Top 10 Best Bedroom Throw Pillows in 2023

When it comes to the topic of bed and sleep, you cannot leave out pillows which are a soft element that guides you to have soundly sleep and comfortable for your body.

Actually, there are several types of pillows. For instance, you have main big pillows and small pillows. In short, today, the article is going to bring bedroom throw pillows for all of you. The throw pillows have a small size which usually for decoration and other purposes. You can hug the pillows or use them to support your body part in order to have good sleep and not having spine pain. You sometimes can take it with you during travel. The bedroom throw pillow is also good for babies too.

So if you have questions about usage of the product, you can get more information from the text below. Here are the top 10 best bedroom throw pillows which have high quality and popular in 2023.

10. I Love You I Love You More Pillow

I Love You I Love You More Pillow

How lovely it is! This is one of the well-suited decorative throw pillows for bedroom or living room. It has cute words “I love you” and a big heart embroidered on it. It is the best gift that you can give to your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day or birthday. For material, it uses cotton, polyester, and polypropylene to provide soft and puffy texture.

9. Greendale Home Fashions Pillow

Greendale Home Fashions Pillow

Polyester pillows are virtuous since it gives ultra-softness and smoothness to users. So here is a polyester throw pillow which comes as a pair in the package. These two pillows have yellow color with the size of 19 inches by 12 inches. They are decorative throw pillows that suitable to display on the couch or on the bed. It even has polyester cover resisting to UV, stain, and water. It makes them perfect outdoor pillows.

8. Set of 2 Decorative Throw Pillows

Set of 2 Decorative Throw Pillows

Due to the dark chocolate color of these two premium throw pillows, they go along well with other furniture sets in your home. Plus, the size of them is 18 square inches so they can add beauty to your place. They have a plush filling which is very soft, while the protective covers are faux fur and micro-plush on each side. These covers have a zipper closure so you can remove them easily.

7. Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Annie Westport Throw Pillow

Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Annie Westport Throw Pillow

Not too small nor too big to use, this is an ideal throw pillow set of two pieces. They are polyester pillows which are like decorative throw pillows for both indoor and outdoor. They are attached with removable fabric covers by zipper close. To add, the covers have two sides of different patterns. For instance, one side is colorful stripe lines, and another side is floral.

6. EvZ Cushion Stuffed Plush Soft Pillow

EvZ Cushion Stuffed Plush Soft Pillow

It has a great design with smiley emoticon blowing kiss. This throw pillow is a perfect gift for lovers to show affection and cuteness. The pillow has round shape and has the size of the diameter of 32 cm and thickness of 10 cm. Hence, it will fit into your arms fully. In addition, it is made of polypropylene so that it guarantees softness and durability for long time using.

5. Pillow Pom Pom Play Peachtini Throw Pillow

Pillow Pom Pom Play Peachtini Throw Pillow

If you are looking for an easy to clean small pillow, you can try this product. In the package, there are two soft throw pillows that filled with polyester fiber on purpose to give plushy and puffy texture. You can hug them or sleep on them as you want. Also, to protect these polyester pillows well, protective covers are included. They have flower patterns and are washable.

4. Brentwood Pillow

Brentwood Pillow

Beautifully, it is such a modern and wonderful décor item to your household. The uniqueness of this throw pillow is that it has external design of long fur which can give you ultimate soft texture like you are patting your pet. Also, it is very easy to take care; you just need a brush and a damp cloth to clean it. The dimension of this product is 18 inches.

3. Mermaid Pillow by Ankit

Mermaid Pillow by Ankit

Looking for a present for young girls? Get this one to satisfy them. It is one of the marvelous decorative throw pillows. This pillow comes with a removable cover that has blink green and black colors like mermaids. Surely, your sisters or daughters will love it. Moreover, it has big and fluffy appearance; the size of it is 16 inches wide. It is a lenient and light sequin pillow created for your convenience.

2. Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Forsyth Throw Pillow

Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Forsyth Throw Pillow

Let’s explore a little bit with this bedroom throw pillow set. You will obtain two soft throw pillows that have turquoise color. First, these are polyester pillows having 5 inches depth fiber polyester filling. They are covered by tough fabrics which are able to withstand weather and fading in sunlight. Hence, the pillows are suitable to use both indoor and outdoor purposes.

1. IZO All Supply Throw Pillow

IZO All Supply Throw Pillow

Last but not least, this is a final healthy throw pillow of premium throw pillows in bedroom. Considering your health since you have to use it for good night sleep, the product is filled with 100 percent of the polyester which is non-allergenic and firm but soft. It can support your body in a good fit so that you are able to sleep peacefully. Additionally, it has the square shape of 16 inches.


You have already known about the benefits of the product, right? To sum up, it is good for health, specifically, alignment spine, small children, and other multipurpose usages such as travel, read, watch a movie, etc. Also, the article has introduced you to these nice bedroom throw pillows. Each of them contains special features from color, size, style to material, but they all are useful and able to serve you well.

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