Best Sling Bags for Women + Buying Guide in 2023

When it comes to choosing the best sling bag for women, you will think about fashionable design, sizes, and comfort, and never forget the quality. Most women prefer various styles of sling bags for their daily uses. The sling bags are very convenient and work for multiple purposes and occasions.

List of Best Sling Bags for Women

In general, women never go out without carrying any bags with them because there are always some things that they need to use randomly. Also, it is part of their daily fashion. As there are numerous brands in the markets, it would be hard for you to choose the great sling bags as you are unsure about their quality and current rating. You will see the best sling bags for women, selected from different well-known brands for making beautiful and high-quality backpacks.

18. KAVU Mini Ergonomic Rope Bag Crossbody Bags

KAVU Mini Rope Bag Crossbody, Sling Bag, Shoulder Cotton Backpack

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This mini sling bag of 100% polyester is available in one size to suit almost everyone’s requirements. It is just like a twin of the KAVU Mini Rope Bag with a difference only in their fabric. It is available in a wide variety of colors to choose from. The bag comes with 2 vertical zipped compartments, adjustable shoulder straps of rope, padded back with embroidered KAVU. Also, the 2 zipped pockets for phones or keys and its ergonomic design to fit your back are the other important features of this sling bag.

17. KAVU Rope Sling Bag

KAVU Rope Bag

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If you are searching for a sling bag in a simple style, then you will love to buy the KAVU Rope Bag reviewed here. The main features of this women’s sling bag include an adjustable rope-like strap, plenty of zipped pockets, and 2 separate vertical zip entry pockets to keep your valuable essentials, including your keys and phone. The padded back of this KAVU bag provides added comfort while carrying anything in it. It is made of 100% cotton and available in various color combinations from which you can choose as per your suitability.

16. Versatile Canvas Sling Bag / Travel Backpack

Versatile Canvas Sling Bag / Travel Backpack

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This versatile sling bag, available in Black, Gray, and Rustic colors, can be worn cross-body or over the shoulder as per your suitability. It offers many pockets to provide incredible storage space for all essentials and valuables, including books, gadgets, laptops, keys, water bottles, etc. This sling bag is comfortable on your shoulder and back due to the ergonomic padded design of its strap made of breathable materials. It is made of polyester canvas and zippers of top quality to make it durable. A lifetime guarantee supports its quality.

15. KAVU Women Paxton Pack Backpack, Rope Sling Bag

KAVU Women Paxton Pack Backpack, Rope Sling Bag

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This backpack for women is a new introduction from the family of rope purses and bags from KAVU. The dimensions and volume of this backpack are similar to the sling and rope bags of this brand. Still, it differs from them due to its handy water bottle holder and the orientation of its pockets. It is made of a combination of polyester and cotton in various colors and combinations. Along with zipped main compartments, it has an adjustable rope strap on the shoulder to carry it comfortably.

14. NEXT GEN Ergonomic Sling Bags By MERU

NEXT GEN Sling Backpack By MERU

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This ergonomic sling backpack made of canvas is available in various colors to wear it cross-body with a strap made of memory foam. It is one of the best sling bags for women due to its ergonomic design. Its 19.5″ x 11.5″ size is enough to be used by anyone, including women, regardless of his/her age. Other important features of this cross-body backpack may include zipped storage pockets in its large inner compartment, separate external insulated pockets to store a tablet or iPad safely, and a phone of any size. It also has hidden pockets to store your valuables like keys and credit cards safely. it also offers a Water bottle holder. It has a 6-month warranty for free replacement of the product.

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13. OutdoorMaster Sling Bags

OutdoorMaster Sling Bag

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This spacious sling bag is available in Black, Dark Blue, Gray, and Green colors, which are compatible with both men and women for carrying luggage while traveling. It has many spacious pockets to easily hold a small laptop, iPad, or camera while traveling. This sling bag also offers hidden anti-theft pockets to store your credit cards safely and keys and an external pocket to hold a ware bottle. Both lefties and righties can use it with equal ease. It is supported by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 6 months.

12. KAVU Rope Sling Bags

KAVU Rope Bag

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It is another 100% cotton simple rope bag from the KAVU brand with various colors. Important features of this women’s bag include two separate vertical entry pockets with zipping to plenty of valuables and essentials like your keys and phone, etc. Its padded pack strap offers additional comfort while carrying everything you need on your shoulder or cross-body.

