Top 9 Best Corner TV Wall Mount in 2020

Nowadays, there are a lot of things we have at home or in the apartment, so the corner TV wall mount can save up a huge space. It is tidy and looks elegant at the same time. There are different extension sizes and more. Plus, the package includes all the kits to install. Just spend a few minutes to get ready. Therefore, you can take a look at our top 9 corner wall mount tv that serves your interest. We ensure that they are of high quality and durable.

List of Best Corner TV Wall Mount

9. Mount-It Heavy-Duty TV Wall Mount Bracket

Mount-It Heavy-Duty TV Wall Mount Bracket

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First of all, this corner tv bracket can fit in 40 to 70 inches. It can support up to 220 lbs which is quite a standard TV weight one that we usually use at home. This TV mounting on the wall can be suitable for most brands including Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp, and more. It is such a unique and fashionable style. It should be what you have at home or an apartment, especially on the corner. When you install the TV, it is just closed to the wall up to 4 inches or you can extend it to around 20.3 inches.

It can rotate or move around up to 45 degrees. Talking about moving, you can move the TV mount down or up easily because it can work around 15 degrees. Because of this quick adjustment, you can have the best angel view from the TV. This TV corner wall mount can support 220 lbs.

8. Mount Plus Long Arm Best Wall Mount for TV

Mount Plus

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Here comes another corner TV wall mount. You can freely tilt and swivel so you can enjoy watching the TV from different angles as you wish too. The sliding long arms are just durable and of good quality. It looks very classic with different style designs at home. For the VESA, it can fit from 200 x 200 up to 400 x 400. This corner TV mount can support more than 110 lbs. If you want to install it on the corner, it can fit the TV size of 32 to 60”. It is very durable and longevity. Plus, it is suitable for saving space. The TV mounting bracket can be extended up to 31.6” and 45 degrees moving. Lastly, sturdy steel will be responsible for 3 years.

7. Mount-It MI-310L Full Motion Corner Mount TV Bracket

Mount-It MI-310L

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We are sure that you will love this corner TV wall mount. This fits well with the TV of 40 to 70 inches. Talking about the VESA standards, they range from 200 x200 up to 800 x 450. The whole installation can fit 34” horizontally and 17.5” vertically. Plus, you can push away from the wall around 4” min to 20.3”. It is pretty easy and convenient if you want to swivel to 45 degrees left and right. This TV mounting bracket can carry your expensive TV around 220 lbs. The recommendation is that this is the best corner mount tv bracket one among all that have 2mm cold-rolled steel. The design makes it perfectly without sagging. You can install that by yourself with the package and instruction comes along. The corner is the best area compared to other areas.

6. Mount-It Low-Profile Slim Articulating Design Corner TV Wall Mount

Mount-It Low-Profile Slim Articulating Design

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Let’s continue with our corner TV wall mount. It is such an ideal type for any kind of house and apartment. This strong bracket can be suitable for LCD, LED, and Plasma TV which size is 42 – 80”. You can always check the mounting hole of VESA at the back of the TV. This tv corner wall mount is perfect for a lot of brands and models such as Samsung, Sharp, LG, Toshiba, and more. In addition, it can support around 175 lbs. You can enjoy watching TV as low as 12 degrees angel. The TV can stay very close to the wall if you want to, around 2.9”. Moreover, there is an extension feature where you can do so up to 24.5 inches. Spend less time for installation with the instruction given.

5. VIVO Corner TV Wall Mount for 37 to 60-inch Screens

VIVO Corner TV Wall Mount for 37 to 60-inch Screens

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If you are looking for a corner TV wall mount for your home, apartment, condo, this might be the right choice. Talking about its convenience, you can also save some of the space by having this corner TV mount. Plus, it is a part of new innovative ideas for office, home, or apartment. Moreover, it looks just classic and elegant when it is on the corner. The sturdy steel frame is made thoughtfully for this corner TV mount, fit for 37” to 60”. For instance, a flat and curved screen. The VESA is also quite big, 600 x 400mm. It can keep your expensive TV stable and secure. The design is just so distinguishable that it can be suitable for most of the corner wall. You can also decorate some more in that room to make it more premium.

