Top 10 Best Dog Backpacks for Camping in 2023

If you are a dog lover, you definitely do not want to leave your dogs at home while you are enjoying your camping trip. However, when you bring the dog with you, you also need one of the dog backpacks for storing all the necessary items for your pet to carry with it. Therefore, this article is for readers who are having a plan to bring their dogs to go camping. It will introduce the best dog backpacks for camping. In the end, there will be a buying guide section to guide you through the main features that determine an excellent dog backpack.

Best Dog Carrier Backpacks for Camping Outdoor

10. Ruffwear Palisades Dog Carrier Backpacks

Ruffwear Palisades Dog Backpack

It is made of saddlebags that are removable in case the users need to stop for rest or cross the water. It has a high-quality frame that is made from the master harness and includes 4 connecting points to offer great stability and distribution of the weight. The backpack is collapsible, and it consists of 2 hydration bottles, which are both BPA-free.

It comes with a compression system to ensure the safety and stability of the load. Last but not least, there is an assistance paddle to help the dog to cross any obstacle easily and reflective trim to make it visible, especially in the low light surroundings.

9. Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack

Pettom Dog Saddle Backpack

The backpack can be used in multi ways. It can work well for adventure trips as well as daily usage. However, it works perfectly for outdoors, especially for camping at nights, because it comes with a night reflecting system to protect the owner as well as the dog. This dog backpack is made of waterproof oxford and equipped with SBS reversed zipper. The material is resistant to water and scratch.

Also, it is lightweight and soft, ideally for travelling a long distance. The capacity of the backpack is up to 25% of the dog’s weight, and it ensures that the dog is comfortable and safe while carrying the carrier backpack.

8. Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack

Ruffwear Approach Pack

The backpack is available in 2 bright colors: orange and green. Also, it comes with 4 different sizes for different weight capacities. The backpack aims to provide a comfortable experience for the dog, and therefore, it is so lightweight that the dog can carry confidently. To ensure the fit for the dog, it comes with 5 points, and the saddlebags are extremely stable. There are also 2 least connection points which are made of aluminium V-rings to make it durable.

For even more comfortable lifting, padded handles, as well as non-slip straps, are there to offer outstanding load dispersion. Users can wash the backpack with hands and then dry it with natural air.

7. Lifeunion Adjustable Service Dog Backpacks

Lifeunion Adjustable Service Dog Backpack

Users of this backpack model have many color choices, including black, blue, red, and orange. The material of the backpack is in high quality, which is the 600D polyester. The fabric is not only waterproof but also durable to last long. There are adjustable straps that allow users to set a comfortable fit for the dog.

The space inside the backpack has a big space to store all the necessities, including food and toys. The backpack also comes with rubber handle and D-ring least to additional control of the dog. The bag is suitable for various purposes, including hiking and camping.

6. Kurgo Saddlebag Dog Backpacks

Kurgo Dog Saddlebag Backpack

The backpack is designed for dogs to wear while going camping or hiking. It provides both a lightweight and comfortable experience. The pack comes with 2 sides, and therefore, it offers enough space to accommodate all the travel essentials, including food and first aids. The back of the backpack has a dog harness with a leash ring to let it connect to the dog leash. It can also function as an opener to the water bottles.

It includes a padded handle and reflective trim for the safety of the dog. Therefore, with this backpack, the dog is still visible even in the nights. It comes with two sizes: Baxter and big Baxter. The Baxter size can support up to 30-85 pounds, while the big ones can hold from 50 to 110 pounds.

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5. OSPet Saddle Dog Backpack

OSPet Saddle Bag Backpack

The design aims to offer a comfortable and convenient method for the dog to bring all the essentials with them while going outdoors. It is designed to fit with camping and hiking purposes because it comes with a reflective line to guarantee outstanding visibility. Moreover, there is a plastic buckle that allows the user to transform the backpack into the vest harness within minutes. It is for the dog owner to pick up their dog quickly.

The design guarantees safety from every angle. It also comes with adjustable straps to let the backpack adjust perfectly to the body of the dog. Moreover, it provides a better load distribution.

4. Daypak Dog Backpack

Daypak Dog Backpack

The dog backpack consists of 2 different color choices: blue and green. Its fabric is made of breathable mesh to offer maximum airflow to the dog to prevent any fatigues or discomfort along the way. The bright color of the backpack allows the dog owner to keep track of their dog as always.

Moreover, it is equipped with adjustable straps to let the backpack fit the dog well. It also prevents the backpack from falling off. It also includes some extra pockets to store more essentials, such as ID cards and keys. Users can choose from 3 different sizes to accommodate the needs of their dogs.

3. Kurgo SaddleBag Dog Backpack

Kurgo Dog SaddleBag Backpack

The backpack is suitable for camping and hiking experience while bringing the dog along. It is both lightweight and comfortable, and therefore, the dog will not experience any discomfort during the trip. The backpack includes a leash ring in the rear to connect the pet leash. Moreover, on both sides, a pocket is included to provide additional storage.

The back includes a padded handle for owners to help the dog while crossing any tough obstacles. Also, the reflective trim is for the visibility of the dog while camping in the nights. The backpack has 2 different sizes, which are suitable for dogs between 30 and 110 pounds.

2. Smartelf Dog Backpack

Smartelf Dog Backpack

The backpack has a durable oxford mesh. It is tough and breathable, which is ideal for storing the necessities inside for many days. It comes with adjustable harness construction, which allows the dog owner to make it fit perfectly with any dog sizes. Moreover, it includes adjustable straps to guarantee load distribution and maximal comfort.

A plastic buckle is included to let the user turn the backpack into a vest harness. Moreover, a rubber handle is there to help the dog owner to grab and pick it up quickly. Inside the pack, there are 4 pockets to store water bottles or first aids.

1. Unicreate Hilike Premium Pet Travel Bag

Unicreate Hilike Premium Pet Travel Bag

Out of the other dog backpacks, this one is the best of all.

The backpack comes with many pockets in various places. With multiple sizes, they are to work for different storing purposes, such as water bottles and food. All the items stored inside can accommodate the need of the dog up to 1 week long. The product also includes a tote, food bag, collapsible bowl, blanket, and flying disc. The tote bag consists of a pocket inside to make the storage safe and secure. The food bag aims to provide fresh, good for the dog to enjoy.

The backpack is suitable for many occasions, including camping, hiking, travelling, and any other outdoor activities.


The article has introduced the top ten best dog backpacks for camping. After reading this article, you should be confident and make their mind in choosing the right backpack for their dog to start the adventure trip together. Only with the best dog backpacks used, the comfort and storage are maximized to guarantee the enjoyable experience with the journey.

Buying Guide

Do you want your dog to be safe and comfortable but also want it to carry its own essential independently? If so, below are the criteria that you should consider before purchasing any dog backpacks for camping and hiking purposes.

Materials: lightweight and breathable fabric aim to maximize comfort while carrying the bag on a long journey.

Pockets: various sizes of pockets help things organized to prevent any loss.

Adjustable straps: this is to guarantee the fit of the backpack with the dog body. Also, it maintains the backpack in place without falling off.

Reflective trims: they are the insurance of visibility, especially in the nights and low light environment.

Least hole: it is to guarantee that dog owners can attach to their dog quickly and pick it up to help the dog cross any tough obstacles in the adventure trip.