Top 10 Best Rectangle Cake Pans Reviews in 2020

A cake pan is one of a baker’s most loved kitchen item. Cake pans come in different shapes and size, and a rectangular cake pan is one of the most popular and most-used types of cake pans today. In this article, we’re about to discover the top 10 best rectangle cake pans in 2020. Let’s take a look at it below.

10. Wilton Recipe Right 13″ Oblong Pan

Wilton Recipe Right 13

Firstly, this is a great rectangle cake pan from Wilton. It is in a minimal gray color, and has a size of 13 x 9″. Made of heavy-gauge steel, this pan provides an even heating, nonstick performance at all times. It is ideal for making brownies, bars, cakes, marshmallows, and more. It works great with baking meats or oven-fried vegetables, too. If you love to cook but dislike cleaning pots and pans, an easy-to-clean pan like this one should be your choice.

9. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Cake Pans, Set of 3

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Cake Pans, Set of 3

Next is the top-rated aluminum rectangular cake pan from the reputable Nordic Ware. Constructed from Aluminum, this pan will never rust and can be trusted for a lifetime of durability. It is capable of conducting superior heat and baking evenly. The exterior dimensions of these 3 pans are 13.5″ x 9.74″ x 3.63″.

What’s more, the pan’s reinforced encapsulated steel rim prevents the pan from warping, too. These are indeed restaurant-grade cake pans that are very sturdy and can last for a very long time. However, it is recommended to hand wash this pan instead of dishwashing to give it an even longer use.

8. Vollrath Wear-Ever 18″ Cake Pan

Vollrath Wear-Ever 18

If you’re looking for a rectangular cake pan of premium quality, check out this 18″ cake pan. This pan is made of durable 12-gauge aluminum, featuring an open rim. It is a bit heavier than other cake pans. The aluminum cake pan is capable of distributing heat evenly and browning beautifully. On a side note, for this specific cake pan, you should always wash it with hand only to preserve the product’s quality and performance.

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7. AirBake 13″ Natural Cake Pan with Cover

AirBake 13

Another recommendation from us is this 13″ rectangular cake pan that comes with a cover. With air insulation, the pan prevents the top sheet from overheating, and hence, prevents burning as well. The pan is 100% non-stick. And, with the innovative micro-dome technology, this pan can decrease bake times by up to 15 percent over traditional insulated bakeware. Plus, the cover is break-resistant, too.

6. Cuisinart 13″ Chef’s Classic Cake Pan

Cuisinart 13

Cuisinart can never be missed out from the top 10 best bakeware categories. This is an outstanding 13″ baking pan that is ideal for making moist, consistent cakes and brownies. The heavy-gauge aluminized steel construction allows the pan to heat evenly, and the non-stick interior and exterior guarantee an easy food release at all time.

And, the thick rolled edges of the pan prevent warping. For cleaning, you can toss this rectangle pan into the dishwasher, and it will look good as new.

5. Farberware 13″ Rectangular Cake Pan with Cover

Farberware 13

If the previous rectangular cake pan with cover didn’t match to your liking, here is another one. This one is a heavy-duty covered cake pan that surely resists warping, heats evenly and browns beautifully. The nonstick exterior and interior provide a great baked-goods release and an easy cleanup.

The lid makes this pan travel-friendly while preserving the appearance and freshness of the baked goods. Besides, feel free to heat this tough guy in the oven as it can withstand 450 degrees Fahrenheit of heat.

4. Nordic Ware 13″ Natural Aluminum Cake Pan with Lid

Nordic Ware 13

Next is the natural aluminum cake pan of superior performance from Nordic Ware. It will never rust for a lifetime. And, it produces great heat conductivity at all time. The reinforced encapsulated steel rim prevents the pan from warping. The lid keeps food fresh, and travel-friendly. Plus, cleanup (hand wash) is a snap.

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3. Nordic Ware 13″ Classic Metal Covered Cake Pan

Nordic Ware 13

Another highly recommended cake pan is the Nordic Ware 13″ Classic Metal Covered Cake Pan. This pan looks very elegant and sturdy for the metal construction of both the pan and the cover. The rectangular cake pan is lightweight, non-stick, stain-free, rust-free, warp-free and evenly heated when baking. But, it is advised to hand wash this pan in order to keep its quality and performance going strong.

2. USA Pan 13″ Rectangular Cake Pan

USA Pan 13

As always, USA Pan always takes the lead in the bake ware industry. Made of commercial grade and heavy gauge aluminized steel, this USA Pan 13″ Rectangular Cake Pan features Americoat, allowing a quick non-stick release of baked-goods in addition to fast and easy cleanup. For safety, the coating is completely PTFE, PFOA, and BPA free. It cooks evenly and never warps. Plus, this aluminum rectangular cake pan can handle toaster ovens, too.

1. Wilton Recipe Right 13″ Oblong Pan with Cover

Wilton Recipe Right 13

The last item on the list is the 12″ cake pan with cover from Wilton. This item has received overwhelming positive feedbacks and surpassed many customers’ expectation. To highlight some its features, this pan is dishwasher-safe, nonstick and has a lid to help store moisture for cakes, pizzas, etc. You can also use this one to bake cookies if you don’t have a cookie sheet. It also works great with ovens. An awesome product at an awesome price indeed!


Provided above is the ultimate list of the top 10 best rectangle cake pans available on the market today. Have you found your favorite yet? Purchase these goodies today because you are just one step away from baking the best delicious desserts!