Best Chest of Drawers Dressers Reviews in 2023

If you think of organizing and saving some space at home or office, you should also think of a chest of drawers. It is the best solution for your daily organizational needs. There are plenty of drawer dressers brands and styles in the markets, and we understand that you will find it hard to choose the right one that fits your demand and also your space condition.

List of Best Chest of Drawers

Below are the best chest of drawers specially selected from the high rating brands. You will see various choices of well-designed and nice-looking drawers with different dimensions, colors, styles, and features. You surely find your favorite drawer if you go through all the products till the end.

12. Sauder Pogo Chest of Drawers White

Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest

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The Sauder Pogo 3-Drawer Chest highlights straightforward lines and conventional style handle handles with an open compartment on the base for putting away toss pads, light covers, or little things. Also, the drawers are furnished with security stops on the metal runners to guarantee they don’t drop strange when hauled out. This streamlined white chest of dressers adds a great touch to any room. The White Sauder Chest is a piece of the Pogo gathering (different things are sold independently).

11. Sauder Dakota Pass 4 Drawer Chest

Sauder Dakota Pass 4 Drawer Chest

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It’s made of wood and designed wood development, with an appealing weathered finish that enables the common excellence to radiate through. Importantly, this Craftsman oak finish chest drawer dresser offers an easygoing and rural appearance. It accompanies six extensive drawers with metal runners and inherent stops for included wellbeing. It additionally has brightening and practical draw handles that arrange faultlessly with the wood. Match this Sauder Dakota Pass 6-Drawer Dresser with different household items from the Dakota Pass accumulation

10. DEVAISE Black Dresser Drawers


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Coming first is the good looking black 7-drawer chest dresser from DEVAISE that is highly recommended for its simple but modern design. As it comes with white design, this one is the great option of any color tone of your home or office. Besides designing for matching with various places, DEVAISE chest drawer is also a great choice for multiple purposes. It is also for makeup storage, and also for many other items as you wish.

Made from a high-quality board, this drawer is so durable. Moreover, the board is super resistant to water and scratches. Besides, it is quite easy to move from place to place because of its 360-degree movable casters. Furthermore, the casters are removable anytime if you feel like using it. Each room of this chest drawer is large, and the whole size is approximately 18.9″ W x 15.7″ D x 34.5″ H. What more, 18 pounds is the average weight that each drawer can hold. Finally, you do not need to worry about the installment. All you need to do is follow the instructions, and the assembly can be done quickly.

9. Modway Contemporary Chest of Drawers


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If you are looking for a classic chest drawer to display at your favorite places in the bedroom or living room, we would like to recommend this natural gray one. Designed with the mid-century style, this drawer is a perfect looking. The natural color tones, along with its retro charm make Modway chest drawer the perfect fit at any corner of your place.

Furthermore, the construction is guaranteed for its durability and resistance. Originally, this 4- chest drawer is built with particleboard and also with natural wood grain veneer. So, it not only looks beautiful but also lasts for a lifetime. Also, another unique feature of this one is the full extension of the drawer. So, it is so convenient to move each drawer in and out. Plus, it is constructed with flared and tapered legs. One of the most attractive parts of this drawer is the front design and its rounded corners. The dimension is 31″L x 15.5″W x 41.5″H that is the great ideal for contemporary decoration for modern homes.

8. ROMOON Modern Black Drawers


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Coming next is a multifunctional dresser from ROMOON that is coming with 5 drawers. Different from the previous one, this one is the fabric dresser that offers 2 different sizes of chest of drawers to fit your various storage objectives. There are 2 big drawers and 3 little smaller ones. This one comes with bark Indigo color, so it is kind of a look simply classic for room decoration.

If talking about the features and structures of this one, you will surely love it more. Eco-friendly and best quality materials are the great combination to make such a well-structured dresser. Its sturdy stance with steel frame and support shelf gives full support to the whole body. Thus, it still stays stable even after fully loaded. What’s more, each drawer is attached with a wooden handle for easy pulling. Hence, you do not need to worry about hurting your fingers whenever you need to open or close the drawer. Besides sturdy structure and stylish design, ROMOON drawer dressers also offer spacious spaces. So, by getting this one home, you can save up some spaces. With detailed in the structure provided, you can assemble it easily within 30 minutes.

7. Tvilum Contemporary Dresser


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This is the contemporary dresser that has 8 drawers. If you want the dresser with more drawers for your smaller space, this Tvilum modern dresser is the most suitable one so far. Due to its unique compact size with 8 drawers, this one can be the best option for small accessories organized Plus, with bar handles, the drawers are so convenient to open and close.

What makes it more special is the pattern of the wood materials. Its light silver color wood simply looks nice and suitable for any color background you want. Additionally, this chest dresser is sturdy and durable for a long time. Together, its 6 round feet stand strong to support the whole dressers. Also, it helps avoid scratching the floor as well. Besides easy to set up, maintaining and cleaning is not a big problem for you at all.

6. Tvilum Short Chest of Drawers

Tvilum Chest Drawers

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Here is another different style of best chest of drawers dressers from Tvilum. Unlike the previous one, this Tvilum drawer chest comes with only 4 drawers. Thus, this one is the best ideal for space-saving for smaller space at home or office. This drawer will be your favorite cabinet storage that could keep a lot of things or clothes organized in a place.

Thanks to its saving space design with a stylish look, it could be the perfect additional decoration either in the living room, bedroom, and more. If you look at the materials used to build this 4 drawer chest, you will surely fall for its durability and sturdiness. Made from high-quality wood and strong structure, it lasts longer than you expect. Furthermore, the provided space of the drawer is wide, so it is very easy to organize inside.