4. Monoprice Cornerstone Series TV Wall Mount Bracket

Monoprice Cornerstone Series TV Wall Mount Bracket

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Now, this corner TV wall mount is what everyone needs to have. The package comes with all the essential hardware which fits most of the TV’s model. Plus, this corner tv bracket can carry up to 99 lbs. The sturdy mount is suitable for the 63”. Talking about the VESA patterns, you can expect it from 200 x 200 up to 600 x 400. You can easily install it in the corner for its stability. Moreover, you can feel secure and trustable toward the product because there is a lifetime warranty on all cables that include in. Once you are done setting up, you can always move to different angles and extend to its own limit. Therefore, this can serve the best angels for watching the TV. Get this tv wall mount corner that can bring another best time in your life!

3. Vemount Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket

Vemount Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket

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Moving forward, this corner wall mounts for tv can be very useful for many types of occasions. For example, meeting virtually with another external team, watching a movie with the family at home, or just enjoy watching the TV comfortably. You can just install it with another person so that they can help with holding any heavy stuff or work with the tools. It can save quite some time as well. The TV mounting on the wall can be the corner or anywhere up to your choices. It fits perfectly for the standard TV, from 32” to 65”. The VESA mounting hole pattern is matchable with 4”x 4” till 24” x 16”. Tilt can work for 5 degrees and downward 12 degrees. This can hold a TV stable, mostly for around 45kg.

2. InstallerParts Corner TV Wall Mount with Swivel Articulating Dual Arm and HDMI Cable

InstallerParts Corner TV Wall Mount with Swivel Articulating Dual Arm and HDMI Cable

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Let’s take a closer look at our tv wall corner mounts. It can carry up to 130 lbs which are quite heavy. Talking about the display, it fits 23 to 55 inches. Moreover, you can install it easily and quickly because the kits provided and HDMI cable are all in the package. The quality is super durable and works for years. You can swivel to both directions, 60 degrees, and tilt up to 12 degrees for the down position. The tilt is movable to the upper, around 3 degrees.

1. FOZIMOA Corner TV Mounting Bracket

FOZIMOA Corner TV Mounting Bracket

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Shall never miss out on this corner TV wall mount which is the top of our list today. You can feel assured when purchasing this because there is a 5 years warranty that you can always reach out to. You can install it easily without any complication at all because it gives you a clear and detailed instruction. All the necessary kits are in the package. Install the wall plates first. After, you can place the TV brackets and lastly hang the TV on to your favorite spot.

The corner TV mount’s design is just so unique and up to date. If you want to move the TV to the right or left side, it can work only for 90 degrees. Plus, you can set the height hook and then lock the adjustment that you like. As a result, you can just watch as your old previous adjustment. It can also fit well with a flat-screen TV mounts such as LED, LCD, Plasma TV. To be specific, from 32” to 50”. The VESA is the standard one.


Finally, it may be included that these top 10 corner TV wall mounts are so premium and durable. It can save up a lot of your space compared to the TV that you put on the table. More than that, it is more stylish and classic placing one at home especially at the corner. You only need to spend a few minutes to install and ready to use. It is attached to the wall perfectly. They also come with the tools and some necessary equipment.

Buying Guide

Function: As mentioned in the top 10 corner TV wall mount, they come with various lengths, capability, extension, and more. You may want to see the details of how it can fit with other models as well. Plus, there are some corner TV wall mounts that have a lock system so they are not so sagging. What is more, take note of the angle viewing because they can move up to different degrees, for instance, 45 degrees.

Material: All the top 10 corner TV wall mounts might have similar and different materials. Therefore, it is good if you understand the material of the corner mount tv bracket whether it is durable enough. Moreover, some can work well under heavyweight and some for lower weight. You can also consider if they are all stainless steel or else.

Best Selling TV Corner Wall Mount

Bestseller No. 3
Vemount Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion...
Compatible Wood Stud Spacing: Fits studs spacing up to 24", not for dry wall alone.

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