Best Door Levers Handles Reviews in 2023

It is 100% sure that all of you have doors in your own houses, shops, stores, offices, schools, hotels, and toilets, and everywhere around you. It seems strange if one of these places don’t have any door, it would be called a secret place, I guess. Anyway, there are many types and styles of the door in this whole universe and of course, you need door levers to open every door.

Best Modern Door Levers | Lever Door Handles

The door levers are very important since it keeps the door locked and safe. For durability and safety, we have made a collection of the best door levers for you. Here come your choices, you can pick any type of door levers below with the functions that you like.

20. AmazonBasics Contemporary Modern Door Levers

AmazonBasics Contemporary Madison Door Lever

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Let’s change the old-fashioned door lever at your home with this reversible door lever for better access. It is a trending satin nickel door lever which suitable for both right-handed and left-handed.

Therefore, you can install in either direction for ultimate convenience. This product fits all doors; for instance, doors up to 1.75 inches thickness.

Getting this door lever, you don’t have to call other service assistants because it includes instructions and enough components in the box. So you can do it yourself confidently.

The lever handle contains a 6-way adjustable latch feature too. With its satin nickel coating, this lever is perfect for elegant interior design. Interestingly, it is a certified security look that will close your door securely.

However, it doesn’t have a locking mechanism to ensure privacy and security because it is mainly designed for passage purposes.

19. Schlage Interior Door Handles Privacy Lock

Schlage F40 V LAT 622 Latitude Privacy Lock Lever

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If you are looking for a secure door lever that offers privacy, this may be the one! It is a Schlage lock lever featuring universal latch standard, which fits 60 mm or 70 mm baskets.

Thus, it is easy to install and suitable for all doors. To install it, you just need a screwdriver and that’s it! No complicated process or equipment needed. Moreover, this lever is metal construction with black matte; therefore, it enhances durability, strength, modern design as well.

Furthermore, its attractive black matte fits well with the contemporary and urban interior. For example, you may install this door lever in the bedroom and bathroom, then enjoy the privacy all you want by pushing button locking. It is a high-quality product that worth your cash because it is bold, glossy, simple, and beneficial.

18. Baldwin Prestige Madrina Lever Door Handles

Baldwin Prestige Madrina Bed/Bath Lever in Venetian Bronze

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In case you want to renovate your place with majestic style, you should consider these amazing beautiful set door levers.

It is a privacy lever type with a reversible feature so that you can turn the handle to right or left due to your comfort. For more information, this lever has a small twist lock where you can turn 180-degree to lock and reverse to unlock.

Likewise, this lever is for the standard door so you can purchase without any concern or urge to measure your door. Furthermore, it has a rustic appearance with zinc material for durability and alongside with Venetian bronze finish.

Thus, this lever won’t get rusted over the years of service. The hardware makes sure to deliver luxury anywhere including bedroom, bathroom, home office, and even gym. At the same time, it protects you and lets you enjoy personal time.

17. AVALON 0520 – Contemporary / Modern Door Levers / Door Handles

AVALON 0520 - Contemporary / Modern Door Handles / Levers

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Well, you can decide how to use this modern decorative door lever either for privacy purposes or passage purposes. For example, this satin nickel door lever has a locking mechanism allowing you to lock and best for bedroom and bathroom installation.

On the other hand, you can use it without the lock too for hallways and kitchen. Moreover, it has a standard fit to most doors up to 1-3/4 inches, and latch which is 2-3/8 inches.

You can install the handle reversibly meaning either right or left hand. It is to assist the convenience and habit of hand-orientation. This zinc alloy lever is durable and non-rust due to the chrome finish; hence, it will last for years. Incredibly, this product comes with a 5-year warranty so you can always seek supports from the company.

16. Schlage Door Lever Accent Privacy

Schlage F40ACC619 Accent Privacy Lever

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Meet this accent privacy door lever which is a grade 2 higher security rating, you will feel safe with this lever protecting your door.