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5. WAYTRIM Black Chest of Drawers


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Moving next is the elegant black chest of drawers dresser that is highly recommended for classic home or office decoration. The dresser offers 5 drawers with an extra big size that could store plenty of items. Specifically, 4 drawers are the same size, and another one is bigger than the others. Moreover, all the drawers are removable. So, it means you can take it out and replace it as you need. More about the design, WAYTRIM dresser has a vertical design with a very creative look.

Furthermore, the quality is exceptionally great. It is well constructed from fabric materials that do look not only nice but also easy to clean. Added to that, the dresser is super strong with a heavy-duty steel frame, so it is so resistant to rust or scratches. More, as assembled with plastic feet, the dresser is up from the floor, and those feet also support the stability. What is more interesting about this one is its top surface. It is an MDF board that is so durable so that you can place an extra decoration on top of the dresser, such as lamps, photos, etc. On top of everything, its overall measurement is 34.45(L) x 11.41(W) x 23.23(H) inches, and it is a lightweight dresser that can use anywhere you prefer.

4. mDesign White Chest of Drawers


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Keeping a variety of your items organized with the best mDesign’s white chest of drawers. This one has five drawers that are suitable for storing either clothes or other necessary accessories. The total measurement is 11.4″ x 32.6″ x 30.3″. It is lightweight but spacious. Besides, mDesign offers you a wide range of colors that you can choose from. On top of the drawer is the wood surface. It is so safe that you can keep many items such as lamps, books, alarm clocks, and more.

Furthermore, this nice white chest of drawers is designed with removable drawers for easy organizing and cleaning. Thanks to the pulling handle style, you can open and close it in a simple and fast way. Adding on that, there are plastic feet that are adjustable. Thus, it is so useful if you want to put the drawer on an uneven surface. Plus, that feet will prevent the drawer from scratching the floor. Not to mention its qualified construction with high-quality materials. This drawer is the combination of the best breathable synthetic fabric featuring a durable steel frame.

3. mDesign Tall Chest of Drawers

mDesign Chests Drawers

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Let’s see another great chest drawer from mDesign. This one is a bit different from the previous one in terms of design, but the long-lasting quality is all the same. As designed in vertical style, this mDesign tall chest of drawers is the best ideal for small spaces at home, studio, office, or department. Also, this chest drawer is not only best perfect for convenient storage, but also a great little additional decoration at home. Thoroughly, this size is 11.4″ x 23″ x 39″ high.

Designing with modern style structures, this one looks nice as the organizer at bedroom, living room, entryway, and so on. Moreover, it comes with 5 drawers, three for big items while the other 2 at the top are for smaller ones. What is more special about this one is its unique color of espresso brown. Besides, the texture of the fabric is delightful and good-looking with color. Furthermore, the steel frame is so sturdy and supportive. Also, the wood top provides extra space for small decorations. This mDesign dresser is a functional organizer for multiple storages. Plus, it is also easy to use and clean.

2. ROMOON Chest of Drawers

ROMOON Chest Drawers

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Are you looking for the best drawer dresser with 5 drawers and an espresso fabric design? If so, this one is surely made for you. This ROMOON drawer does look not only fashionable but also functional for multiple storage options. Having this dresser, you will be able to save a lot of space. What is more interesting, it designs with an exclusive espresso color pattern that makes it simply look great alone. Moreover, this dresser could save a lot of space, but offers you a large drawer room to satisfy your organizational needs.

Talking about the materials, eco-friendly fabric cloths make the products look great and also easy to clean. Adding to this, the steel structure is being guaranteed for its solidness. Also, this dresser offers extra structures such as a cross support bar and drawer support shelf. With all those constructions assembled, you do not need to worry about the dresser being shaken once it is fully loaded. Plus, if you are worried about assembling, the dresser drawer will provide all the needed assembling tools with detailed instructions.

1. Hodedah Tall Chest of Drawers

Hodedah Chest of Drawers

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The waiting for the top one of the best chest drawer​s list is over now. We are so excited to present you with this charming Hodedah chest drawer with a full dimension of 48 in. H x 31. 5 in. W x 18 in. D. This one designs with 7 drawers that offer such a big space for accessories storage. Adding to this, the 5 drawers are full-size cabinets while the other 2 drawers are smaller. Plus, those 2 are made with key lockers. Thus, you can keep your important things in it with high safety.

Moreover, it is built with high-quality wood to ensure long-lasting performance. The wood comes with a dark brown color that is matchable with various wall colors. Additionally, there are more colors available for this model, including chocolate, black and white, beech, and many more. We look at the surface top of the dresser. It is also a place where you can add some small items for decoration.


In conclusion, each chest drawer described above features various colors, design styles, and sizes. With all the detailed information on the structure and materials, you can feel more confident in selecting the best one to fit your place and what you need now. Moreover, all the best chest of drawers from this list are all highly recommended products, and they are so popular for home decoration nowadays.

Buying guide

Measurement: if you want to buy a suitable chest drawer for your place, you need to know about the total size of the drawer. Also, it is important to know how big or small of the space you want to place the drawer. Thus, you can choose any drawer that perfectly fits your purpose.

Color: The chest drawer is not only for storage but also for great additional decoration to the room. Besides its style, color is what you should consider if you wish to match it with the color tones of your place. Thus, your drawer will make your place more attractive to the next level.

Multiple drawers: The number of drawers is also what you should think of. Some drawer dressers are built with more than 5 drawers, while some have only a few.

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