11. Maha Bodhi Handmade Multi Pocket Backpack

Natural Handmade Large Multi Pocket Hemp Backpack by Maha Bodhi

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Maha Bodhi made this Natural Handmade Multi Pocket Hemp Backpack. It offers multiple storage spaces for carrying iPads, tablets, keys, cameras, and books in its main compartment with a front zipper. This bag has two side pockets for water bottles and other portable items. With a front pouch in the strap, you can put ID cards, credit cards, keys, cell phones, etc. It is made from sustainable cotton colored with various vegetable colors to ensure its stylish looks and durability. It is handmade in Nepal With Pure Himalayan Hemp and Heavy Duty Cotton.

10. Pioneeryao Sling Bag Backpack


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This is the best small sling bag for women designed for a modern lifestyle. This Pioneeryao 19-inch sling bag is highly recommended for those who prefer a simple-looking backpack for usual days. With its medium size and compact design, it could store a lot. Talking more about the room storage, you will find many functional pockets and open areas. You have enough space for that size to organize your book, camera, tablets, and more. Besides, the hidden pocket in the back of the bag is useful for keeping your important items like phones or money safe. Also, the water bottle holder is easy and quick to reach.

You will be so impressed with its perfectly nested fabric and design. Heavy storage is not the problem with this best sling bag for women, as it is very durable. With the featured soft padding to support the shoulder, it is quite comfortable to carry this backpack around. Moreover, you can change the styles by just switching the strap quickly.

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9. Meru Crossbody Bags


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This should be the best option if you are looking for a simple, stylish, and the best sling bag for women. This well-made mini backpack from MERU is wholly made from natural and breathable cotton canvas, thus the extra strength and perfectly resistant use. Comfy is what you surely feel whenever you wear this backpack on your shoulder. The single strap is exclusively designed with memory foam for extremely soft carry. Besides, this one is also functional and portable.

This Meru backpack suits men and women because of its superior style. What’s more, it measures 19.5 inches x 11.5 inches. and it has enough space to carry as many items as you need when you travel. Large interior storage space and simple, nice-looking make this sling bag preferable to the women and men in the market.

8. KAMO Shoulder Bag


Let’s look at this best sling bag for women from KAMO. This attractive design and multi-purpose sling backpack are perfect for women of all ages. It is a lightweight and spacious bag that you will love to carry anywhere you go. The storage capacity of this one is large, and it comes with plenty of divided rooms. There are 5 compartments, and each section is wide open and easy to access to get the items inside.

Combining high-standard materials such as waterproof, polyester, and best-quality fabric, the KAMO sling bag is resistant and has good elasticity but is also durable for a lifetime. Besides making it long-lasting, it is also made for full comfort. The padded shoulder strap is adjustable, and you can extend it from 26.8 to 37.8 inches.

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7. HOLYBIRD Sling Bag


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If you are looking for a good quality, multi-purpose, and fashionable choice, the HOLYBIRD Sling backpack is one of the best sling bags for women. This canvas sling bag is made of durable and resistant materials for long-term use. Exceptionally, the bag’s zippers are YKK metal zippers that are very convenient to use and also made to last.

Furthermore, this bag is applicable for various purposes and occasions. You can wear this stylish bag when you hang out, and it can also be your traveling backpack. On top of that, the straps are breathable and so soft. Plus, the width of the straps is also suitable for any style you need. So, you can carry it in any direction you wish for. This fashionable canvas sling bag also provides external bottle pockets.

6. DAVIDNILE Sling Bags


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If you are looking for the best sling bag for women, this one is highly recommended for you. Coming with stylish zippered stapes, you can not stop loving the uniqueness of this canvas sling bag. Moreover, the stapes are adjustable. So that you can wear it with various styles such as a cross-body bag, backpack, and chest bag as you prefer.

Additionally, this sling bag is bigger than it looks. Even coming with a compact design, there is nothing you need to worry about regarding the storage space. This DAVIDNILE canvas sling bag offers many rooms both inside and outside that are perfect for your outdoor activities. What is more special, this one attaches with a bottle holder and a hidden anti-theft pocket for easy access. Besides featuring a charming and elegant look, this sling bag is durable and lightweight.

