Best Canon Speedlite Flashes Reviews in 2023

Be students, employees, employers, or homemaker; photography has become the top in everybody’s hobby list. These days, some people have even turned this passion into a money-making business. However, the camera alone cannot support your dream as low lighting, and strong contrast can tremendously impact your shooting quality. That is why many companies have invented many camera accessories to overcome such issues. One of the accessories is the Speedlite flash. As we all know, a successful career requires extra investment. If you are in doubt whether which Speedlite flash to invest in, we would like to recommend you these 10 best Canon Speedlite Flashes.

These components are definitely a must-have for every photography enthusiast. We hope this will help you to become a professional artist in no time, without further delay, let’s dive into it.

Best Speedlite Flashes for Canon Camera Reviews

10. Neewer NW565EX E-TTL

Neewer NW565EX E-TTL

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Looking for a dynamic and powerful camera’s speedlite flash? You will be amazed by NW565EX E-TTL from Neewer. It is not only compatible with many Canon cameras, but this speedlite flash also comes with 18mm-180mm wide lens allowing you to capture the best photo resolution. It has many capabilities such as light sensors, interactive voice response, and auto-zoom. With the 2.4GHz 3 in 1 trigger, you can turn on the flash wirelessly like a pro. Besides, you can feel secured for your all-day outdoor shooting as it is equipped with an overheating protection function.

Do not worry if it runs out of battery, and you can recharge it anywhere by just adding the attached socket for external power supply. What’s even more convenient is you can synchronize it with your PC using the synchronous port. Do not forget to claim your 6 months warranty if you happen to buy this item.

9. Sruim


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The next product we would like to introduce is from Sruim. This reasonably priced speedlite flash can be paired with many cameras such as Canon, Panasonic, and Nikon. Its flash modes can provide various lighting to accommodate your shooting no matter where it takes place. You can also benefit from these accessories that come along with the flash which are the protective cloth, mini flash stand, and the user guide.

Be noted that this is not an auto flashing speedlite. You can adjust the exposure manually from level 1 to level 8 using a keypad. This flash is definitely engineered to be the best companion of your digital SLR camera.

8. Digital Goja

Digital Goja

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No more poor-quality photos caused by bad lighting as we have this high performing speedlite flash here to take care of your problem. This efficient flash has a rotatable head that can be tilted left, right, and upward to suit your shooting position. With the slave functionality, you can benefit from up to 15 flashes in the 15 channels. Plus, this small light source is an expert at producing external flash and providing a color filter to your shot with the smooth operation without disturbing noise.

This speedlite flash has up to 10 custom functions and 8 functions for personal customization. The kit comes with 430EX III-RT flash, flash diffuser, recyko, rechargeable battery, USB charger, cleaning kit, and the cleaning cloth and a warranty.

7. Powerextra


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Powerextra offers you a portable and economical speedlite flash that suits for a simple shooting project. If you are not a professional photographer, you might not want to invest a lot in flash which is why we think this flash is the right one for you. Despite this low cost, it has comparable functions to the expensive flash such as 8 power output levels, auto shutdown, and head rotation with the combination of various modes such as the manual, S1, and S2 wireless mode, and single-contact socket.

This item is also well-known for its quick charge and long battery life. All in all, this is the best on-budget speedlite flash you will ever purchase.

6. Neewer wireless NW-670 TTL

Neewer wireless NW-670 TTL

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You will never be disappointed by this speedlite flash from Neewer. Previously we have heard about this brand, but this one is slightly cheaper which is great for the professional looking to stay on budget. This item can be paired with many Canon cameras.

For a more powerful flash, you can activate the wireless sensor and adjust the rotatable head. It will bring the light to any angle you want to direct the light on. If you wish to charge it to an external power pack, use the socket, then you are good to go.

5. Canon


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You can start shooting jaw-dropping photos with this speedlite flash from Canon. This brand is very well-recognized when it comes to cameras and other accessories which give you no reason not to choose this Canon 430EX III-RT flash.

This small but efficient camera can zoom from 24mm up to 105 mm to ensure clarity and detail of the photos. The package comes with a built-in lighting panel, dot-matrix, and multi-selector to allow you to have a smooth operation.

4. Neewer NW-670 TTL

Neewer NW-670 TTL

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This is an older model from Neewer but still promises to deliver the same quality as the recent updates. Its powerful flash lens can capture up to 105mm while the wireless sensor can be used from 20-25m and 10-15m respectively for indoor and outdoor shooting.

It also has a power-saving mood to avoid consequences caused by a low battery. Additionally, it is also an economical idea to buy this item as it has a 1-year warranty.

3. Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT

Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT

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Take your photography profession into another level with this speedlite flash from Canon. This is the latest invention from Canon for all photography enthusiasts out there. This speedlite flash body is water-resistant designed to accommodate your shooting at the beach or swimming pool.

Also, the features include a wide range of zooming flash heads so you can adjust to the light of your desire. Moreover, this update also enhanced the performance of the continuous flash, allowing you to maximize the suppression time of your image by ten times.

2. Neewer TT560

Neewer TT560

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Neewer presents to you another affordable speedlite flash. This one has a built-in bounce card that allows the light to soften before it goes to the subject you are shooting. The head is rotatable, all angle easy for you to adjust the light.

Besides, the design comes with various easy-to-use modes that allow you to make adjustments by just pressing the buttons. This item received many good reviews from the customers for its great functions.

1. Godox


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Last but not least, this is another supreme-quality product from Godox. It has a wide panel and 360-degree horizontal rotatable head to make you feel in control of your shooting. You can create a better light density and produce a more balanced photo by installing the attached diffuser. Even better, the kits come with many accessories you will need, such as the battery, charger, small stand, a case, USB LED, and the flash color filter.


To begin with, you must know your needs and budget. If you are getting your hand on this for the first time, it is better to go with the simple flash, and once you start to feel like you get the hang of it, you can always upgrade later. After reading our recommended products and the buying guide, we hope it helped you in easing your mind when shopping for speedlite flash.

Buying Guide

Looking for a good speedlite flash can be a real challenge for you. You will likely encounter problems if you are not equipped with sufficient knowledge and experience. This is why it is important to read the following buying guide and note down the factors you should consider when you buy speedlite flash.

Brand: First and foremost, it is good to look for a brand name that you can rely on. Similar to when you purchase other electronic gadgets, you always want to look for the brand that you are familiar with. Also, an expensive brand usually comes with an extended warranty period to make you feel secure after purchasing the product.

Flash Life: speedlite flash comes with limited life before it stops working. It is good to know about its useful life so you can estimate when it needs to be replaced. Another thing to consider is its battery, it is preferable if the battery can last long enough to accommodate your all-day shooting.

Flexibility: it is crucial to check the flexibility before you decide to drop it in your shopping bag. always look for the alternative that comes with a rotatable head that allows you to move, tilt to different angles to match your shooting position.