Top 10 Best Television Stands Reviews in 2023

After buying a television for your home, you need another complement item to make a completed set. That item is television stand. It is a kind-of furniture which created to have space for a precious television. This product allows you to have more space. For instance, some have extra shelves and compartments for you can store other items. See? You can put the television and also display more things. Since it is made with pretty design, it is a décor to your home. There are many different styles television stands; some are for flat televisions and some for big televisions.

In case you want to learn more about the product, this article will help you go through top 10 best television stands which have high quality and credibility.

10. Whalen Furniture Calico 3-in-1 TV Stand

Whalen Furniture Calico 3-in-1 TV Stand

You can place this television stand in your living room to create modern style fashion. It takes space only 54 inches. This product is made from the durable steel frame with top and bottom wood shelves, while the middle shelf is tempered glass. For the slim figure, this television stand has television mounting hardware that hangs your flat television up. However, you can choose to put the television on the top shelf.

9. Home Styles 5050-34 Modern Craftsman

Home Styles 5050-34 Modern Craftsman

First, let’s know about your television size. This large television stand has total dimensions of 94 inches length, 18 inches width, and 72 inches height. Due to its big size, you are able to put a 60 inches television without problem in the middle compartment. It has a lot of rooms to store other items. Actually, it has 4 drawers and 5 tiers shelves which enough for you to put books, photos, etc. in the living room.

8. Sauder Carson Forge Panel TV Stand

Sauder Carson Forge Panel TV Stand

This television stand is like a nice piece of furniture which is easy to assemble. This wooden stand is suitable for a television up to 47 inches that weigh less than 95 pounds. It can support so big and heavy device. Moreover, under the top board, there are two divided compartments for you can place audio or video equipment. And it contains 4 more rooms which have tempered glass door as closure.

7. Simpli Home Cosmopolitan TV Media Stand

Simpli Home Cosmopolitan TV Media Stand

Even you have giant television up to 80 inches, you still can find a well-made place to display the television. This is a real wood television stand which has coffee brown color. The materials of this product are solid pine and tempered glass to ensure durability and visual. It has the measurement of 72 inches by 26 inches by 17.5 inches. To add, there are 4 rooms with glass doors, 2 open space-storages, and two drawers.

6. Simpli Home Acadian TV Media Stand

Simpli Home Acadian TV Media Stand

Of course, everyone wants a beneficial item that can work many functions. This television stand is one of the best television stands which made from real wood. Besides providing whole surface space for television up to 66 inches, it can be bookshelves for you too. There are several compartments perfect for book storage; some with glass doors and knobs, and some are opened.

5. Sauder Palladia Entertainment Credenza

Sauder Palladia Entertainment Credenza

If you don’t want to too big furniture, you can choose this small television stand that is no longer than 60 inches width. It is an easily assemble furniture that takes you less than 3 hours to finish. It has two removable shelves and also adjustable; hence, you just use a screwdriver to take them off or adjust their height. On each side of the shelves, there are two storages guarded by tempered glass doors.

4. Sauder Palladia Panel TV Stand

Sauder Palladia Panel TV Stand

Do you want a match to your rest furniture made from wood in your home? Well, this is a luxury solid television stand having cherry color. This beautiful and sturdy television cabinet is able to hold a television up to 50 inches large. Furthermore, it has places for you to store additional device equipment that connects to your television. You can protect your things from dust by storing inside its two closed compartments.

3. Whalen Furniture AVCEC65-TC Entertainment Stand

Whalen Furniture AVCEC65-TC Entertainment Stand

It is a great product to use in the small room. If you have tiny space, you won’t have regret choosing this television stand. It has black color with the size of 65 inches by 21.5 inches by 22 inches. This durable steel television stand is suitable to use with a flat panel television up to 65 inches. In addition, it has three tier shelves which are tempered-glass material. The whole construction can support weight more than 100 lbs.

2. Whalen Furniture PROEC41-NV Television Console

Whalen Furniture PROEC41-NV Television Console

Let’s experience with this modern television stand for a flat panel television. It is constructed with swinging floater mounting system which allows you to adjust your television in 3 height levels and its position within 45 degrees to left or right. It is amazing, isn’t it? Although it looks thin, it can support 47 inches television which weighs up to 135 lbs.

1. Sauder Harbor View Corner TV Stand

Sauder Harbor View Corner TV Stand

This is the last highly recommended brown television stand for the corner position. To be specific, it is designed to have curved ends that fit corner wall. Plus, the size of this cabinet is 61.3 inches by 19.1 inches by 27.4 inches. This product requires only simple a screwdriver and a hammer to assemble it completely. You can relocate the corner shelves in 5 height levels.


To sum up, there are definitely advantages of using televisions stands. They save space and create a place for stuff, and help to organize items. After going through the text, you have seen these several best television stands. Every product uses various materials such as wood, metal, glass, etc. and each one has a unique design which can favor individuals. They also have diverse sizes so that you can get what compatible with your television.

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