Top 10 Best Digital Gram Scale Reviews in 2023

Preciseness and accuracy are very important for both business and daily life. Yet, some people still prefer the traditional approach of measuring without scale. It is perfectly fine to measuring by your hand or cups; however, this way will not guarantee you the same result all the time. Even if minimal, this inconsistency can cause many unwanted results you might never expect, especially for those who are doing serious work such as lab experiments or measuring small and expensive jewels. Having a portable digital gram scale can be quite handy, particularly when you are out shopping, you will be glad you have one with you.

Best Digital Gram Scale Reviews

In case you are planning to get one for daily use or business. Still, you are scared of investing in the wrong product. Then, no worry as we can assist you by recommending a list of the best digital gram scales available on the market.

10. INEVIFIT Black Digital Scale


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To begin with, we have this mini food scale from INEVIFIT. For monitoring your consumption, this scale can be very helpful as it can measure your daily nutrients accurately. The classic design features easy-to-use units and tare functions complemented by a surface made of stainless steel which is durable for your day to day use and cleaning. It can measure up to a maximum of 6kgs, including liquid volume. By placing the item that you want to measure on the scale surface, the unit will be displayed on the LCD screen so that you can read with ease.

Its battery can last very long as it has a smart function to turn itself off automatically after 90 seconds of no interaction. If you purchase this scale, you can benefit from a free battery and a 5 years warranty that comes along with the product.

9. Toprime Gram Scale


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Another option to consider is a digital gram scale from Toprime. To make you stay motivated in the long run for your diet plan, this white stainless-steel scale is a must-have item. Its layout comes with a transparent tray on top, allowing you to weigh your item in the most accurate and effortless way by just placing the object in the tray and pressing the on/off button.

This scale can accommodate up to 600g of weight in maximum, if you wish to adjust to your preferred unit or option, you can play around with the tare and mode button. Whether you want to measure solid, liquid, or powder objects, this scale will be able to accommodate a wide range of purposes.

8. Nicewell Scale


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Nicewell offers you a portable tempered glass scale that you should not overlook. The design comes with a sleek, anti-fingerprint platform features by built-in sensors for quick and precise estimation. If you were to weight item in plate or box, then no worries, its tare function will help to cancel out the weight of container giving you the exact net readouts of your object. This scale will not consume much of your space suitable for your compact kitchen as it has a hook for easy storage.

7. Lan Sheng 7 units Digital Gram Scale

Lan Sheng 7 units

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Up next, we have a smart digital scale from Lan Sheng. This reasonably priced gram scale is invented by advanced technology with anti-fingerprint and spill-proof coating. It is applicable for all your measuring purposes as it owns up to 7 units of measurements and is capable of using items maximum of 10kg. The functions that come with the scale, feature unit, and tare buttons which allow you to measure your object conveniently and hygienically.

Adding to that, it has an LCD screen that produces refined HD numbers creating elevated visual content. Lastly, the company will provide a toll-free service if there is any technical issue.

6. INEVIFIT White Digital Scale


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Moving on to the next product, here is another gram scale from INEVIFIT. This white stainless-steel battered scale is undeniably your best companion when it comes to measuring work. It is equipped with many capabilities allowing you to measure items in all forms no matter if it is a liquid or solid object.

It has a built-in power-saving function that allows the scale to turn itself off if there is no interaction for 90 seconds. The attached battery is very efficient, not to mention long-lasting life. This product has been tested for its quality and durability to give you peace of mind when purchasing this scale.

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5. AZEUS Digital Gram Scales


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If you are looking for a more sophisticated and trendier scale, take a look at this one from AZEUS. The stylish design of this digital scale acts as a great compliment to your modern kitchen. Aside from the sleek design, this scale has various measurement modes suitable for various applications. Even more, it can be converted to other measurements by just a click on the unit button.

In between the buttons comes an LCD that allows you to read the numbers very easily. Another unique feature is it is operated by USB charge. With a lifelong technical service provided, you will feel certain that you are making the right investment choosing this scale.

4. Lan Sheng 6 units Gram Scale

Lan Sheng 6 units

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For this portable digital scale from Lan Sheng, it comes with solid protective lit, three operation buttons, and a small square surface that can accommodate up to 200g of weight and have up to 6 units of measurements. This factor makes it suitable for measuring jewels and other medicine. Still, it does not limit its use for food and other objects as long as they are in small portions. To operate, insert the attached batteries, and you are good to go.

3. Ozeri Digital Gram Scale


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Ozeri offers you a pocket-size digital gram available in 7 colors to broaden your options. The built-in functions enable this kitchen scale to convert up to 5 measurement units and can weigh up to a maximum of 5100g objects. With this well-designed function, users can accurately weigh their items and minimize the cost of the wrong measure. This battery-operated scale has a smart turn off function after 2 minutes for battery saving purposes.

2. AMIR Gram Scale


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Moving on to the next digital scale from AMIR. Although it comes from different brands, the presentation and capacities of this product are similar to the 4th item. This is also one of the best weight readers for small items up to 200g and 5 units. Moreover, it is equipped with an efficient battery that has a smart function to alert the user if it is running out of battery. Lastly, the company guarantees a refund upon dissatisfaction.

1. Etekcity Digita Gram Scale


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Last but not least, we have this cooking scale from Etekcity. This one is not only great in look but also performance. To put it another way, it can do a great job in measuring both liquid and solid items and accurately present the figures up to 5 units of measurement on its LCD screen. The design features an easy-to-clean and durable stainless-steel platform that can handle up to 11kg of weight. Hence, if you are looking for bigger capacity, this is the right one for you.


To sum up, we have touched on the ten best digital gram scales that are highly recommended by our users. After browsing through our list of products and the buying guide, we hope you can select the best digital gram scale that can serve many purposes in improving your life quality.

Buying Guide

Getting a wrong gram scale is no different from using a traditional measurement method, which is not worth your investment. Consequently, it is important to take a closer look and learn more about the product by reading the following buying guideline before deciding to purchase your scale.

Features and Usability

Before buying, you should be able to interact or at least know how the scale works. The scale that has many features can be very eye-catching because you will never know what you want to measure. It is beneficial to learn those measuring tricks beforehand.

Accurate Tare function

First of all, check if your gram scale has a tare function and then check further if the function really does its job. Most of the cheap scale comes with this function but cannot really zero out the weight of the container. You will be glad you get this function tested in advance.

Weight capacity

Another thing to keep in mind, the bigger weight capacity the better because you will never know, someday you might need to measure a bigger portion, you will be at an advantage if you have the right tool.