Actually, this elegant wave-designed door lever is a resilient product made from metal material alongside with satin finish to prevent rusting and adding shiny texture. Therefore, you can totally trust this product. And there is another reason to do so; which is the door lever contains a push-button to lock.

So no one is allowed to enter your place discreetly. It has compact visual which fits well with all interiors. Additionally, the handle also enhances the reversible handle direction.

Purchasing this product, you will receive a well-instructed handbook to detail the step of installation and you just need a screwdriver to make it happen. It is effortless and advantageous that worth the value.

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15. Schlage Door Lever Flair Privacy

Schlage 582413 F40FLA619 Flair Privacy Lever

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What do you think of this lovely and wavy privacy door lever? It is a heavy-duty yet compact lockable door handle constructed from zinc-based and metal with satin nickel finish.

In other words, this door lever is strong, long-lasting, and non-rust despite years of use.

Therefore, this product is well to use for both commercial and residential purposes. It will guarantee a tight lock and ensure your protection. And it makes a great component for housing remodelling as well.

This great door lever is easy to assemble since there are only three pieces that you need to attach and install to a door.

Thus, it is likely a piece of cake that you can complete yourself without needing further assistance. Furthermore, this fabulous item is suitable for all standard doors.

14. Berlin Modisch Privacy Door Lever Modern Door Handle

Berlin Modisch Privacy Lever Door Handle Slim Square

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It is a nice and slim door handle with a lockable feature to promote privacy and security in the house. Moreover, it is also a reversible door handle that is flawless for both right-handed and left-handed orientation.

This durable lever is an iron black finish adding to the handsome appearance and prevents corroding. It doesn’t include a key to lock or unlock; hence, it means the door is supposed to lock from inside and nobody can intrude your space.

Instead, there is a push button to lock. To make it more appealing and no messy style, the lever features hidden screws installation. For more information, likewise, this product is for door size from 1-3/8 inches to 1-3/4 inches thick.

Besides, the door set has an adjustable backset latch and square corner striker. So it is much easier to install the door levers.

13. AmazonBasics Shelby Door Lever

AmazonBasics Shelby Door Lever

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Are you looking for a wonderful interior-fit for open space like hallways, kitchen, or office rooms? Here is the best deal of today, the Shelby door lever for passage.

With matte black color, the door lever will add more style and flourish feeling to the place. Although it seems thin and small, the lever is a heavy-duty product that will last longer.

Also, the building process is not complicated and impossible, there are instructions to follow with all components in the set, and only a screwdriver needed. So it may take only five minutes to complete the handle. In addition, it is a grade-3 certified security lock; however, you need to get additional locking mechanism technology to assist well-protected safety.

Anyway, this product is also designed particularly for both hand orientation; it is a reversible door lever.

12. Kwikset Halifax Privacy Door Levers

Kwikset 91550-001 Halifax Door Handle Lever with Modern Contemporary

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This is a contemporary door handle with a smooth silver square shape. The door levers are useful for privacy because the lever includes a special locking feature.

For instance, you can push slightly on the button and then the door will be locked tightly. There is no key segment that the external side can unlock the door.

Hence, it guarantees security entirely with just one push-button. What’s more, this type of door handle is beneficial for disabled people to access easily than a traditional doorknob.

You can use your elbow to open as well when your hands are occupied with things. The product is a grade-2 security lock suitable for household and office as well because it fits all standard doors. This reversible handle smoothly moves up and down with your slight effort.

11. Dynasty Hardware Heritage Door Levers

Dynasty Hardware HER-30-12P Heritage Lever Privacy Set

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Unlike other best products with a single set, this one instead provides 5 sets in the package. The product is a privacy door lever type.

Therefore, you have five-door levers to install for the whole household including bedrooms and bathrooms. It is like implanting the best primary security to offer a sense of protection and safety.

Moreover, they ensure personal space for each family member. And of course, this set can light up the interior of your house thanks to the aged oil rubbed bronze finish.

