Best LED Ring Lights with Tripod Stand in 2023

Is it a problem for you in finding a perfect brightness for your photos or videos? Do you find it troublesome to enrich the details of things you want to capture at night or in dark areas? In this article, we will give you a review of the best LED ring lights that will become your perfect companion. It is very helpful if you love live streaming, vlogging, or doing a makeup tutorial. These best LED ring lights are also perfect for all fashion or wedding photographers.

Best LED Ring Lights for Vlogging

9. 8” LED Ring Lights

8'' Selfie Ring Light

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This dimmable camera ring comes with a phone holder that is very necessary if you love recording or live streaming your videos. It will eliminate any shadow, so you won’t worry that your face or the things that you are trying to show couldn’t be presentable as their outside appearance. Another huge plus is that this selfie ring light has 3 lighting modes that are all adjustable. All of these 3 modes, cool white, warm light, and daylight, each have their own 11 brightness levels. You will be able to shoot everything in a very detailed piece. The lampshade is designed to protect your eyes from a too sharp brightness.

The tripod stand can be adjusted from 17.5 to 51.0 inches by your preference, and it is very stable. Because of this stability, you can rotate it to any angles that suit your style, and everything can be controlled with a remote. This selfie ring light can be charged via a USB port just like your other devices, making it very convenient for you.

8. Inkeltech LED Ring Lights

Inkeltech LED Ring Lights

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This Inkeltech ring light is controlled with a wireless remote or using the knob on the stand, making it very convenient for you to change the lighting from distant. This ring light is exceptional because you don’t have to spend time choosing the right effects since you can adjust the color temperature from 3000K to 6000K. There are also 7 lighting modes, such as night light, warm light, and more. Whether it is a makeup tutorial, vlogging, or camera photography, everything will be a perfect shoot with the assistance of this ring light.

Besides, this ring light has a 360-degree rotating function that will allow you to capture at any angle. The battery also has a long life, and it will alert you whenever it is fully charged, low battery, or when it is about to go off. These indicators are just right behind the stand.

7. Ring Light 10″ with Tripod Stand

Ring Light 10" with Tripod Stand

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This ring light will be your best companion whenever you need extra light for your shoot. A very huge plus for this ring light is that it has 120 bulbs, and if you compared it with other ring lights, it has between 8-14 more bulbs. The tripod stand can be extended from 14.5 to 66.9 inches, and it is very sturdy and reliable. The phone clip is very special because it has a pad-tilt that allows you to clip your phone horizontally or vertically.

This ring light has 3 lighting modes, white, warm white, and warm yellow. And each mode can be adjusted to 10 different brightness levels. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android users. It comes with both a USB charging and charging plug charging.

6. 12” LED Ring Lights with Tripod Stand

12” LED Ring Lights with Tripod Stand

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This ring light has until 162 lamp beads, and they are all LED. With this ring light, you won’t be troubled changing bulbs frequently anymore. You can get any real-life images without losing its details since it has 3 lighting modes, including white, warm white, and warm yellow. In total, you have 30 different adjustable filters because all of these 3 modes have their own extra 10 modes.

The tripod stand can be extended from 16.5 to 51 inches, so you can place it anywhere depending on what types of style that you want to capture or record. Another good thing about this tripod stand is that it can be used as a selfie stick as well. Last but not least, the design of this selfie ring light is efficient as you can adjust it to a 90-degree display, 180-degree display, or even as far as a 360-degree display.

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5. Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

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This selfie ring light is dimmable with a measurement of 9 inches. It has 3 different light modes, including white, warm light, and warm yellow, and each mode has its own brightness level. And everything will be controlled with a remote. You don’t have to worry about the shadow appearing in your pictures or videos anymore, thanks to the adjustable light. You will be the highlight and pop beautifully.

This ring light is convenient because it has 180-degree lighting, and it is very stable when holding your smartphone. The tripod stand can be adjusted into 4 levels from 27.5 to 46.5 inches. When you get your preferable position, you can easily lock it at that height, and you’re ready to go.

4. 10” Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

10” Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

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Compared with other selfie rings that only have 10 brightness colors in each lighting mode, this selfie has until 11 brightness levels, making it a total of 33 levels. The tripod stand of this selfie ring can be extended between 16 to 50 inches. This selfie ring light will allow you to get a portrait or landscape option as well as tilting into any swivel motion. These options can be set with just a few seconds, and be able to produce a very beautiful result for you

The circle area of this selfie ring is big enough for you to comfortably put your phone inside, makes use of this convenience. Another plus to assist you in recording or capturing the moment easily, this selfie ring comes with a Bluetooth remote, so that you won’t have to touch your phone to control this device.

3. 8″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

8" LED Ring Lights with Tripod Stand

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With this selfie ring light, you can have 3 lighting modes, including daylight, warm light, and cool white. These 3 modes can be dimmable and adjusted into the other 33 options. The dimming range is between 1 to 100%. The tripod stand is made of high-quality material, helping it to be very stable. Thus you will never worry that it will flip over when it holds your device. It can also be extended between 17.5 to 51 inches to match your preference. Another huge plus is that the phone holder inside the selfie ring light can be rotated to any of your best angles, whether you want a horizontal, vertical, low or high position. And it can be used with any type of phone as well.

The charging option is also very conducive. You can charge it with any USB port that supports your electronic devices such as laptops, power banks, and more. To switch this ring light on or off, change the lighting mode and brightness level, it comes with four different buttons, making it very simple and understandable.

2. LED Ring Light 6″ IDESION LED Selfie Ring Light

10" LED Ring Lights Mirror with Tripod Stand

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The special thing about this LED ring light is that it comes with 3 lighting modes that allow you to adjust the brightness level according to your preference. The white, warm white and cold white each has its own dimmable brightness, generates many different filters and brightness of your unique style. It is a crucial equipment if you love recording video, vlogging especially doing a makeup tutorial that needs no shadow and highlights you perfectly.

It comes with an extendable tripod stand (from 3.94 to 35.5 inches) and a phone stand inside the ring light that can fit nearly all types of phones. Besides, if you love shooting from a different angle, you will have no trouble finding a strong position anymore. Even if this ring light can be rotated 180 degrees, it is still very sturdy and reliable.

1. 10” Ring Light Mirror with Tripod Stand

10” Ring Light Mirror with Tripod Stand

With this ring light, you will be able to produce a perfect shoot anywhere and any time of the day. It comes with different lighting brightness levels ranging from warmer to cooler modes. The light also has a two-sided mirror that can be rotated 360 degrees, designed to assist any makeup YouTuber. Another huge plus is that the tripod stand is very sturdy and durable and lightweight, making it very easy to carry around for an outdoor project.

The phone holder is flexible as well. This ring light mirror is capable of being charged with any USB cords. Moreover, it also comes with a wireless remote that allows users to capture a perfect moment without having trouble getting close to the capture button or going around asking people for help.


We hope that you can now find your best-suited led ring lights after reading this article. As described above, you will be able to produce the best detailed photos or videos.

Buying Guide

Remote control: With the remote control, you can click to capture from a bit far distance without having anyone to assist you.

Charging types: You may consider whether or not the charging option of the selfie ring light that you want to get is the same as the universal USB cord because it will be convenient for you to recharge the battery just like your other devices wherever you go.

Lighting modes: Consider as well what projects or works you are doing and which selfie ring light that provides the suited lighting modes for you.