Best Vacuum Sealer Bags for Food in 2023

With our daily hustles, sometimes, we do not have enough time to go grocery shopping and prepare meals every day. This certainly stresses people out. Hence, people have come up with plastic bags to keep food. Yet, plastic bags will not keep your food for long hours, and sometimes the bags can be torn easily and not sealed properly.

Today, we would like to introduce these 10 best vacuum sealer bags. They have high-quality standards and could maintain the freshness of your meats, fruits, and vegetables within a long period in a space-saving manner.

Best Vaccum Sealer Bags and Rolls for Food

10. Avid Armor Bags

Avid Armor Bags

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Avid Armor vacuum bags have been produced from food grade and food contact materials which keep every consumer safe and healthy when they dine the food.
Moreover, it has multi-layer poly nylon that will obstruct humidity and oxygen, then keep the food fresh and not spoiled in a short period. These sealer bags are 6 x 10 inches pre-cut bags, it has 200-pint bags, and it has a 3 mil front panel and 4 mil back panel. This thickness will strengthen and obstruct air from passing through the enclosed bag.

Furthermore, it works with all kinds of vacuum sealer machines. You can put it in the microwave, freezer, or using for sous vide cooking without causing any danger. This professional vacuum sealer bag is perfectly perfect for small quantities of food for a single person.

9. Avid Armor Bags

Avid Armor Bags

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Avid Armor is well-known for its high-quality storage bags. That is why Avid Armor Company has produced many bags with different sizes for you to choose from. The bags make your life more convenient and easier as the food could be well-fitted with these sizes. You do not need to chop the meat into small pieces just to fit the bags like before.

Additionally, 6×10 inches pint bags can be the choice to store the meal or snack for your children at school or at home. They just boil it when they want to reheat or steam it, or it is easier to put in the microwave, it is your choice.

8. FoodSaver Bags

FoodSaver Bags

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If you are looking for bags that could keep your food fresh for weeks, this brand would be the one. FoodSaver vacuum sealer bags are made from a good quality pliable material that produces an airtight sealer surrounding the foods. It will make the food stay fresh for 5x longer, and the flavors are also the same taste. They are 90-quart size bags. Moreover, you can use these bags for multiple purposes, like when you go camping, hunting, fishing, you can enjoy your food with this package.

And, you can keep your fresh, raw meat or cooked foods without having any hazard to your health as it is BPA free material. It is harmless if you store them in a freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and boil.

7. Vacuum Sealers Unlimited Bags

Vacuum Sealers Unlimited Bags

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These brand bags are made from BPA-free and FDA-approved materials to use with food. It means they are very safe for your daily use. You can save up your money using this one as it is the same quality, and these bags are commercial grade.

They are heavy-duty bags, so they are thicker than other brands’. Plus, the bags work with multiple machines such as FoodSaver, Seal a Meal, VacMaster, Cabelas, etc.

6. Nutri-Lock Bags

Nutri-Lock Bags

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Nutri-Lock vacuum sealer bags are commercial grade BPA free and food saver bags. Each bag is 100 pre-cut and pre-sealed quart bags in 8 x12 inches size. With these bags, you do not have to be concerned that your vegetables will go soggy, your fruits turn rotten, or your meat could get spoiled. The reason is that; this bag can keep vegetable fat in nutrients and endure fresh, and as for the steaks and meat, it stays juicy and flavorful.

Also, it is acknowledged to be perfect for sous vide cooking and no freezer burn. It also works with all style vacuum sealer machines. Purchase these non-toxic bags now for your healthy lifestyle.

5. Nutri-Lock Bags

Nutri-Lock Bags

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Here are the other two various sizes of vacuum sealer bags from Nutri-Lock. They are 8×12 inches of quart bags and 6×10 inches of 50-pint bags. As someone consider healthiness, you always wish that your food is healthy and under sterile conditions. Therefore, you will be able to cook delicious meals for your family later on.

Nutri-Lock bags are considered as excellent quality food safe and non- toxic bags, and its quantity channels air could roll up the food tightly, it also produces vacuum pouch which will create an excellent cooking result when you prepare the meal.

4. Avid Armor Bags

Avid Armor Bags

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This is another size from Avid Armor. It has 100 gallons of 11×16 inches pre-cut bags for perfectly freezing a portion or two. These bags are very sturdy with 3 mil top panel, 4 mil back panel for ultimate preservation. Furthermore, it adopts the universal design, so it works well with all kinds of vacuum sealer machines. It defrosts in hot water or microwave without spreading chemical or plastic smell because it is BPA free.

The gallon size is the best as it completely fits for almost all of the meat. You can also easily see what is inside the bag in the fridge, and it saves you big space for another thing. Say no to freezer burn, although it stays for a long time. These bags are worth the price.

3. Avid Armor Bags

Avid Armor Bags

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Avid Armor Company knows what everyone wants exactly, that is why they have these 8×12 inches of 200-quart size pre-cut storage bags. It has been evaluated to be the high standard quality with 3 mil front panel, 4 mil embossed panel thickness.

With good air circulation, your food would be fresh up to 5 times longer and high barrier that makes your bags perfectly sealed. You will proudly use this good quality product with endless purposes such as sous vide, leftovers, marinating, freezer storage, etc.

2. Vacuum Sealers Unlimited Rolls

Vacuum Sealers Unlimited Rolls

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Vacuum Sealers Unlimited Company does not just have only bags but also rolls. This is 2 packs of 11”x50’ size rolls. With this long and large roll, you can cut it to any size you wish. Plus, these bags are BPA-free and FDA-approved, so it does not leak any chemical or plastic into your food when you use sous vide cooking style.

The owner even uses it in their home. The bag is crystal clear that it is a safe and good quality to have it used at home since it works perfectly with all vacuum sealer machines. The price is also acceptable.

1. FoodVacBags Rolls

FoodVacBags Rolls

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FoodVacBags rolls look satisfying in a honeycomb pattern. They are not only made of 7-layer substances, but they are also non-toxic bags. Consequently, it will keep the meat and vegetables stay natural for long hours, so you can make a healthy and delicious meal at home for your family to smile.

Furthermore, you can reuse this by just washing it, and it will not cause any hazard. It also keeps the food fully in vitamins. Using this roll, you will help the earth to reduce unwanted waste. Purchase this roll for double savings.


In conclusion, after reading the tips above, we are sure you have gained some ideas to choose the best vacuum sealer bags for your kitchen. If you found one now, get yours soon while stocks last.

Buying Guide

As a housewife or housekeeper, keeping the whole house, especially the kitchen organized and clean, is very important. So, knowing the ultimate type of vacuum sealer bag that suits your kitchen best will fulfill your dream. These points below can be your tips to know what is a good vacuum sealer bag for your house.

Size: this must be the first step to think about before purchasing how much food you want to put in and whether the size of the bag is compatible with your vacuum sealer or not.

Material: we do not highly recommend simple plastic that is made of one layer of polyethylene. However, the type of Foodsaver bag that has 5 layers, including an outer layer of nylon, since it makes the bag stronger and maintains the air and moisture well.

Thickness: normally the standard thickness is 9 or 10 Mil that you can perfectly put in your meal and vegetables for 30 days. However, if you put for a longer period with game meat or bone, you probably need a thicker one, which is 11.5 or 12 Mil.

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