Each lever is reversible with an adjustable backset of 2-3/8 inches to 2-3/4 inches, a latch faceplate of 2-1/4 inches square, and a strike plate of 2-1/4 inches square. Thus, each one will be adequate for a standard door.

Best Selling Door Levers with Locks

Bestseller No. 5
shuaiguo Security Door Lock Entry Door Lever...
It is reversible for right or left hand use.; Easily and quickly install the lever door handles without an emergency.

10. Dexter by Schlage Seville Hall and Closet Front Door Handles

Dexter by Schlage J10SEV716 Seville Hall and Closet Lever

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This lever has no locking function and is free turning on both sides which is suitable for hallway or closet, especially the front door. It is easy for installation that fits standard door prep with field reversible lever style.

Three colors are available – aged bronze, bright brass, and satin nickel including the dimension of 
7 x 4 x 6 inches and weighs 2.4 ounces. A deadbolt is featured to secure an entrance or back door which is used in conjunction.

9. Schlage Door Lever Century Collection

Schlage F10 LAT 619 CEN Century Collection

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There are different types of inches of this lever which are existed of depth: 2-3/8-Inch – 2-3/4-Inch – Latch 1-3/8-Inch – 1-3/4-Inch and these are perfectly fit all standard of door preps.

This design has also no lock, which is suitable for your closet. With just one tool installation of a Phillips screwdriver, you can get a unique lever of your door.

It is a lifetime limited mechanical and finishes warranty, so you don’t have to worry about it is getting broken.

8. Legend 809125 Adj Bs Bronze Door Lever

Legend 809125 Adj Bs Bronze

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It must be the best product due to its name “Legend”. It has grade 3 wave style lever and non-handed adjustable 2-3/8 inch or 2-3/4 inch RC radius corner strike bronze. This allows the handle reverses to fit in both right and left-handed doors.

It can be fit in 1-3/8-Inch-1-3/4-Inch doors and weighs 1.43 pounds. A very special feature that designed for this lever is concealed screws and contemporary style. The color of US613 oil rubbed bronze makes this lever more stunning.

7. Kwikset Halifax Square Internal Door Handles

Kwikset 91540-001 Halifax Square

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Not very different from others, this one can be fit in every type of standard door preparations.

The style is designed with superior security that meets ADA/ANSI A117.1 requirements, ensuring accessibility to all disabled people, this is very kind of the producer.

With the color of satin nickel and the perfect dimension of 7.5 x 6.2 x 3.7 inches gives this lever more outstanding for the hallway and closet. It is ideal for the internal door handle.

6. Kwikset Tustin Keyed Entry Door Lever

Kwikset Tustin Keyed Entry Lever

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This is a great match for front door lever where keyed entry and security is required. Both sides of the door’s hands can be installed by this amazing product with the reversible function.

The 3 steps are needed to get this lever locked and secured including 2 types of installation which are superior security with SmartKey re-key technology and simple installation re-key the lock yourself.

You don’t have to worry about losing your key when you can re-key yourself.

5. Ohuhu Wave  Keyed Entry Privacy Door Levers with Lock

Ohuhu Wave Lever Keyed Entry Door Lock

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Well, here comes the door lever with lock, it can be matched for the right-hand side door and fit the size of 1.3“-2.1” doors. If you need privacy, grab this one when this lever is designed for a bedroom and bathroom door that is made of zinc alloy material which is metal.

When there is an emergency, you can use a flat object to turn the slot button from the outside of the door.

4. Berlin Modish Internal Door Handles

Berlin Modish Dummy Lever door

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If you want to decorate your home in a more modern way, then this is a great choice for you since it is designed to complement commercial and residential interior applications.

It is a non-turning door but is uniquely crafted as a set of 2 3/8 inch- 2 3/4 inch adjustable backset latch and square corner striker. The doorknobs are ideal for the internal door handles.

You will get a pack of 2 door bumpers for wall protection too.