5. Ambry Rope Sling Bag for Women


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This is Ambry’s large rope sling bag, which is an ideal solution to keep all your important items in one place. This Ambry bag has unique features. This it makes this sling bag a great choice for both women and men. Each color and pattern of the Ambry sling bag is so beautiful and special. Additionally, this best sling bag for women is built with durable canvas. Therefore, there is no doubt that this one will last for years.

Surprisingly, the bag size is perfect, and you will love it. With its large 18 x 11 inches capacity, this cross-body backpack provides many small pockets for storing small belongings such as smartphones, sunglasses, and more. Besides, the front pockets are very useful. Moreover, the adjustable shoulder strap is a no-slip rope, and it is also good elastic.

4. KAVU Sling Crossbody Bag


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KAVU rope sling bag is one of the most popular brands for its wonderful design and nice look. It is made from 100% polyester, making the bag sturdy. Besides being made from high-quality materials, this best sling bag for women is lightweight and compact. Easy and comfy to carry are what you surely experience with this bag. Furthermore, this KAVU cross-body sling bag features unique colors and designs of rope straps. So, this best sling bag for women looks amazing on the next level.

It has a compact design for easy carry, but the storage capacity is great. Two vertical compartments are huge enough to keep school stuff. Moreover, two external pockets are convenient for quick access to your smartphone or other small tools you wish to keep.

3. WATERFLY Sling Bags


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If you are seeking a compact and ultra-lightweight sling bag for women, this one is probably the best option for you. The design with an additional pocket on the single strap makes this sling bag look so attractive. Additionally, there is a pocket for bottles as well. That is very convenient for hanging out and other outdoor activities. Moreover, the 2 main zippers are very functional. Inside the big two compartments, there are plenty of rooms that are capable of storing various items.

Additionally, breathable materials make the bag’s surface so comfortable to wear all day long without hurting your shoulder. On top of that, the strap and buckle are flexible and durable. It has many colors, so you can choose what you like most.

2. MOSISO Fashionable Sling Bags


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This is the best fashionable sling bag for women, with multiple storage parts. Each section of this backpack is functional and flexible. It is also a perfect size of 15.3 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches that can fit many necessary items. More than this, as it has a larger zipper, it is easier to put in big-sized things like iPads, Kindles, books, etc.

Moreover, one can turn to as many styles as you desire. This MOSISO backpack works as a cross-body bag, chest bag, shoulder bag, and more. Besides, as it is designed to be simply beautiful, this one can be the perfect ideal for a school bag, a working bag, and a travel backpack. Made with top-quality polyester and high-standard zippers, this one offers a one-year warranty of excellent quality.

1. KAVU Paxton Rope Sling Bags


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If you fancy the new stylish small sling bag, this KAVU Paxton backpack will surely catch your eye. This one is certainly worth getting designed with incredible features and a combination of solid and pattern colors. The size is bigger and deeper enough for more storage. You can easily put in and take out the items by adding the long zipper.

Additionally, a small pocket is designed with a stylish appearance, and it is suitable for smaller items. The side pocket for bottle holders can hold up to 1 L and is easy to use and durable. Thanks to the marvelous rope strap design, this sling bag looks outstanding and might be what you want. Plus, the strap is soft. So it will not hurt your shoulder.


After going through all the best sling bags for women from various brands, it is time for you to choose the right one to fit your fashion styles. Based on the various criteria, design style, dimensions, and materials making each one of them, you can confidently purchase one for your sporting, traveling, schooling, or everyday use.

Those high-quality and stylish sling bags are great options if you are considering purchasing one for yourself or as a gift. There are plenty of choices, so you can find better styles, solid or pattern textures, for your needs.

Buying Guide

When choosing a sling bag for yourself or someone else, you may want to check the following factors to get the right one.

Style: Everyone may have different tastes in style and fashion, so you must look for a sling bag design that fits—some like the casual design pattern, and some like the printed ones.

Rope length: You must also check if the rope length is long enough to cover your body and shoulder. If you have a long and big body, consider going for a longer one, but the ropes are adjustable.

Durability and space: The bags should be tough enough to carry items, especially when you need to bring something heavy and important. You may find multi-pocket sling bags are useful when you need to separate types of items.

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