Top 10 Best Sling Bags for Women Reviews in 2020

You might want to carry your items during your traveling, and it is the best idea to have one sling bag. There are many different best sling bags you could find in the market which serve in various activities within your budget. Some people focus their search on the basis of the storage capacity of the bag whereas some on its design and price.

The reviews of some of the best sling bags for women in 2020 are reviewed in this write-up to help you in choosing the best one for you or your loved ones.

10. KAVU Mini Rope Bag Crossbody, Sling Bag, Shoulder Cotton Backpack

KAVU Rope Sling Bag

This mini sling bag made of 100% polyester is available in one size to suit the requirements of almost everyone. It is just like a twin of KAVU Mini Rope Bag with a difference only in their fabric. It is available in a wide variety of colors to choose from. Two vertical zipped compartments, adjustable shoulder straps of rope, padded back with embroidered KAVU, two zipped pockets for phone or keys and its ergonomic design to fit your back are the other important features of 16” x 9” sling bag.

9. KAVU Rope Bag

KAVU Rope Bag

If you are searching for a sling bag in simple style then you will love to buy the KAVU Rope Bag reviewed here. Main features of this women’s bag may include an adjustable rope like strap plenty of zipped pockets and two separate vertical zip entry pockets to keep your valuable essentials including your keys and phone. The padded back of this KAVU bag provides added comfort while carrying anything in it. It is made of 100% cotton and available in various color combinations from which you can choose as per your suitability.

8. Versatile Canvas Sling Bag / Travel Backpack

Versatile Canvas Sling Bag / Travel Backpack

This versatile sling bag available in Black, Gray and Rustic colors can be worn cross-body or over the shoulder as per your suitability. It offers many pockets to provide incredible storage space for all types of essentials and valuables including books, gadgets, laptop, keys, and water bottle, etc. This sling bag is comfortable on your shoulder and back due to the ergonomic padded design of its strap made of breathable materials. It is made of polyester canvas and zippers of top quality to make it durable. Its quality is supported with a lifetime guarantee.

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7. KAVU Women Paxton Pack Backpack, Rope Sling Bag

KAVU Women Paxton Pack Backpack

This backpack for women is a new introduction from the family of rope purses and bags from KAVU. The dimension and volume of this backpack are similar to the sling and rope bags of this brand but it is different from them due to its handy water bottle holder and the orientation on its pockets. It is made of the combination of polyester and cotton in various colors and combinations to choose from. Along with zipped main compartments, it is also provided with an adjustable rope strap on the shoulder to carry it comfortably.

6. NEXT GEN Sling Backpack By MERU

NEXT GEN Sling Backpack By MERU

This sling backpack made of canvas is available in various colors to wear it cross body with a strap made of memory foam. It is one of the best sling bags due to its ergonomic design. Its 19.5” x 11.5” size is enough to be used by anyone including women regardless of his/her age. Other important features of this crossbody backpack may include zipped storage pockets in its large inner compartment, separate external insulated pockets to store tablet or iPad and phone of any size safely. It also has hidden pockets to store your valuables safely like keys and credit cards etc. it also offers a Water bottle holder. It is supported with 6- month warranty for free replacement of the product.

5. OutdoorMaster Sling Bag

OutdoorMaster Sling Bag

This spacious sling bag is available in Black, Dark Blue, Gray and Green colors which are compatible with both men and women for carrying luggage while traveling. It has many spacious pockets to hold small laptop, iPad or camera easily while traveling somewhere. This sling bag also offers hidden anti-theft pockets to store your credit cards and keys safely and an external pocket to hold a ware bottle. Both lefties and righties can use it with equal ease. It is supported by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 6 months.

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4. KAVU Rope Bag

KAVU Rope Bag

It is another 100% cotton simple rope bag which has various colors from KAVU brand. Important features of this women’s bag include two separate vertical entry pockets with zipping to plenty of valuables and essentials like your keys and phone etc. Its padded pack strap offers additional comfort while carrying everything you needed on your shoulder or crossbody.

3. Slope Rope Sling Bag for Women

Slope Rope Sling Bag for Women

it is a cross-body shoulder and crossover backpack for women and juniors. The slope has used the best workmanship and fresh styles to make the best backpack of your choice. It’s reinforced double stitching, quality zippers from YKK and braided straps make it more comfortable and stylish. It offers enormous space to store lots of your sports and hiking equipment, books and other accessories you require in day-toady life. It has a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure its best quality.

2. Pacsafe Metrosafe LS150 Anti-Theft Sling Backpack

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS150 Anti-Theft Sling Backpack

it is a strong and roomy sling pack with organizational options and anti-theft technologies that make it ideal for daily commute as well as adventurous trips abroad. This lightweight backpack has an embedded eXomesh Slashguard made stainless steel wire mesh into the fabric to protect it from theft. It is provided with multi-layer smart security to prevent pickpockets by locking all of its zippers with Lockabout Security Clip. Its pockets have RFID safe material to protect your credit and ID cards from hackers.

1. Natural Handmade Large Multi Pocket Hemp Backpack by Maha Bodhi

Handmade Large Multi Pocket Backpack

This Natural Handmade Multi Pocket Hemp Backpack made by Maha Bodhi. It offers multiple storage spaces for carrying iPad, tablets, keys, camera, and books in its main compartment with front zipper. This bag has two side pockets to carry water bottles and other portable items. With a front pouch in the strap, you can put to ID cards, credit cards, keys, and cell phone, etc. It is made from sustainable cotton colored with various vegetable colors to ensure its stylish looks and durability. It’s is handmade in Nepal With Pure Himalayan Hemp and Heavy Duty Cotton.


The information provided in this write-up can help you in buying the best and most suitable sling backpack for women.

You should compare their features along with their prices to buy the most affordable one.