3. Wright Products SERENADE Style Mortise Door Lever

Wright Products VMT115PB SERENADE Style Mortise

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Well, this lever looks so pretty, which is a perfect blend with your bedroom door. The key of this lever is on the screen of it and only exist of a single-piece faceplate.

The design is so great that coordinates with wright impression serenade entry locksets and fit out-swinging metal storm.

Security of this lever handle comes with a deadbolt and available in brass and satin nickel finished of its colors.

2. Schlage Door Lever F10VACC619 Accent Passage

Schlage F10VACC619 Accent Passage Lever

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This lever handle is 2-pound which is quite heavier than other levers, but it featured very high-quality locks of lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.

Moreover, it has the key-entry locks with nickel silver cylinder pins and keys for long-life performance. Its design fits with hallway doors, laundry rooms, and closet doors. You just pull it to open the door in a few seconds.

1. Legend 809121 US15 Door Levers Handles

One of the Best Door Levers: Legend 809121 US15 Lever Handle Privacy

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The design of this door lever looks classic but gold because it is perfect for both accent and modern style.

It is available for right- and left-handed with the adjustable basket between 2 3/8 inches and 2 3/4 inches and a dead latch style basket is included.

With a clear powder coat, it is protecting the color of US15 satin nickel and contemporary style.


Then, what are you waiting for? Do you like the accent or modern style? Better hurry and grab your privacy with these door handler. Just read its functions and manufacturers, then you can choose the best one for your place. With the weight and dimension provided, you don’t have to worry that it won’t fit your door. It’s your life, you can choose to lock.

How to Install a Door Lever

Installing most of the door lever is similar. But, you need to know the basic and parts of the door levers to install them properly without any further adjustment that could destroy your doors. Check the video below.

Buying Guide for Lever Door Handles

If you wish to purchase the best door lever with a high standard, please read and analyze the few critical points of the buying guide below. These suggestions will help you make a proper consideration and finally pick the right one for your home.

Design and Shape

Each door lever that you see in the market and the review list above offers various designs with different shapes. It is known that door levers are typically used to improve home security. Still, they also appear to be a part of your home’s beauty. By that, some door levers come with modern and elegant styles that will be the best ideal for home decoration if you prefer contemporary design for your home. Besides, there are door levers that are created with a classic, vintage, and accent look. Thus, you should know the styles you love, and then what type of design fits your home decor best. 


Besides, the color of the door lever is also a vital part that you should carefully consider because it will affect the new look of your door. If you want your door as the perfect combination for your home decor, choosing the attractive color of the door lever will surely add greater value to our decoration. 

Security Lock

Technically, there are 2 main types of door lever. One is built with a key lock for high-security purposes, and another without a key lock for easy access purposes. Thus, it is important to know your purpose before deciding to purchase the right door lever for your home or other places, like a gate. Usually, people will prefer the ones with a key lock as it provides security and privacy to their home. Meanwhile, suppose you are looking for door lever handles to complete your home decor and easy to access the door. In that case, the ones without key lock are easy for opening and closing. 

Structure and Material

Essentially, the details of the materials used to construct the door lever are what you should not miss out on. Most of the door lever is made from sturdy steel for durability. Moreover, a well-constructed and nice-looking door lever is the result of the good quality materials used to build it. Therefore, paying attention to detailed materials will ultimately help you pick the perfect one.

Easy Installation

Besides looking for a well-constructed product, the users will always look for interior door handles and exterior door handles that are easy to install by yourself. Thus, you should never forget the one with clear instructions for installation. Moreover, online video instruction is another way to research how to install it quickly. Likely, the installation of each door is not complicated as long as you follow the direction step by step. 


Additionally, the cost of the door lever is one of the most needed things to consider. You always want to spend your money on the right product.

All the features, design, and structure should be worth your spending. As there are plenty of door lever models available in the market, you will have a variety of options.

Thus, you can first identify the type of door lever you need. Then, you can collect the range of cost that is affordable for you. Eventually, you will get high quality at good prices.