Top 10 Quality Electric Shavers for Men in 2023

With a few products like shaver and skincare products, a man will look nicely put together. And, when it comes to shavers, men love electric shavers for how time-saving and useful they are (if you get good ones).

But, the question is, how do we differentiate between low quality and good quality electric shavers? We can be your help on this. Recently, our team has scoured the Internet and found the top 10 best electric shavers of the year. Let’s get started; shall we?

Best Electric Shavers for Men in 2023 | High-Quality Men Grooming Products



The first electric shaver in the list is an outstanding APOSEN product. This is a portable razor that is perfect for working with your beard, body hair and more. You can choose to use it either wet or dry. It is 100% waterproof; therefore, you can rinse it with water after using it.

The size of it is very compact and light, making it the right option to choose if you travel a lot. The running time after a single full charge is 120 minutes. It is good to know that the battery of it is 800mAh. Upon purchase, you will get a 24-month warranty as well.

9. Adhope


Adhope electric razor is the next desirable product on the list. This great tool is highly recommended for shaving hair on the face, neck, jaw better than other ordinary products. The blade is carefully chosen; therefore, it can work in a fast and effective way. If you used to have problems with skin irritation after shaving, it is the right time to start using this shaving tool instead.

Another great point of this tool is it is perfect for using either wet or dry. Don’t worry, of course, this product is waterproof. As of battery life, it is built-in with a battery that offers up to 1 hour of shaving time. You can check the battery status of it on the LED display as well.


The third product that you are going to hear from us is ideal for those who are looking for the best electric razor. First of all, POVOS is very popular amongst men who want to give their beard thorough care. There are up to 4 functions in this product, so you can conveniently choose one that works best for you.

With this guy, you can choose to shave with gel, foam, or without any product too. It is waterproof; hence, you can clean and use it later. Please be noted that with a full battery charge, this product can work up to 90 minutes.

Besides, the operation of this tool is simple and quiet. If you make an order today, you will also get a 12-month warranty too.

7. Panasonic


When talking about men razors, we bet you don’t want to miss a high-quality product like this Panasonic electric razor. For this pick, there are up to 5 blades, and two different modes; those are a trimmer and a shaver.

Featuring a pivoting head, the shaver can glide through different parts of the face/body like the jawline, chin, and neck with ease. The LCD battery indicator lets you see the battery status at a glance.

Made in a compact profile, this one is a travel-friendly unit. More than this, the unit can be used either wet or dry. Besides, the shaver is built-in with a sensor that can automatically adjust its shaving power.

6. Braun


This product is popular due to its useful features. It is known as the Braun electric razor. This product is perfect for men, especially for those who travel often. There are up to 3 pressures you freely adjust; this way, the shaver will always keep your skin comfortable and non-irritated all the time.

For maximum results, the comb attached can comb more hair within each stroke. The battery life is much longer, too, if you compare it with other competing products. It doesn’t matter if you want to shave with or without foam, this razor will always do its job well.



HATTEKER is another option we highly recommend. The shaving head of this shaver allows you to rotate and shave the hair from your face and jaw better. On top of shaving, you can also use it for trimming the hair on your face too. In terms of quality, this one is very versatile because it can be used both with or without water.

After using it, you can also rinse it with water too. For your information, this unit uses a battery, and it lasts up to 60 minutes after a single full charge. Plus, you can easily check the battery status on the LCD of this razor as well.

4. Braun


This lovely electric shaver from Braun works well on your face, neck, jaw, and many more body parts. The waterproof feature of the shaver allows you to keep it clean all the time too. The operation of this shaver is effortless. You only need to run it on your face and let it complete its task.

You can choose to trim or shave your facial hair in a fast and effective way. Please be noted that there are five different modes you can select, and each one is great for different skin types.

3. MAX-T


Here is another painless tool to shave your facial hair. It is a top-rated product from the MAX-T brand, The motor of the shaver is a high speed one, so it can shave and trim the hair in a fast and effective way. As the LCD is attached, you can check the battery status of the shaver easily.

It can be used either dry or wet. If you need to shave after the shower, choosing this product is indeed the right choice. You will only need to charge it for 1 hour, and you can use it for up to 120 minutes.

2. Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco

This product is from the famous Philips Norelco brand. The blade and motor of this shaver are great for shaving your face, neck, and even the jaw. The head of the blade allows you to make adjustments to suit your needs too. Another great feature of the blade is it is built-in with the self-sharpening system. With this reliable feature, you can enjoy using this electric shaver for many years. Last but not least, it is powered by a lithium-ion battery, and the battery can run up to 35 minutes after each charge.

1. Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco - Best Electric Shavers for Men

And, this one is another option we think you’ll love. If you take a look at this product, you will notice that it is designed for the comfort of the user. With this product, you will enjoy both dry and wet shaving. More awesome than this, the unique design of it will keep your skin from all types of injuries while you are using it too.

We highly recommend this product since the design of it is suitable for both shaving and trimming. You will only charge it once, and you can use it for up to 50 minutes.


Now with the highlights of each best electric shaver for men above, you should be familiar with the products and know which shaver you will need. Up next, we also have a little more reading for you. Here are electric shavers for men’s buying guides

Buying Guide for Electric Shavers for Men


The first thing you need to make sure of is the quality of the blade as well as the electric motor built in the unit. A right product should be the one that allows you to shave and trim the hair without feeling any pain, irritation, pulling, etc. More than this, it is also wise to look for a blade that can remove hair on your face, neck, and jaw easily and excellently as well. Plus, check if the blade is replaceable as well.

Compact and light

If you often travel, choosing a compact product and light is a must.


Some men prefer to shave during the shower, which can save a lot of time while others may not. Some also prefer to shave with gel or other facial products, especially if they have sensitive skin. That is why buyers may look for wet/dry electric shavers.