

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Let’s put an end to the curiosity about these best-rated dinnerware sets. It is made of special stoneware, which has been very durable for years. It does not easily get cracked. Furthermore, feel free to use all these dinner plates with a microwave to warm your food. After using it, you can also clean it with a dishwasher easily. Therefore, you spend less time washing it with your hands. What is special is that it comes with a set of 12 pieces, including dinner plates, dessert plates, and bowls. This best-quality dinnerware is enough for three members. More importantly, the design is so glamorous that it is suitable for any occasion. Please enjoy your delicious meal with our fancy plates!


In summary, these dinnerware sets are all elegant additions to any home. They are suitable for daily use or special occasions with friends and family, and will add a touch of style to your dining experience. Each set features unique colors and shapes, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your home. The best part is, they are safe to use in both microwaves and dishwashers, making them very convenient. You can rest assured of their quality, as they have proven to be very durable over the years without any cracks.

Buying Guide

Package and size: As previously discussed, there are various sizes of top-rated dinnerware to choose from, allowing you to select the ideal one based on your personal preference. It’s important to consider the package set and ensure it accommodates the correct number of members. For instance, you may opt for a set of 4 or 5. Additionally, it’s crucial to determine which plates or mugs are indispensable, such as a mug or bowl. While some sets include a mug, others only have bowls.

Style: When it comes to choosing the perfect dinnerware set, there are plenty of styles and designs to consider. Some sets feature stunning artwork or scenic landscapes, while others have simple yet elegant designs, like a single color or a few stripes. It’s important to choose a color that will complement your dining table and consider the occasions you’ll use the set for, whether it’s hosting a gathering or just using it for everyday dinners.